American Taxpayers Are Soooo Generous... Hawaii Vacation... Only $4,000.00 A DAY x 14 = $56,000.00!... It's Good to be King!

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It's Good To Be King



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Must be nice. Especially when the vaction is paid for by our tax money. All the liberal whiners can talk about Bush's trips to his OWN RANCH in Texas, but somehow, I can't imagine staying there would cost $4,000 per day. Where do I get the $4,000 per day figure? On ABC's (Via NewsBusters) Good Morning America Wednesday, correspondent Yunji de Nies said:

"Christmas trees here aren't cheap - neither is staying in this $8.9 million house, which runs $4,000 a night. The Obamas rented this one and the two next door for family and friends. When you spend that kind of money, people pay attention to detail."

Of course, this trip was so important, that while dithering on Afghanistan, while unemployment rate was hitting double digits, and while this country has become increasingly susceptible to terrorist attacks, Obama has been planning this $4,000 a day trip since September!

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: When I last interviewed President Obama in September, he was already pining for his Christmas vacation — two weeks of sun, shaved ice and surf in Hawaii. Well, it's finally here. Delayed just a little bit by that health care vote, but it's gonna come tomorrow morning. Then the President is taking off. One other big perk of the trip, a magnificent beach house his family is staying in for the second year in a row. Yunji de Nies takes us inside for an exclusive look at Obama's winter White House.

December 25, 2009 - source FireAndreaMitchell

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 01/02/2010 - 4:15pm.