Tent Cities Across the Country... Welcome to Our Greatest Depression

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There are over 177 tent cities currently scattered across the United States. These makeshift communities can be found even into the far reaches of the northeast such as the tent cities popping up in Providence, Rhode Island. Some believe this phenomena is being censored by United States media. Here is what I found out...

This situation is becoming a problem of growing concern throughout the United States as places such as San Francisco report an increase in car and tent cities due to a rise in homelessness by as much as forty percent. One such community in Athens, Georgia grew so large that local law enforcement had to ask its residents to relocate further into the nearby woodlands in order to avoid further encroachment onto public roadways.

In Seattle, Washington there are at least 4 officially sanctioned 'Tent Cities' that have become a model for similar homeless encampments throughout the nation such as those in Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. Santa Barbara has given over a parking lot for use as a car city by its homeless residents, and Sacramento is considering authorizing its own location for the erecting of a tent city in order to deal with the crisis of homelessness that is sweeping the nation.

Most of the individuals and families who have found themselves left out in the cold by the nation's economic crisis find themselves living in either tents, mobile homes, or their vehicle, but in some locations such as Fresno the homeless have resorted to making shelters out of scrap wood.

Some of these tent cities have even developed governments and ordinances in order to keep peace, provide for necessities, and combat crime such as one run by Vietnam Veteran Lorenzo Banks. Mr. Banks is mayor of a tent city that was erected in Camden, New Jersey that only allows homeless individuals and families who have been invited to stay within its limits.

These homeless communities are not always sanctioned or tolerated by local authorities such as one that sprang up over night in Reno, Nevada last fall, but was later closed down by local law enforcement. Often these tent cities are dispersed or destroyed by local governments and law enforcers due to public complaints, panhandling, and safety concerns. One such homeless community was bulldozed in St. Petersburg, Florida despite local protesters that had gathered out of compassion for their homeless neighbors.

Local reports out of Savannah, Georgia indicate that several hundred homeless may be forced to vacant their camps and relocate within the coming weeks or days as police are set to "sweep" major tent cities in the area. And despite the nearly thirty or so homeless encampments in Nashville and parts of Davidson County local officials plan to shut down one of the largest tent cities in Nashville this June.

As our nation continues to struggle with the worst economic crisis it has ever faced we can expect to see the appearance of more and more such communities dotting the landscape of the United States over the next few years.



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Submitted by yobe on Thu, 02/26/2009 - 11:29am.