Back Door Gun Ban... Labling Anyone 'Mentally Unfit' to Get U.N. Disarmament 'Plan' Completed! ~ MUST HEAR Audio!

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Pay very close attention to what the gun grabbing criminals in Washington are doing... Innocent people are being 'killed' by 'individuals' who just happen to be 'diagnosed' as 'mentally unfit' and on meds to prove a point why America should be disarmed. ~ SadInAmerica - Video - MUST HEAR Audio by William Cooper

On the 'no fly' list? No guns! On the meds list? No guns! On the 'been in jail' list? No guns! On the 'watch' list? No guns! On the 'what ever' list? No guns!... Don't forget the 'it's for the children' and 'we must keep America safe' song and dance! 

You MUST listen to the audio clips... Disarming the American people has been 'the plan' for a long time! William Cooper paints a perfectly clear picture of how this 'plan' came about and where it's heading... 


  Video by Goodmangreen - December 31, 2007




PART 1 of 4


 PART 2 of 4


PART 3 of 4


PART 4 of 4


Audio clips courtesy of Tucanchew32


SadInAmerica - November 11, 2009 - source KnowTheLies


Did William Cooper know too much?...
Obviously... he was murdered November 5, 2001.


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 1:47pm.