Mike Gravel: The Other "Ron Paul"

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 02/11/2008 - 2:51pm.

Why we should support the candidacy and delegate fight of Mike Gravel towards the Democratic Convention.


Maybe you sat at home wondering what you would do when you found out that Dennis Kucinich was no longer running for President. Perhaps you put your face in your hands in shock when Ron Paul announced in a confusing and tepid e-mail to supporters that he was cutting down his national campaign and instead focusing on his congressional race.

Well you're not alone. But wait, there is another.

Another candidate is running for President of the United States. Like Ron Paul, he has been so ignored by the MSM that few people in the Democratic primaries even know he's running or who he is.

Even if they had watched his few short minutes in the debates they may have not been able to fully understand the intensity with which he scolded and upbraided his fellow Democratic candidates.

While Kucinich and Paul are focusing on their difficult elections in their respective congressional districts, there is one man who is still in the race for his party's nominating convention.

That man is Mike Gravel.

Who is Mike Gravel?

Gravel served for two terms in the United States Senate representing Alaska. Yeah, that's right. The State of people with libertarian leanings that don't quite like the Washington types telling them how to live their lives. Gravel is known mostly for his opposition to the Vietnam War as a U.S. Senator and for his involvement in the release of the infamous Pentagon Papers.

Unlike Obama and Clinton, Sen. Gravel has actually served two full terms and therefore has more experience than they do.

Unlike Obama and Clinton, he served in the U.S. Army and has military experience compared to the two candidates who are so willing to bomb Iran.

Gravel is a man of peace and a man who respects our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

He calls for the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service and what he calls the "corrupt income tax system."

Gravel recognizes that Americans have lost confidence in the Federal Reserve system.

He supports a national initiative to allow the People to be a check and balance to government abuse and tyranny.

He will end our foreign escapades in Iraq and immediately bring our brave troops home and out of harm's way.

Gravel will use diplomacy to ease tensions with Iran and Syria.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are supported by globalist elites from the Council of Foreign Relations and Bill Clinton's War in Yugoslavia.

Gravel is supported by those Democrats and independents sick of Republican wars and lies not just looking for "change".

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will still send people to federal prison for possesion of marijuana.

Gravel will decriminalize marijuana and end the War on Drugs.

He will protect a free, safe and open internet.

Gravel opposes NAFTA and favors reforming trade policies that have only benefitted international corporate interests.

He will protect our borders, monitor the flow of immigrants into our country, and establish a guest worker program and naturalization procedures that would fairly bring immigrants into legal status.

Gravel is is adamantly opposed to torture, indefinite detention, and the deprivation of lawyers/speedy trials.

He opposes the Military Commissions Act, flagrant ignorance of the Geneva convention, and Guantanamo.

Gravel opposes No Child Left Behind.

So what?

Why should I support Mike Gravel? Isn't the media after all ignoring him? Haven't they written him off more than Ron Paul?

Yes, they have. The Clinton machine is a very powerful political force. But don't be fooled by the Clintons. Hillary is anxious to flex our military muscles overseas regardless of her criticisms of Bush. She will follow in the footsteps of her husband who began illegal military operations in Somalia and Yugoslavia.

Don't be fooled by Obama. The man wants "change". It's more like the change in your pocket for the War Fund Obama is very pro-aggressive military action. Obama has voted to authorize war funds for Operation Iraqi Oil. He is not against war. He is only against the Iraq battlefield. He wants to re-deploy troops to Afghanistan, Pakistan and yes even Iran. When it comes to military intervention, Obama feels that we have ignored Latin America too long. Is that an invasion of Venezuela in the cards? Is that the kind of "change" we want?

Mike Gravel Revolution?

As Justin Raimondo of Antiwar.com and others have noted of the Democratic Party elite, they are merely the left wing of the War Party, led by such luminaries as Joe Lieberman and Nancy Pelosi. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and John McCain remain the leaders of the right wing of the War Party.

What's an independent, Democrat or Republican to do? Support Mike Gravel!

Kucinich is out. Ron Paul appears to be on his way out.

After his "kick in the gut" email to supporters, Ron Paul still managed to gain a close third in Washington State. Paul is running a smart delegates game. But right now it's too soon to tell whether it would pay off at the National Convention. Ron Paul has signalled to everyone that he will not run third party. This means that he will continue to push hard for his anti-war, anti-empire issues inside the very GOP that does not want him. They're even running one of their own well-funded neo-cons against him.

Ron Paul's success of course assumes that the number of his delegates will be enough to win him the day. But with 80-90% of the GOP despising his foreign policy, a brokered convention will be a very unwelcome place for his anti-war, anti-empire views. The Democratic Party on the other hand has a high percentage of people who didn't agree with the loss of lives in Vietnam then or in the Middle East now.

The MSM blackout of Mike Gravel is even worse because the media already decided they could not afford to have the Senator tap into the values that Democrats already care about: values such as ending the war, protecting our civil liberties, ending the Patriot Act.

Mike Gravel is still running. He does not have a congressional district to worry about. He has nothing to lose if he attacks Obama and Clinton for their hypocrisy, vagueness and eagerness to plunge our country into more aggressive wars and economic destruction. He has everything to gain by going on the attack not sitting by waiting for his own grassroots to take him where he will.

But haven't Obama and Clinton already won the majority of Democratic delegates? Well, you could argue that McCain and Huckabee have already won all the GOP delegates and Ron Paul supporters should just go home. Obama and Hillary are also heading into a convention nightmare. A lot can happen to change the delegates' minds to vote for someone who is truly anti-war, anti-Bush and pro-democracy.

Why not take a moment and check out Gravel's website? Consider an opportunity to help the one candidate who can expose Obama and Clinton. It certainly won't be John McCain when he likely wins the GOP nomination. And if that happens, we know that Ron Paul will not be running third party.

Donate a dollar to the man who is working hard to help the Democratic Party find its soul, in spite of the corporate media's insistence that it's time for "change".

It's time for real change. It's time to help Mike Gravel.

by Abelardo J. Arias - posted at www.opednews.com

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 02/11/2008 - 2:51pm.