Syndicate To Replace Obama With Hillary Clinton!!!… Claimed by Second Source

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 4:50pm.

Benjamin Fulford has published information from what he claims to be a source independent of Christopher Story, confirming that "The Bush Clinton family is planning to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton, forcing Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi to step aside."

This service, INFORMAMERICANET, informed you in 'Candidates For The Con' that syndicates run and control The United States of America, and the people do not control our government.

If V.P. Biden and Pelosi do step aside it is as good as their signed confession that they are yielding to some force or coercion or threat or blackmail, as far as this editor is concerned, for why would the normal chain of command be broken in the continuation of government? Such a step-aside can also indicate the likely acceptance of bribes.

Globe Newspaper has published an issue that there was an assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton, and the mainslime media has not brought this out, possibly in some lame attempt at salvaging anything good left of Hillary's approval polls, if there is any such thing at this late date as an approval poll for this dragon, Witch Hillary. The bought off, oil soaked, manipulated, criminal U.S. media networks would have you believe that "Fiddle dee dee, why who would want to hurt that kind sweet Hillary?"

But the evidence against Hillary Clinton indicates she is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

See the example of Hillary's sociopathic behavior in the Tribute to Michael Connell in 'Candidates For The Con', and also recall Heneghan's report that a physical altercation with a male State Department Official resulted in her broken elbow.

But the evidence against Hillary Clinton indicates she is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

One can only hope the rule of law can be reinstated if Obama is dethroned and pray that such a loser, Republican-in-the-closet-Hillary Clinton, who has been accused of creating terrorism and other acts too despicable to publish, does not assume the office of POTUS. One author refers to Hillary as, "stealing vast sums of money, ordering murders, and other unspeakable crimes". (

How did Hillary Clinton hide behind the STATES SECRETS national security clauses to commit these alleged abominations the researchers refer to, and why has she not been charged with her crimes? If she is not charged with her crimes then why not tell the prosecutors and jailers you don't recognize their authority any longer?

Did you do a jail or prison sentence for anything? Now is the time to ask your so-called lawmakers (lawbreakers) why you had to do time?

If Hillary doesn't have 'time' to do the 'time' with access to your tax dollars, then why should you do any 'time'....for anything? No more double standards!


Benjamin Fulford - January 22, 2010 - source NesaraNews

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 4:50pm.