'Just Leave Us Alone'... Growing Old in Peace and Quiet Has Been Cancelled By Big Government...

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In both Canada and the United States, war veterans are abused by their own governments. Governments tend to cater to groups more politically correct than the heroes returning home after going into harm's way in the continuing Fight for Freedom. ~ Judi McLeod

Governments and their legions of bureaucrats maintain a similar attitude toward farmers and land owners.

Indeed governments, worldwide and their rubber-stamping bureaucrats are often monsters against the little people living on the lands whose populations pose no threat by number.

On the first day of the New Year, Canada Free Press (CFP) takes you out to the rural community of Southwest Middlesex, Ontario.

In his 73rd year, Hector Murray is facing the nightmare of trying to find tens of thousands of dollars to follow the Ontario Liberal Government's order to cap a 1930s era, historic natural gas well.

"For decades, the Murray family of Southern Ontario has lived on a rare luxury—they've heated their household for free." (The Canadian Press, Dec. 31, 2009).

"But a government order is now demanding that the couple in their 70s shut down a 1931 natural gas well on their property, and the two will have to cough up tens of thousands of dollars to cap the historic well."

Call it Retroactive Government, Premier Dalton McGuinty style.

"We've got something we're not paying for so there's no money generated and so they want to close it," said Hector Murray 73, wearily shrugging off the three-year battle, as he resigned himself to the loss. "It's as if I've committed a crime and this is the punishment."

"In this case, according to Murray, the crime is free fuel."

The Murray family, like other farmers over the years who depended on the well, are at the heart of a passing era. The well had been providing gas to four farms but recently only two houses were left connected to the well. Seventy-nine years later, the sleeping monster called "The Government" awoke.

The story is all the more tragic when it is considered that Murray and his wife, Marjorie did the right thing when told they were operating the well illegally and must immediately apply for a permit. However, after they applied for said permit they received an abrupt notice from the government to close the well.

This is how the Canadian Press found Hector Murray on the day before New Year's Eve: "He's tired, defeated and has another battle on his hands—he's fighting leukemia."

The two-term Dalton McGuinty government is more than responsive to the Socialist activists who dominate urban Toronto.

For those not as equipped with taxpayer funds to frighten off the government out in the so-called boonies, the Ontario government comes on like the "Bullies of Bureaucracy 101".

As CFP reported back in 2004, "Canada's newest and most dangerous criminals do not rob banks. They are not new Canadians waiting to cross the American border with a political agenda. They are war veterans, farmers and rural business people who have managed to gain the attention of Ontario Minister of Natural resources Minister David Ramsay.

"On the evening of October 20, 2004 five sidearm-wielding Minister of Natural Resources (MNR) conservation officers—accompanied by armed Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) constables raided the home of a 78-year-old war veteran and his 80-year-old wife. With search warrants in hand, the six uniformed ranks of intimidation slapped a heavy hand of authority down.

"The crime of the rural pensioners?

"The 78-year-old war veteran and Lanark Land Association (LLA) member was alleged to have killed a goose on March 30 of 2004."

It took 79 years for the Ontario government to force residents near a well to cap it and nine months to raid the home of a land owner who purportedly killed a goose.

Sadly it is not only out in rural Ontario, but in lands ruled by governments in all corners of the globe who wear down little people with heartless and senseless bureaucracy.

In the brave new world of One World Government and bureaucracy untrammeled, life on this Planet is getting colder.

Judi McLeod - January 1, 2010 - source CanadaFreePress

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 01/02/2010 - 1:32pm.