Television the New Colosseum?

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Why is there a proliferation of violence in entertainment and sports, both in the present day and throughout history?  What purpose does such mass media exposure to violence serve with regard to the societal and the mental state of the populous?  Who benefits from the agenda of displaying violence in the media and how do they benefit  from people all over the world being exposed every day to this violence?

The fact that the entertainment industry is rife with violence is not likely to be widely contested.  It is there in front of your face every day, on the news, in cartoons, in movies and even at the football matches.  All this violence brought directly to your living rooms, why?

In order to fully understand why we are being exposed to so much violence from a young age we must first answer two questions.  How does violence effect the human mind and psyche?  Who benefits as a result of this effect?

Violence as entertainment has been used for millennia, the specific aim of which is control of the masses.  Use of violence and the fear it generates, in combination with the Hegelian dialectic (which David Icke so aptly calls problem, reaction, solution,) is one of the key techniques for the mass manipulation of human behavior.  The Roman Emperors were well aware of these techniques which is why they built circuses for the games and chariot races in every major city of the empire.  It is their direct bloodline descendants today who still control much of the world who use TV and the entire entertainment industry as a means to solidify their power base in much the same way as their forefathers did.

TV far outstrips its predecessor the colosseum in effectiveness.  This is because it can deliver horror and violence directly into the homes of a captivated populous.  Sports such as football continue to generate riots just as the chariot races did during the Roman Empire.  The riots between Blue and Green supporters culminated in the Nika Revolt during which half of Constantinople was burnt down and tens of thousands of people lost their lives.  Now the supporters are for Arsenal or Ajax instead of the Blues and the Greens, but the outcome still has the potential to be the same.  Ironically just after I began writing this essay a football riot occurred in Northern Ireland.  As you can see, the agenda to create problems and generate artificial factions is running according to plan.

One of the main reasons for intentionally creating fear and stress in an individual is that in this state a person becomes more amenable to suggestion.  When people feel threatened they naturally seek protection.  Many will turn to the government and its law enforcement agencies in the hopes that they can engender some sense of security.  This leads to governments launching false flag operations, the aim of which is to create panic and fear in order to impose stricter legislation, expand governmental powers and limit the freedoms of the populous.  This is why events like 9/11 and 7/7 were played continuously in the media internationally.  This is done in order to generate enough fear so that the governments of the world would have cart blanche to legislate as they please, regardless of constitutions and laws of their respective countries.

This same manipulation of fear is the purpose for the overblown coverage of football riots.  It creates apprehension in the average spectator who just wants to enjoy the game.  Those who wish to attend public events must be willing to give up their personal rights for a bit of perceived safety.  They must show ID cards and submit willingly to unjustified searches.  These searches will undoubtedly become more and more frequent in every day life instead of just at the airport or public sporting events.

Fear is not the only effect of violence that is favorable with regard to the elite's agenda of manipulation.  In order to have trained military personnel devoid of empathy, it is preferable to desensitize and condition them to violence as young as possible.  The media is a perfect vehicle for this sort of conditioning.  For this reason video games, cartoons and comics aimed at children are incredibly violent.  The media aimed at adults is even worse and as everyone knows mark a movie or a video game rated as adult content, it is the first one kids will sneak into or get a copy of online.

I am NOT implying we should censor the media.  Hell, they already censor most of the useful information out themselves.  What we must understand is how the media is being used.  It is scientifically acknowledged that violence and fear effects humans on a cellular level.  Those who are feeding the worlds populous daily doses of violence and terror know this.  The media is utilized for this aforementioned agenda of distraction, desensitization and fear.  Do not fall victim to the mass Stockholm Syndrome they are trying to induce.  Do not let the media form your opinions for you.  Do not be frightened into trading your freedom for the erroneous perception of safety.

Instead of the usual footnotes I am listing all the researchers, filmmakers and authors who pointed me in the direction of the information above and not only those whose work would normally be referenced in direct conjunction with the information in this article.  These footnotes are not only an acknowledgment of the scholarship of the people listed below but are also a sincere thanks for their contributions towards the education of all humanity.

thank you:
David Icke
Max Igan
Ben Stewart
Dylan Avery
Jason Bermas
Korey Rowe
Jordan Maxwell
Anthony J Hilder
Candice Pert
Cathy O'Brian

Special thanks to my friend Knowthelies who helped me edit this essay and to Dorrax for his insights and information on football hooligans.

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Submitted by Jonathan on Thu, 04/02/2009 - 11:17pm.