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A month after the first President Bush flew down to Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and ensnared America in the UN’s insidious Agenda 21, Strobe Talbott wrote an article for Time magazine in which he said, “I’ll bet that within the next hundred years…nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.”  On second thought, make that within the next twenty years! ~ Jim O'Neill  

Some subjects are “radioactive,” that is, they destroy you slowly if you get near them.  Other subjects act like the third rails that carry electricity to subway trains, and fry you instantly if you touch them.  People seem to consider the so called “birther” topic, to be a sort of radioactive third rail.  “Don’t go near it, or else….”

Whenever the question of Obama’s legitimacy to be POTUS is brought up, the media as one say, “Oh puh-leeze, not THAT again,” as if some hoary old steamer-trunk had been dragged out from the nether regions of the attic—as irrelevant to “serious discussion,” as asking how many presidents were left-handed.

The liberals say, “Oh, a ‘birther,” with a disdain usually reserved for chain-smoking pro-lifers, tossing empty beer cans from an SUV barreling through Yosemite National Park.  “One of them.”

Yes, one of them.

Hear me out though.  Why is it that John McCain, a bona fide American hero with decades of service in Congress, got grilled like he was some no-name who just crossed over the border from Tijuana—while Obama got a free pass?

Regarding McCain’s eligibility to run for President, The New York Times admiringly quoted Atlanta attorney Jill Pryor as saying, “It is certainly not a frivolous issue.”  McCain’s eligibility was investigated by the U.S. Senate, for God’s sake.

Why didn’t Obama get vetted with half the zeal that McCain did?  You would think that their histories and work resumes were reversed, and that Obama was the one with the illustrious military record, and years of service as a U.S. Senator, and McCain was the one with the shady past, and lackluster record.

I agree with Ms. Pryor, “It is certainly not a frivolous issue.”  Why did Obama get the free pass, and why does the LSM (Lame Stream Media) vociferously attack, and marginalize, anyone who brings up the question of Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS?

It most certainly IS a topic for “serious discussion.”

We know that Global Collectivists have been actively trying to destroy the United States as a world power.  We know that they have been actively working to destroy America’s middle class.  We know that they have been actively working to destroy the soundness of the U.S. dollar.  We know that they are catering to large corporations, and destroying small businesses.  We know that they want to destroy free enterprise and capitalism.

You had better believe that it is important to know if our POTUS is in cahoots with the Global Collectivists.

If you still doubt that we are in the midst of the purposeful destruction of the United States as we know it, and the surrendering of our sovereignty to a Global Collective, then let me present you with an example of a Global Collectivist.

A month after the first President Bush flew down to Rio de Janeiro in 1992, and ensnared America in the UN’s insidious Agenda 21, Strobe Talbott wrote an article for Time magazine in which he said, “I’ll bet that within the next hundred years…nationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority.”  On second thought, make that within the next twenty years.

(Speaking of Agenda 21, you fishermen along the Eastern Seaboard, the West Coast, and Alaska, best take note of what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico—because you’re next).

Strobe Talbott served as Deputy Secretary of State under Bill Clinton from 1994 to 2001.

In 2000, a veteran State Department veteran told the Drudge Report, “I think we are losing sight that we work for the American taxpayer, not Russia, not Asia.  Mr. Talbott is completely consumed with world order, and has alienated many employees here.  [His] attitude borders on the obsessive.” 

Trust me, obsessive Collectivists like Talbott are the norm, not the exception, in the Obama Administration.

Talbott is currently the president of a “think tank” founded in 1916, called The Brookings Institution.  On their web page on Talbott is a quote from one of his books: “Just as a nation is a gathering of tribes, so the international community is a gathering of nations—an incipient global nation….”

Talbott, like both of the Bush Presidents, was a member of Skull and Bones while at Yale.  He attended the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, where he became friends with Bill Clinton.  While at Oxford he translated former Communist leader, Nikita Khrushchev’s, memoirs into English.

I’m not singling out Mr. Talbott because I believe he’s unique.  On the contrary, I’m using him as an example because he’s so representative of a type of bureaucrat that is found all too frequently at the higher levels of our government—both left and right.  Bright, articulate, knowledgeable, connected, Ivy League educated, and a Collectivist.

