The Unapologetic Promoter of Sharia Law

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It is one thing to attend a church for 20 years which spews hatred and bigotry and anti-American sentiment and, when it is brought to your attention, deny ever having heard such preaching. The wait a day or two and throw the preacher (Jeremiah Wright) under the bus. ~ Dave Macy 

It is one thing to be influenced and molded by anti-American home grown terrorists and, when asked about the association with Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, pass it off as a casual acquaintance. Forget that some researchers believe the former Weather Underground leader was the ghostwriter for Obama's book Dreams from My Father.

Now our President in Training (seen recently bowing to a Saudi King in a totally embarrassing breach of presidential etiquette) wants Harold Koh to be the legal advisor to the State Department. Koh is an unapologetic promoter of Sharia Law, the foundational legal system of Islam. This affinity for something other than our country's Judeo-Christian heritage that is instrumental in the formation of our laws and ethics should raise a RED (WHITE AND BLUE) flag to all who hold the principles of America dear.

But therein lays the problem. American principles be damned. We are no longer to be Americans under this administration-- we are to be Globalists. Raise the sovereignty of the United Nations, boot the free market for socialism, and spend into slavery what is left of a once great nation.

What I don't find remarkable is how Obamamaniacs are not upset at the actions of a government that can fire a CEO or regulate the payroll of a private company. Think about it. Most liberals are socialists at heart, and just a heartbeat away from Marxism.  The next logical step in the progression of America from the free market is to adapt the European model of socialism that has worked so well for nations like the United Kingdom and Germany. (Firmly insert tongue in cheek)

Now it's easy to hear the cry of "I'm mad as hell" across America as conservatives (who are mostly coffee drinkers) grab tea bags and march off to a Tea Party protest. Let me say that I AM MAD AS HELL AT THEM!!! Where was your unanimity before the election? Where was your rallying cry before we allowed dumbed down voters to elect a totally incompetent socialist as president?

I have heard the excuses: "But the media was all for Obama"; "they were in bed with him"; "they wouldn't investigate any of the allegations about his birthright or his associations with known terrorists"; "the press lobbed softballs and when Obama told them they shouldn't be asking such questions they apologized".Yada, yada,yada.  To that line of reasoning I say Bull Dookey!

Oh sure, much of it is true. But knowing the abject horror that was about to be unleashed on America, we responded as conservatives so often do. We bought more guns and ammo and made sure we were locked and loaded. Full metal jackets became the fashion statement of a number of disenfranchised Americans.

So here is something to consider: Instead of buying tea bags (mostly a product of Red China) and gathering to protest the surge of socialism, why not seriously consider petitioning your state to secede from the USA?  It would be a much more potent and newsworthy protest that just might shake up the thieves and scoundrels that inhabit the legislative and the executive branches.

Dave Macy - April 3, 2009 - source CanadaFreePress 

Dave Macy has over 30 years experience as a radio talk show host in cities such as Atlanta, Toledo, and Nashville.  Dave has written a book and launched a website Doubt Free Living is all about Living a Faith on Fire for the Lord! It's about reassurance that God's word is true. It's about shaking off uncertainty by taking God at His word, and then putting that faith into action. Yes, it's about being a bit of a Jesus Freak and not being ashamed to tell others. And Doubt Free Living is not just bold faith, but it is faith that shows itself in love.
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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 04/04/2009 - 12:46am.