Robert Singer Gives Up Lucrative Internet Writing Career and Starts Corporate Farm

Submitted by Jonathan on Wed, 04/15/2009 - 2:56pm.

This is our backyard. It used to be grass but last year we let it die and built the 7 x 12-raised bed you see on the right. We got more lettuce, peppers, and carrots than we could eat and that's when I realized you can get rich selling what was left. You can see we amended the rest of the yard: about 500 square feet, put in a drip system, we are ready to go.

That fence keeps out anything over 2 inches in diameter.  We have a lot of sentient creatures who like fresh vegetables instead of the dry brush and native grasses in the Santa Monica Mountains.  I can't make any money feeding gophers, rabbits and squirrels.


We don't have a front yard, it's just a hill with native brush and grass, so we had a lawn on our Side Yard  but it's the dog's favorite so took out the grass 200 square feet at a time.  The drip system is in and we'll plant tomatoes here. The rest of the grass can stay as long as it doesn't need any water.


That's my neighbor Doctor Steve. He splits firewood when he's not removing tattoos. He has an ancient well next to door to a vacant lot (pictured below) the owner is letting us use for free.


We call this the grove and Commerical Garden, it's about 1500 one square feet of vegetable production.  You can't see the bare root fruit trees because I wanted to show off my dogs and it was too much work to move the dirt pile.

We planted 10 bare root almond, nectarine, apple, plum, even a walnut, which I hear, will be ready for harvesting those tasty walnuts in about 5 years.

10 trees aren't really enough so I convinced my neighbors to plant another 10 trees in their yards.  Right before the fruit is ready to pick I will offer to take it off their hands for pennies on the dollar. They can't eat all that fruit.

That's a rototiller I borrowed from the horse ranch next door. They like me because I take all of their horse manure off their hands.

They were paying to have it hauled to the dump before I came along and convinced them to give it to me for free.

I needed it to mix with the clay so I could plant the 1500 square feet I just finished rototilling.

We will make a killing at the farmers market with all that swiss chard, spinach, corn, beets and potatoes.

Of course I have a back up plan, if I can't sell the food, we'll give it away.

March 28, 2009 - Robert Singer - source: OpEdNews

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Submitted by Jonathan on Wed, 04/15/2009 - 2:56pm.