Presidential Ticket 2012... Globalist Mitt Romney and Luis Fortuno

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Boston-Taking a page out of the Democrats play book the Republican Party may be quietly weighing the possibilities of a surprise 2012 Presidential Ticket of Mitt Romney and Puerto Rico Govenor Luis Fortuño.

One very clear indicator of this possibilty, as well as Democrats fear of such a move, is the following recent quote by Andrew Romano of the Liberal Mouthpiece Newsweek Magazine:

"Allow me, then, to introduce you. Fortuño is the governor of Puerto Rico, which, as you may have learned in fifth-grade social-studies class, is a United States commonwealth located to the east of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. Yes, Fortuño is a U.S. citizen. And, yes, he is a true-blue, Reagan- and National Review-loving member of the GOP—despite the liberal leanings of his native island"

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It is ironic that the snarky commentary above would resinate with Democrats.  After all aren't they the Party to have concocted the unknown young candidate template?  They forget Barack Obama was not even elected to the United States Senate when he was paraded up to the stage at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in the Summer of 2004. 

Unbelievably, and unknown to most Americans, at that very moment in time his resume was limited to Illinois State Senator and community organizer.  He was not elected to the National Senatorial position until nearly three months after that convention speech. 

The Democratic Party Machine annointed him in November 2004 and thus began the mainstream media full court press to get him into the Oval Offce in 2008.

In Luis Fortuño the Republicans have a young non mainstream face.  A definite asset as the Democrats have proven with the Barack Obama Candidacy. Unlike Obama, Luis Fortuño has served on the National Level as a Congressman.  He was recently elected Puerto Rico's Govenor.

What do Mitt Romney and Luis Fortuño have in common?  They both hail from States that have strong liberal leanings. 

What does that say about their ability to connect with the leftist populace?  Alot.

We may see just how well they connect in 2012.

January 11, 2010 - source BeforeIt'sNews

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 1:28pm.