Wayne Pacelle Standup For the People, For the Planet, For the Animals!

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Wayne Pacelle Standup for the Planet, A life connected, For the People, For the Planet, For the Animals!
The following is a positive message to
Mr. Wayne Pacelle wpacelle@hsus.org
President and CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

If you agree with the message let Wayne know your thoughts and please cross post. ~ Robert Singer

Email sent to: Wayne on December 8, 2008

Subject: Standup for the Planet, A life connected, For the People, For the Planet, For the Animals!


Continuing the dialogue we began in September with my memo, "Vote YES, Prop 2 is for YOU!", (included below), the next step would be a National Media Campaign to raise awareness about how a plant based diet will solve the environmental problems we face today.

I have found the perfect video HSUS can air on National Television.

A Life Connected a project by NonviolenceUnited.org.

Time - 11:43 - Link

The video was produced with 5 separate messages about 2 minutes each, making it ideal for a commercial "spot" on television.

The only thing I would change is the term Vegan to Plant Based Diet.

A National Media campaign around A life Connected will energize your supporters asking for more Vegan education and silence your critics once and for all.

Let's talk later in the week,

Bob Singer


Mr. Wayne Pacelle
President and CEO
The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

September 22, 2008

RE: Vote YES, Prop 2 is for YOU!

Thank you for your call last week, I was grateful to have the opportunity to talk to you about this very important issue and look forward to working with you to Pass Prop 2.

As you know support for Prop 2 is eroding. Leading animal rights/welfare and vegan advocacy groups together with more and more signature-gathers are questioning the benefits of an initiative that is such a small step in our quest to make the world a better place for humans and non-humans.

Agribusiness opposition led by Patti Strand, National Director NAIA Trust, will be making a compelling case against Prop 2 as we get closer to the election.

Their arguments will be:

This time, the vegan authors of Proposition 2 have created a measure that is not only unnecessary and unreasonable, but one that also threatens the health and well being of the hens it is suppose to protect and the people who eat their eggs. Proposition 2 would ban almost all modern egg production in California, outlawing scientifically approved and well-established methods used by farmers for decades to safely house hens.

California Proposition 2 will outsource egg production.

Californians need to understand that they are being asked to overhaul egg farming in their state by a vegan-led national organization - a group that has no personal dietary stake in the availability, safety or quality of eggs.

Proposition 2 is too RISKY. Californians enjoy safe, local, affordable eggs. A UC Davis study says Proposition 2 eliminates California egg production. Instead, our eggs will come from out-of-state and Mexico. Public health experts oppose Proposition 2 because it THREATENS increased human exposure to Salmonella and Bird Flu. Vote No.

Wayne, there is a real chance Prop 2 will fail. What a tragic waste of time, money, and the loss of this historic opportunity to make a real difference. When the ballots are counted it won't be the size of the cages that matter it will be how far we moved the ball forward to end animal exploitation. Prop 2 is a chance for us to raise awareness about the impact of our choices every time we put food in our mouths. I congratulate you and the others at HSUS who have chosen to be go Vegan.

But if the campaign continues to focus on the cruelty issue then, whether it passes or fails, all that will have been accomplished is to make people feel good about eating animals because they voted to increase the size of the cage.

We need to change the focus of the Prop 2 message to keep it from failing.

The opposition has painted a Vegan picture of the supporters and will control the message to make us look foolish at putting forth such a questionable proposition to the public. Before that happens we need to change the campaign to emphasize that Prop 2 is a vehicle toward treating the planet humanely, not just its animals. Prop 2's message today attempts to change the way animals are raised for food--they will now have the opportunity to turn around in their cages and extend their limbs but it needs to address the effect of our decisions on animals, the planet and environment every time we order that hamburger or fried chicken. If we do this, the opposition will be blunted and your outspoken critics will be silenced and might actually support Prop 2, I know I will.

The next phase of the campaign will feature

Vote YES, Prop 2 is for YOU.

"California's Proposition 2 is the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, and is an important step toward ending our reliance on factory-farmed meat.

Factory farms rank with other major categories of environmental damage that threaten our planet's future. We need to address the degradation of our food supply before it is too late. Proposition 2 is a start.

Our treatment of animals is a measure of our respect for the earth."

This change needs to be made before it is too late - Prop 2 is not just about the animals having an opportunity to turn around and extend their limbs" but how the choices we make, as humans, affect animals, the environment and our health.

After speaking with you on the phone, I was moved by your sincerity about making a difference in ending animal cruelty. I am convinced you and I can get this message to your supporters, the board of directors, the signature gathers and the public if we work together.

Lets talk about this after you have had a chance to review it.

Vote YES, Prop 2 is for YOU!


Bob Singer

2008 California For Humane Farms Statewide Signature Gathering Champion

Robert Singer - January 22, 2009 - source OpEdNews

Authors Bio: Robert Singer is a retired information technology professional and an environmental activist living in southern California. In 1995 he and his cousin Adam D. Singer founded IPC The Hospitalist Company, Inc., where he served as chief technology officer. Today the company manages more than 130 practice groups, providing care in some 300 medical facilities in 18 states. Prior to that he was president of Useful Software, a developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the personal computing Industry.

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Submitted by Jonathan on Thu, 01/29/2009 - 2:15am.