Something for Nothing... The 'Entitled' Generation

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 04/06/2009 - 10:11am.

Entitlement seems to be the battle cry for this generation.  Have you noticed? We  young people (and some old ones as well) that feel they are entitled to special treatment. They expect to be waited on hand and foot even though they are very capable of do things for themselves.  They wish to be bailed-out of every situation without any personal responsibility. ~ Willetta Pilcher

But why not? We have told them they are "special," they "deserve," they are "first," and as every adult knows, we must supply them with every whim of their heart... cell phones, iPods, PSP (personal play stations), GameBoys, Wii, computers, notebooks, calculators, name brand shoes and clothing, at least that is what the media has thrust upon us. We believe it and so do they.
We do not require them to participate in the everyday responsibilities of human life. After all, they are entitled to play with their "toys" while the adults take care of responsibilities.

Moms used to bake cakes (from scratch of course), cookies, bread, casseroles, fry chicken, peel potatoes, clean vegetables, can fruits and vegetables, mend, darn socks, make clothing of all sorts, knit scarves, crochet afghans, make quilts, read to little ones, and all the while, rock babies, play with the tiny ones, help with homework and teach the rest of the family to do likewise. Everyone contributed to the care of the family.

Dads washed the car, changed the oil, fixed the motor, mowed the grass, repaired the lawnmower, raked leaves, scooped snow, did household repairs (plumbing, electrical, carpenter, etc), trimmed trees, tended the garden and taught his sons the same skills as well as working a full time job. Everyone contributed to the care of the family.

But now days we have made life "easy" for everyone. We have less "at home work" to do. Mom has gone to work along side Dad. Baby sitters take care of the young so they can play all day and/or watch TV. Decorated cakes, packaged cookies, ready sliced bread, fried chicken, instant potatoes, and even cleaned vegetables are readily available at the store as are the canned fruits and vegetables. And if no one feels like eating at home there is always the fast food joint or the ever-present restaurant just down the block.

Clothing and socks are thrown away if they need mending or taken to GoodWill. Fancy toys entertain the little ones and electronic gadgets keep the older ones out of Mom and Dad's hair while they do the things that have to be done. Car washes, ready lubes, mechanics, riding lawnmowers and baggers for the leaves, snow blowers or better yet, lawn maintenance crews will take care of it all as will the plumber, electrician, and carpenters available to do repairs. Tree trimmers tend to that little job and there is no need for a garden.

Life is easier... or is it? We have more divorces, hyper kids, emotionally distraught people, angry parents, and drugged out kids than ever before. Most people want to be "entitled" to live in their own isolated world without having to deal with any one else. After all, "I" should have it "MY" way, shouldn't I?

Willetta Pilcher - April 6, 2009 - source EzineArticles

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 04/06/2009 - 10:11am.