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FSB reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that United States President Barack Obama was "˜rushed' from a golf course in Hawaii to a secure bunker yesterday after a US Air Force AWACS surveillance plane signaled a "˜warning' to American Secret Service agents that a private jetliner owned by the Hunt Oil Company...

...appeared ready to enter the restricted air zone set up to protect the vacationing American leader and sparking fears that a terrorist attack was about to take place.

Western news sources confirm that Obama was "˜suddenly and dramatically' rushed from the golf course by US Secret Service agents who then sped their way to the protective bunker designed to protect him. Later (of course) the White House reported  that this most bizarre of incidents was related to a child of a friend of Obama's being injured, but not requiring medical attention, an explanation that defies the imagination over how the most powerful man in the World, and those protecting him, don't know in an instant anything that happens, anywhere.

According to these FSB reports, however, the rush to protect Obama from this Hunt Oil Company Bombardier jetliner was indeed justified after its identity was established as having the registration number N46F which had been previously linked to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and as we can read:

"Between November 27 and November 28, 2006, a civil aircraft registered to Hunt Oil's holding company, Hunt Consolidated, Inc., made two visits to the CIA's Camp Peary training facility. Prior to flying into Camp Peary it made an overnight stop at Washington Dulles airport. It also made a briefer stop at Washington Dulles at the end of its visit. The aircraft's registration number is N46F. This is not the company's only connection to the espionage community: CEO Ray L. Hunt is a member of the [former] President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board."

These reports further state this latest CIA threat to Obama "˜clearly shows' that his increasingly tenuous grip on this most powerful of spy nests may be about to completely fail, even after his having signed a secret order this past month that "maintains the CIA's status as the nation's lead spy service on covert missions" and thus thwarting Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair's attempt to rein in this rouge agency. 

Making these "˜faction wars' currently ongoing in the United States between those forces loyal, and opposed, to Obama even more volatile for our entire World is the Middle Eastern Nation of Yemen "˜going into play' and becoming the latest "˜piece' in the Great Game after a new, and grim, report released by the Carnegie Endowment For International Peace organization warning that Sanaa, Yemen's capital, "may become the first capital city in the world to run out of water.

Not being understood by the Western peoples about Yemen is that its location on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula gives it critical access to the Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden and provides to the West, should they succeed in capturing this land, a "˜safe and major' outlet for oil and gas from Saudi Arabia and Iraq and eliminating their need for transport of their "˜economic lifeblood' through the strategically important waterway called the Straight of Hormuz which the Persian Nation of Iran, in the event of war, could close within minutes.

Equally important to note that about Yemen is that it remains the "˜last piece' in this new Great Game needed by the West to secure their access to the last remaining giant oil and gas deposits left on Earth located in Central Asia as they have (somewhat that is) already secured through war outlets to the West (former Yugoslavia and former Soviet Republic Georgia) and the East (Afghanistan) for their planned massive pipeline projects.

Not to be overlooked about Yemen either is the discovery of vast oil deposits (estimated at 10 billion barrels) made by the CIA-connected Hunt Oil Company in 1984 and Hunt's building of a massive refinery complex there in 1986 whose inauguration ceremony was attended by the former US President George H. W. Bush in April of that year. 

Unfortunately for the CIA, however, who began their "˜secret war' in Yemen in 2008, was that their plan to use the military forces of Saudi Arabia to conquer Yemen went "˜horribly wrong' after the Iranian and Hezbollah backed Houthi peoples of this region successfully repelled the Saudis initial attacks and just today have announced their capturing of an entire Saudi military base.

Upon the CIA and Saudi Arabia's failure to capture Yemen, these reports continue, an "˜under pressure' Obama was forced to order US Military airstrikes last week to avert the complete collapse of the Yemeni government, and which, as always, killed countless innocent civilians thus assuring even more enemies for the Americans to fight.

Even worse for Obama though, these reports detail, was that after his telling the CIA that he would not commit US Military Forces to help out either his own rogue spy agency or the Saudis in capturing Yemen, the CIA "˜unleashed' their Al Qaeda terror organization against their own country (once again) by attempting to down an American jetliner at the hands of a "˜terrorist' not only linked to Al Qaida but Yemen too.


'Designated Terrorist' Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (The photo of the newest 'CIA-Puppet' shows him to be clueless... maybe it will be reported that he too is a mental case was on 'some type' of drugs and will be detained 'indefinately' in some hell hole... S.I.A.)

And in the attempted downing of this US jetliner the FSB reports that the CIA so bungled the operation that their "˜designated terrorist', Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab  failed to remember to bring his passport to board the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit he was supposed to destroy and had to be "˜openly assisted' by his CIA handler in full public view, and as we can read was further confirmed by the Detroit Press News Service:

"Kurt Haskell said he and his wife, Lori, were playing cards near the boarding gate in Amsterdam when he saw a well-dressed man who appeared to be of Indian descent come to the assistance of the man he later learned was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The 23-year-old Nigerian was having trouble boarding the plane he is accused of trying to blow up because he had no passport, Haskell said.

"I think what I saw was his handler ... getting him on the plane," said Haskell, who was returning from a safari in Uganda. The Indian man, who looked about 50 years old, told ticket agents Abdulmutallab did not have a passport but needed to get on the plane, the Haskells said.

The ticket agent told the man nobody was allowed to board without a passport, to which the well-dressed man replied: "We do this all the time; he's from Sudan," Lori Haskell said, adding she and her husband believe the man was trying to pass Abdulmutallab off as a Sudanese refugee.

The two were then directed down a corridor to talk to a manager, she said. "This meant nothing to me until this man tried to blow up the plane," Kurt Haskell said."

The FSB further states in these reports that Abdulmutallab's CIA Indian handler is "˜strategically connected' to the rouge CIA agent David Headley who was recently captured by US Federal Forces (FBI) loyal to Obama and that India has linked to the catastrophic Mumbai attacks. Also aiding Abdulmutallab, the FSB reports, were rogue agents within the Netherlands Military Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD), and whose country, and their role in the destruction of our World, we reported on in our December 28th report "Slaughter Of The Lambs Confirms 2010 Global War To Begin".

Most unfortunately though, for the American people at least, is that the truth of these events we've herein documented will be drowned out by the clarion call for war from their propaganda media organs against yet another Nation linked to Al Qaeda, and which as the BBC (among others) had previously shown in their documentary titled The Power of Nightmares, this terrorist organization never existed in the first place and has always been a CIA-ISI (Pakistan's Intelligence Service) "˜tool' designed for the plunging of our World into Total War.

December 29, 2009 - source WhatDoesItMean?

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 12/29/2009 - 9:22pm.