I use the term Collectivist as an umbrella term to cover the various “isms” followed by its adherents: Communism, Fascism, Statism, Marxism, Communitarianism, Tribalism, Socialism, Fabianism, etc.

A Collectivist is someone who wants to eliminate, or at least severely reduce personal freedom, and make the state all powerful.  A Globalist, or Global Collectivist, is simply someone who wants an all powerful world state, such as the UN, running the planet.  Pulling the UN’s strings, would be an international oligarchy—the Ruling Elite.

America has had politicians, on both sides of the political fence, that have been plotting her downfall for years.  It’s not a conspiracy theory folks; it’s a conspiracy fact.  Actually, it’s not even a conspiracy—it’s out there for all to see—you just need to look.

Global Collectivists now permeate our government, and their duplicitous betrayal of America is treasonous.  The main reason why they are not on trial, is because there are so many of them.  As Ovid noted centuries ago, nobody is going to call traitorous behavior treason, when a sufficient number are involved in it.

America is currently split into two factions, and I’m not referring to a split between the Left and the Right, between Democrats and Republicans.  The split is much more deeply rooted than that.

On one side are patriotic Americans who love their country, and believe in free enterprise, minimum government, entrepreneurial freedom, the Constitution, and “we the people.”

On the other side are unpatriotic, anti-American Collectivists, who believe in a global regime, ruled by big banks, big corporations, and a Ruling Elite.  These folks believe in more, and more, and more government control over our lives.

Most of their followers are “useful idiots,” who are clueless about how they are being manipulated, or to what ends.

At stake in this battle (which is ongoing, if thus far relatively mild) is nothing less than the fate of liberty throughout the world.

To get back on message—I think that it is vitally important that “we the people” know which side of the “split,” America’s current President aligns himself with.  Don’t you?

Regarding Obama’s background—rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to quote from an article that JB Williams wrote last June in Canada Free Press (with his permission).  The following “bullet points” are from his article.

What do we know for Certain?

  • ** We know that Article II—Section I of the US Constitution was very important to liberals when they challenged John McCain’s eligibility for POTUS on the basis that he was born in Panama, albeit on a US Naval base in Panama, to a well regarded US Naval Commander stationed in Panama at the time. (Source)
  • ** We know that the same issue is of no interest whatsoever to liberals, when concerning Barack Obama.
  • ** We know that even if the COLB (Certificate of Live Birth) presented by Obama to demonstrate his status as a “natural born citizen,” is not a forgery as it has been alleged to be by document authentication experts, it still does not prove where Obama was born, as it provides none of the key “witness to the birth,” information only available on a true long form birth certificate.  (Source)
  • ** We know that Obama family members have signed a legal affidavit stating that they were present at Obama’s birth, in Kenya. (Source)
  • ** We know that Barack Obama’s stated father, Barack Obama Sr. was NOT a US citizen. So even if Jr. was born in Hawaii, he would still not qualify as one without “dual loyalties,” as the son of a Kenyan British subject. (Source)
  • ** We know that Barack Jr. was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia, and attended school in Jakarta registered as a Muslim citizen of Indonesia, which was only possible as the adopted son of Soetoro and legal citizen of Indonesia, which at the time did not allow dual citizenship with the US.  (Source)
  • ** We know that he traveled to Pakistan…a trip not possible on a US passport at the time, as Pakistan was off-limits to US travelers on a US passport.  [Oddly enough, Obama fails to mention this trip around the world, which one would assume was of at least passing interest to him, in either of his autobiographies]  (Source).
  • ** We know that to reconstitute himself as a citizen of the US after becoming a citizen of Indonesia, he would have had to do so through the standard naturalization process, no evidence of which seems to exist.
  • ** We know that Obama has thus far spent approximately $1 million in cold cash to keep his birth, college and passport records sealed, Top Secret.  [Closer to $2 million, at this point] (Source)
  • ** We know that Article II—Section I of the Constitution means exactly what it says or the Constitution means absolutely nothing at all to any American. (Source)
  • ** We know that no matter how you come at the subject, there is more than ample evidence to justify a full blown investigation into just who and what Barack Hussein Obama really is, but that not one major news agency, not one US court, and not one member of the US Congress wants to touch this thing with a ten foot pole.

