US Forced to Surrender Two Top Israeli Spies After They Discovered 'Doomsday' Bio-Bomb!

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Russian foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that the United States has been forced to release two Israeli spies after receiving threats from Jerusalem that unless they were freed, the Americans could expect an "immediate" catastrophic attack upon their Homeland.

Not just to the release of these Israelis spies by the Americans is this report alarming, but to what these reports say they discovered, a biological-based "Doomsday" bomb ready to be launched "at a moments notice" from one of the Untied States underground missile silos located in their heartland.

According to these reports, US Air Force Captains Paul Borowiecki and Javed Abbas, who were missile launch personnel for the 91st Missile Wing attached to the Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, were arrested for stealing classified material, but after the threats against the Americans by the Israelis were "allowed to resign" rather than face courts martial and then "˜spirited' back to Israel. These reports further state that Borowiecki and Abbas were "˜deep cover' MOSSAD agents assigned to penetrate the US Military and of which Russian Military Analysts believe number in "the hundreds".    

Prior to Borowiecki and Abbas being apprehended, however, these reports continue, and being unable to successfully relay the classified material on this bio-bomb to their superiors in Israel, they "made successful contact" with former UN arms inspector Scott Ritter at his home in Delmar, New York. Ritter, though, did not fare as well as Borowiecki and Abbas as when he attempted to relay the information on this bio-bomb to United Nations headquarters he was promptly arrested by US Federal Police Forces.

Important to note about Ritter's arrest was his being charged with a sex crime against a minor girl, and not for what he was actually doing, and which had successfully been used against him when he began to tell the American people they were being lied into war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sadly, the American people have been so indoctrinated by their propaganda media organs they will, no doubt, readily believe that one of the most powerful and educated UN weapons inspectors "˜had no clue' that his computers would be monitored by US government intelligence agencies thus giving him "˜no fear' of using it to contact young girls for sex.     

Israel's response to the information received from Borowiecki and Abbas after their being debriefed was to hold one of the largest bioterrorism drills in their history in what these reports say was a "˜clear message' to the Americans that they, the Israelis, now know what to expect.

Though virtually unknown to the American people, the US government has become the most feared Nation in the World when it comes to bio-weapons, and as we can read:

According to the Swiss International Relations and Security Network (ISN) "the United States has embarked on a program of secret research on biological weapons that, some officials say, tests the limits of the global treaty banning such weapons...The 1972 treaty forbids nations from developing or acquiring weapons that spread disease, but it allows work on vaccines and other protective measures."7

US officials have defended this "secret research" on the grounds that it is strictly "defensive", developed as a means of "mimicking the major steps a state or terrorist group would take to create a biological arsenal."  In other words, it is largely "aimed at understanding the threat better."

According to ISN,  the US secret bio-weapons  programs started under the Clinton Administration,  has "been embraced by the Bush Administration, which intends to expand them".

The American people in electing Obama believed that their Nation would be steered from this tragic course President's Clinton and Bush had put them upon, but to no avail as Obama has just announced his intention to spend a record $708 Billion on the US Military as America, literally, continues sliding into the abyss of economic ruin, decay and collapse.

Not being understood by these Americans is that the only course capitalistic societies, such as theirs, have available to them during times of economic collapse is Total War, and of which, and without their knowledge, the US is preparing to unleash upon our entire World.

To the Eastern powers being able to stop the West before the unleashing of a catastrophic Global War there remains no evidence to be seen as they, too, are rearming themselves for a battle that will, most certainly, determine the fate of our World for generations, if not eons, to come.

And as the unleashing of these most terrible of weapons near, all eyes should turn towards the beleaguered Nation of Haiti as an example of what happens to people who do not prepare, allow despotic governments to rule over them, and when catastrophes strike become totally dependent upon the armies of foreign governments to save them. For where the people of Haiti are today, and make no mistake about it, the Americans will surely be tomorrow.    

January 18, 2010 - source WhatDoesItMean?

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 01/18/2010 - 5:01pm.