Pennsylvania... Supporting 'Single Payer'... Plan to Attend the Rally at the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg October 20th!

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Single Payer may be as a neglected corpse falling off the gurney again in Washington DC, but in Pennsylvania it is springing to renewed life and growing fast.

Single Payer: Pennsylvania is our Saskatchewan

On October 20, the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg will resound with the cheers and chants of thousands of Pennsylvanians and enthusiasts from border states eager to get the benefit of having a neighbor with Single Payer Health Care for all its citizens. Movements like this one tend to spread.

It began with Saskatchewan in Canada. It was the first province to bring comprehensive universal health care to all its citizens as a right instead of a privilege. Neighboring provinces flipped from resistance to eagerly adopting their own versions of Single Payer"and now Canada has it as a national policy. The advantages of Single Payer for doctors and patients alike had been demonstrated.

So it begins in America with the October 20 rally in Harrisburg. State by state, we will have the health care that we need so badly. Joining the throngs in the Rotunda will be Donna Smith of SiCKO, Tim Carpenter of Progressive Democrats of America, Katie Robbins, Kevin Zeese, and Russell Mokhiber of the Baucus 8, Chuck Pennacchio of (the sponsoring organization) and dozens of Single Payer Celebrities, and thousands of other Single Payer advocates. They will represent dozens of supporting organizations from Pennsylvania, other states, and the nation.

The rally begins at 10 AM on Tuesday, October 20, 2009, and will conclude by Noon, whereupon the Pennsylvanians will branch out to the offices of their representatives and senators to lobby"some with appointments, but all with cameras to take photo ops to send to their reps later".. pictures of their constituents holding signs outside their office doors with messages like "Single Payer Now" and "Everybody In"Nobody Out!". has Pennsylvania's Governor Rendell on videotape promising to sign the bill when it reaches his desk. The bill has bipartisan support in the legislature. It is entirely possible that the signing of the Family and Business Health Care Security Act of 2009 for Single Payer in the Pennsylvania Legislature into law could be the centerpiece for the reenactment of the Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in that Pennsylvania town on November 19.

Single Payer is coming to the state you live in. To learn more about this rally and this movement, go to and click on the link above the logo at the top of the page.

See you in Harrisburg October 20!

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Jack and Kathie Hendricks - September 21, 2009 - source OpedNews

Jack and Kathie Hendricks are retired school teachers who live on a small farm in central Pennsylvania.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 09/21/2009 - 5:11pm.