(Thanks JB)

Also, there is the question of the DNC’s complicity in Obama’s cover-up.  As Lynn Stuter recently wrote, “Indications are that Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat National Committee personnel knew Barack Hussein Obama was not eligible to the office of president; that the nomination of a non-American as the Democrat candidate was deliberate.”

Contrary to what the LSM, and the various Soros-backed propaganda outlets might blather about, the above questions are vitally important (and still unanswered). (Source)

The Left would have us believe that all the above are non-issues.

Their technique is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for them.  Witness Gore saying that “the scientific debate is over,” concerning global warming.  What debate?  There was never any debate.

(By the way, all plant life depends on that “evil greenhouse gas,” Co2, for its very existence.  Plants “breathe” carbon dioxide, and will quickly die if deprived of it.  One of the more beautiful symbiotic relationships in nature, is that humans breathe in oxygen and exhale Co2, whereas plants “breathe in” Co2, and “breathe out” oxygen). (Source)

Before I go off on a rant about the lies of the Ruling Elite, and their cynical use of environmentalism to further their vile agenda, let me get back to the issue at hand.

In addition to the questions listed above, there are a number of other things, both large and small that bother me about Obama.

Small things like:

I’ll stop there, as the list goes on at some length—ACORN, SEIU, Bill Ayers, the Apollo Alliance, Van Jones, etc.  As I said, small things—that by themselves perhaps don’t mean much individually, but taken together, raise some obvious questions.  Like. who IS this guy?

And then there are the large things—like the government-bloating Cap and Trade, Stimulus, and Health Care bills; the bailouts of large corporations, and the ignoring of small businesses.

What is being done about America’s staggering debt?  What is being done about the sinking dollar?  What is being done about creating jobs?  (And I don’t mean government jobs!)

All of these larger issues (and there are many more) seem designed to destroy America’s middle class, small businesses, and America’s position as a world power.  If that is not what they are meant to do, nonetheless, that is certainly their effect.

So we need to know.  “We the people” need to know who our POTUS truly is.  Why is he hiding from us, and what is he hiding from us.  Who is this guy.

As Michael Johns writes in one of his articles, “Whatever these records might reveal, Obama’s extensive…efforts to conceal them are now inexplicable, inexcusable and harmful to the nation. There is no innocuous explanation for his extensive efforts to conceal them, especially since their release is easily authorized and would settle the controversy.”

Federal Judge David Carter has recently set the court date to hear arguments about Obama’s eligibility to be POTUS (January 26, 2010).  This is certainly a step in the right direction, but God knows how long such a trial might drag on.

Commander Fitzpatrick (Ret.), insists that civil suits are a waste of time, and encourages others to file criminal complaints against Obama, as he himself has done.  Mr. Fitzpatrick told me, “I don’t want to see Obama slapped on the wrist with some fine—I want to see him in prison.”  If interested, you can find out more at his web-site The Jag Hunter.

Congressman Nathan Deal (R-GA), and a few colleagues, have recently raised the issue of Obama’s legitimacy to be POTUS, but I deem it to be too little, too late.  We need some “bigger guns.”

Speaking of bigger guns, the Pentagon needs to get off their butts, and shake things up—make things happen.  No doubt there are a number of Collectivist Quislings in the ranks, but the U.S. military officer cadre is still the best schooled and patriotic group of professionals we have.

I’m not suggesting anything drastic, but I am suggesting that they “shake some trees,” and get some answers now.  Call in favors, twist some arms, and utilize networks.

You are being called to honor your oaths, and uphold your allegiance to the United States of America as a free republic.  As Dick Cheney might say, stop dithering.

You are losing the trust and loyalty of your enlisted personnel, Pentagon.  You are losing the trust and loyalty of your officers.  Put THAT in the “Early Bird.”

Laus Deo.

P.S. Eight Presidents were left-handed.

Jim O'Neill - November 12, 2009 - source CanadaFreePress

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.  ...He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.”—Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC—43 BC)

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