Pennsylvania... Big Audience at July 4, 2009 Tea Party in Ridgway

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The Elk County Tea Party held a gathering on the Elk County Courthouse Lawn in Ridgway Saturday to express views about the current political climate.  Those in attendance brought signs and expressed patriotic support Saturday at the Elk County Courthouse Lawn. ~ Greg Reedy

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Approximately 250-300 people gathered in Ridgway and came with spirited attitudes. Some brought signs. Examples included "District of Communists," "Let Freedom Ring," and "Free markets not freeloaders."

Blaise Dornisch led the event and explained what the Elk County Tea Party was and why he took up this cause. "The Elk County Tea Party Chapter is part of a nationwide group with similar events scheduled in 1,400 cities," he said. "Our primary objective is to speak out against the rapid expansion of federal government, the astronomical debt created and passed down to children and grandchildren, the billions going to special interest groups to ensure the reelection of the career politicians who created this mess.

"We are shouting out against open borders, amnesty, foreign dependency on energy sources, on-demand abortion, new ammunition taxes and firearm restrictions and the general dismantling of the constitution and the loss of liberties it was intended to protect," Dornisch said. "We are here to educate, motivate and stop the march towards socialism and ultimately restore the republic so our children will not live in tyranny." Dornisch said the group is not a partisan group and stands to protect the rights laid down by the U.S. Constitution.

"It is a non-partisan group dedicated to individual freedoms and liberties. The group defends and upholds an individual's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Dornisch said. "These are unalienable rights endowed by our creator. Furthermore, we believe that an individual's rights and liberties can only be sustained by individual responsibilities. We probably know people that are questioning why we are doing this and most of the major news outlets are portraying us as a bunch of radicals or country bumpkins.

"Truth be told, we are a non-partisan grassroots movement dedicated to holding our elected public officials accountable. They are accountable to 'We The People' and the Constitution," Dornisch said. "When they raised their right hand, they all swore they would defend and uphold the Constitution. I think we can all find examples where they have gone astray from that. That is why we are here. The radicals are those who would take away the people's rights and disregard the Constitution."

Dornisch said the event is growing by the turnout from the first of these tea party events on April 15. "Over a million people participated and I think this thing is starting to grow. People are starting to recognize that borrowing is not the key to prosperity. Does that seem difficult to understand?" Dornisch said. "The government that is big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have. That includes your freedoms and liberties.

The tea party express is planning a follow-up protest. It's a cross-country tour which will end up in Washington, D.C. on Sept. 12. It will stop in three places in Pennsylvania: Johnstown, Pittsburgh and Scranton. We need to get some new people. Throw the career politicians out that haven't heard us for a long time."

District Justice Tony King spoke of being united. "We need to stand strong in our new homes," King said. "We must unite as one body. Each of us here needs to encourage each other. In order to stand strong, we must not place anyone with more importance than the other. It will take all of us using what God has given us as our gifts to use them to our fullest, working together for a common goal that we as true Americans stand for 'We the People, One Nation Under God.' Let's stand united."

Ridgway police chief Ralph Tettis was in attendance along with State Representative Matt Gabler. Tettis expressed appreciation to Johnsonburg police chief Bryan Parana and Elk County sheriff Jeff Krieg. He had everyone in attendance take an oath similar to the one he took when he was hired for the Ridgway Police Department in 1984.

Elk County Commissioner Daniel R. Freeburg said as a father, he is worried about their future. "As the father of two young sons, I can say that for the first time in my life I cannot be absolutely certain that my children and their generation will be living in the type of America that I was raised to believe in," Freeburg said. "That being an American which promises opportunity to those who worked hard and pursued their dreams."

He went on further about his motivation for running for public office. "As a father, I still see hard work and vision as their only responsible option but I now wonder if our America and our America tomorrow will have a climate that rewards hard work and responsibility," Freeburg said. "Therefore, one of my biggest incentives in running for office a few years ago was to try and make a positive difference in our communities. Opportunities for our children must be preserved but they must also be made."

Freeburg gave the people in attendance an ideal of what he feels government should be. "Government should never become a force that does not answer to the people, it must never become a force that doesn't listen to the people, it must never become a force that is not made up of people just like you or I," Freeburg said.

Freeburg encouraged people to register to vote and serve in area government. Second Amendment supporter Ken Haupricht said that particular amendment is one which protects the others. "It is truly amazing to me that so many people can't comprehend these words," Haupricht said. "They were written for a simple man to understand and this is one of the most highly contested amendments. Without the Second Amendment, we would not be able to voice our concerns about what is happening to us as citizens of this country. We would all be hiding and practicing our 'freedoms' in someone's basements."

He cited an example of how George Washington was able to win freedom for America during the Revolutionary War. "There was a fear of a military takeover of the states by the federal government which could happen if the government prohibited the state from arming themselves," Haupricht said. "George Washington did not use freedom of speech nor did he use freedom of press or religion to destroy the British in the Revolutionary War. He utilized his right to bear arms to defeat the British. He shot them."

Haupricht said the children are the future and wants to get them better educated about firearms. "Is freedom one generation away from extinction? How do we ensure that this does not happen to our children and grandchildren?" Haupricht said. "Our schools are not teaching the Constitution. Read your children's history books. I saw in one history book under the Second Amendment that the states have the right to regulate and register firearms. Who passed that legislation? "Let's get them involved in the shooting sports," Haupricht said. "There are scholastic trap leagues in each of the schools in Warren and Elk County, and Cameron County next year. Junior rifle programs and air rifle programs at Ridgway Rifle Club. Everyone who owns a gun should belong to the NRA or the Gun Owners of America.

You must belong to these organizations in order to educate yourself on what is being planned for the future. We must teach freedom today. Our forefathers and all of those who died and gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms, they are smiling upon all of us today. They realize their sacrifices were not in vain."

Pete Grubb performed the song on his guitar, "Waiting for the change." A number of citizens also expressed their viewpoints on the issue.


Greg Reedy - July 6, 2009 - source RidgwayRecord 


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