Guest Lee Rogers With Jon Grayson On 'Overnight America' CBS Radio Show Discussing The FEMA Camp Bill

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Listen to a mp3 file of Lee Rogers as a guest on the syndicated CBS Radio show, Overnight America w/ Jon Grayson discussing HR 645 or the National Emergency Centers Act which authorizes existing facilities to be used as National Emergency facilities as well as the Homeland Security Secretary to build additional FEMA facilities on open and closed military bases. ~ AUDIO

Typical of the mainstream media, Jon attempts to debunk the significance of this legislation by ignoring obvious patterns of past behavior by the government in preserving and setting up detention facilities under the guise of illegal immigration, continuity of government and more.  He also ignores the fact that the government does not follow the Constitution and is engaged in a myriad of criminal activity.  For example, the John Yoo torture memo which was obviously unconstitutional and broke international law, was used to justify the torture of so called terrorists by the criminal Bush regime.  The same type of thinking could easily be applied if HR 645 is passed into law.

Jon claims that the provision in the bill which authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to use these facilities for whatever purposes they deem to be necessary is irrelevant because it doesn't authorize the government to break the law.  Since when has the government followed the Constitution which is the supreme law of the land?  They break the law all the time.  The argument is null and void.

He also references the Wannsee Conference which was a meeting of high level Nazi officials to discuss the concentration camp plan for the Jews during World War II.  It was a meeting whose contents were kept top secret throughout the war.  Hitler never came out and told the people that he was building death camps, but like in America today he incrmentally and quietly built the infrastructure necessary to carry out what was codenamed the Final Solution.  The point is, is that the plan was secret which he fails to mention.

AUDIO Segment Discussing The FEMA Camp Bill

Audio quality could be better although you can hear what is being said.

February 7, 2009 - source RogueGovernment

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 02/07/2009 - 10:22pm.