Under 'New Management'... 2010 Census Snooping is Underway Now in 2009!... ACORNers Sneaking Around?

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 04/04/2009 - 1:30am.

Just when you think you've heard it all-- with ObamaTRAUMA, the stuff just keeps on coming. And, as though it wasn't bad enough that Obama has allowed his administration to move the 2010 Census from out of the Department of Commerce into the White House.

The 2010 Census is now under 'new management' and authority of RahmEmanuel,  Obama's  Elbow-er-in-chief with the Chicago persuasion, something else comes down the pike to override the damage he has already done and continues to increase his destruction of America as we know and love her. And it just keeps on coming!

Get acquainted with the friendly neighborhood census taker. After all, it isn't every day you see one coming down the street and ringing your door bell.

Earlier today, my doorbell rung. A young man was standing there with a patch on his shoulder. At first I thought it was a police officer. He had a badge on a chain around his neck. When I inquired, he told me all he wanted to know was if I had a whole house or if it was an apartment house --- HUH!!!!! How can you miss that I live in a whole house instead of it being broken up into apartments??? Large, I'll grant you, but single family for sure.

When I told him it was a single family home, he nodded and started to walk away but without asking me any other questions. I saw that he had a hand calculator and called him back. I asked if he was from Census and he said he was. Then I asked him when did it start, because I hadn't heard anything about it on the news. I asked him if he was going to ask me anything about who lives in the house, etc. To my astonishment, he told me they were starting early with preliminary work (2009!!!) so that they wouldn't waste the taxpayer's time and money. And he told me that all he was checking for was whether or not there were empty houses --- (In my neighborhood???) It was a surreal moment. I was so mad that I gave him an earful about the nerve of Obama and how he was already wasting the taxpayer's time and money and that he was destroying this country and he needs to be impeached!

Needless to say, the poor guy looked at me wide-eyed, he was speechless, and he tried to get away. But, then I asked him how the 2010 Census was able to get started now in 2009? The young man told me that his field supervisor (an Hispanic man) had o.k.'d it. Now I was speechless! If my head could spin, it would have spun off my shoulders. I was turning faster in my mind then my body could move me. At one point, he had to ask me to let him get a word in. Maybe I didn't have my radio or TV on the day they announced it and missed that announcement about the early ("preliminary") census takers. But, boy! I sure needed that vent, even if he didn't!

However, as he was trying to make his getaway, he ripped a piece of paper off his pad and handed it in my direction. It contained typed information about the U.S. Census 2010. The Census is governed by federal laws in the United States Code, Title 13 (Sections 9, 141, 193, 214, and 221) and Title 44 (Section 2108).

Comments can be emailed to: Paperwork Project . Use "Paperwork Project 0607-0809" in the subject line.

Everything that we watchdogs have continued to declare about Obama and his socialist agenda? Well, he has certainly not disappointed any of us on that score whatsoever.

After I had shut my door, I went on the internet and found out that Census centers are being set up all over the country right now and "census takers" are getting their walking orders to take to the streets --- like ACORN(ers) have done for ages? I believe I have also found a great government resource online to be able to vent even more. Please take a look and join me. I've already said my piece (i.e., For now!) Click on the link below.

The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform - Republicans. Ranking Member is Congressman Darrell Issa.

Rev. Lainie Dowell - April 3, 2009 - source CanadaFreePress

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 04/04/2009 - 1:30am.