Coming... The Next Civil War

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If you are a hard-working, responsible, self-reliant and successful American, how do you like billions of your taxes paying for bank, business and ner-do-well homebuyer bailouts, homebuyers that were encouraged by government to buy homes they couldn't afford.  How do you like your government using trillions of your tax dollars for ill advised stimulus packages that won't and aren't working? ~ Ron Ewart

How do you like paying for education, health care, housing and safety-net benefits for illegal aliens that are streaming into America by the millions?  How do you like our open border policy and the lack of enforcement of existing laws that have become the magnet for those millions to come here in the first place?  And how do you like the fact that politicians in both parties purposely allow these things to happen, for the sole purpose of increasing their base of future voters?  To make matters worse, under the current regime, (socialist administration) amnesty for illegals is coming our way very soon, no matter how most Americans will object.  After all, these politicians know what is best for us, don't they?

How do you like individuals being appointed by the new president to become Secretary of the Treasury, who will oversee the IRS, when the appointee has cheated on his income tax, hired illegal aliens as house keepers and some other little misdeeds he was purported to have committed?  How do you like an individual (Holder) with an avowed mindset against individual gun ownership, being appointed to the top American Justice official, attorney general of the United States?

How do you like your tax dollars being used in foreign aid, that is given to dictators, despots and other cretins who use our money for their own enrichment and trickle only a few of our dollars to their "subjects"?  Did you know that your current socialist president is now pushing for 0.7% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP - $14 Trillion) to be paid out in foreign aid, because that is what the United Nations says is the fair amount for America?  Did you know that 0.7% of GDP is just shy of $100,000,000,000 (billion) dollars of our tax money going offshore, and for what?  This is nothing more than government forcing you to be charitable to the entire world, at the point of a gun.  (Don't think so?  Try not paying your taxes.)

National Health Care is coming whether we like it our not.  Did you know that Obama's current stimulus package of almost $1 Trillion dollars, sets aside $600,000,000 to prepare for National Health Care?  If they are spending this kind of money for preparation, you can bet we will get National Health Care.

How do you like government telling you what to eat, what to wear, where to live, where to work, what to drive, or being forced to not drive at all and paying for government mega-projects that always come with huge cost overruns, where they have to go back to the taxpayer for more money to finish the project?  Happens every time.  Government is the epitome of waste, fraud, abuse and corruption.

How do you like your government telling you that you have to get off of oil, drive your car less and decrease your carbon foot print to save us from the dire predictions of the fraud that is man-caused global warming?  How will you like the cost of everything increasing because of government's headlong drive to decrease man-caused CO2 emissions and engage in the insanity of cap and trade policies?  How do you like your government telling you that you have to subsidize highly inefficient wind and solar power, that is but a small fraction of what oil and coal produce?  How do you like the fact that environmentalists and government have stood in the way of clean nuclear energy for 30 years?

How do you like government telling you what you can or cannot do with your land?  And you rural landowners, how do you feel about being asked to bear almost the entire burden of environmental protection, while your city brethren get off virtually scot-free?   These same city folks who have the majority votes to elect the politicians that pass the environmental laws that only affect rural landowners.  That's fair, isn't it?  No it isn't fair and in fact, violates the equal protection clause of the constitution.

How do you like your federal government sticking their fingers into local public schools and mandating, with federal law, socialism, radical environmentalism, multi-culturalism and the one-world-order being taught to your children in those schools?  How do you like the fact that the federal government prints the books that teach our children about our form of government, but those books teach that our form of government is a Constitutional Democracy, not a Constitutional Republic?  The distinctions between a Democracy and a Republic are a canyon wide.  Does brainwashing and indoctrination come to mind?

How do you like the fact that the injustices that were being inflicted on the colonials in 1776, that caused them to revolt against the tyrannical rule of England, are now the very same injustices Americans are being accosted with, by their own government, for the last 80 to 100 years?  How do you like the fact that under the current Obama administration and a very liberal congress, those injustices will increase at an accelerated rate?

The giant question is, how long will freedom-loving Americans take it?  How long will the producers put up with paying for the non-producers and outright billion-dollar gifts in foreign aid?  How long will those brave Americans who are embedded with the song of liberty, take the theft of their sweat, blood and tears, before they say, enough is enough?  Which of the injustices we are now enduring, will be the trigger that will send a large percentage of these Americans over the edge and declare civil war against the non-producers, who leverage government with their majority vote, to fill their government-sponsored "pig trough"?  Or, how long will it be before the producers of our society, either "check out", or declare war on their own government for these injustices?

The current direction of America will and is producing mediocrity, self-loathing and a decline in production and morality.  These cultural maladies will only get worse on this path we take.

Predictions of future events is a dicey game.  Many have tried but predictions, throughout history, turn out to be mostly inaccurate ….. the Mayans, Nostradamus and a few others given marginal credit.  But we will take a stab at some general predictions.  The hard truth is, we are headed for a civil war.  Nevertheless, rest assured, this will not be the civil war of 1861, wherein brother rises up against brother and state declares war against another state or states.  This war won't be fought with larger-than-life generals, unless nationwide anarchy ensues.

As the liberals in the current administration squeeze Americans with their socialist, radical environmental and one-world-order agenda, as they work towards dismantling American sovereignty, even more so than previous administrations have done, small armed revolts will begin to appear in isolated areas.  These small revolts will be immediately squashed by local law enforcement.  Even so, the small revolts will grow and become larger ones.  There will be individual attacks on other individuals for perceived threats or revenge for acts of violence.  Occasions of Hatfield and McCoy feuds will grow.   There will be attacks by individuals on government institutions, as more and more folks let their growing frustrations morph into violent acts.  There will be individual and multiple violent attacks on illegal aliens.

Still, other non-violent revolts will come in the form of silent and noisy protests.  Some revolts will come in the form of disobeying the law and withholding taxes.  These are already happening.  Some will come in the form of increased lobbying of politicians and rising numbers of court cases to undo what the liberals have and are doing.  But even worse, some will come in the form of wholesale cheating.  The prevailing attitude will be, if the government can cheat, abuse our trust and their power and corrupt our institutions, why should individual Americans be any different?  A breakdown in morality, honesty, integrity and honor will accelerate.  This breakdown is already well underway.

Large infusions of borrowed or printed dollars for government stimulus packages and outright handouts, will accelerate inflation and/or end up in hyper inflation.  This will lead to rising hunger as it takes more dollars to buy the necessities of life.  Rising hunger will trigger more government intervention and the requirement for more taxes.  Taxes will rise accordingly.  More banks will fail.  A deep depression could be just around the corner.

In some of these occurrences, the government will declare martial law and they will suspend constitutional protections, like Habeas Corpus, as did President Lincoln did during the Civil War.

All these things will come to pass in one form or another, because "We The People" have allowed government to become all powerful and corrupt and this corruption has infected a large percentage of the American population.  Should we not return to the principles of our constitution, should we not re-claim our morality, and soon, as a country and as a free society we are doomed to fail and ultimate disintegration.  If were trying to fail, we are doing an excellent job.

In spite of these dire predictions, there is still time to save America, if only the millions of Americans who cherish freedom, will rise up individually and collectively and get involved in the hard work of preserving, protecting and defending our constitution and giving aid and comfort to those organizations that are working valiantly on their behalf.  And to that end, have you GIVEN YOUR DOLLAR FOR FREEDOM today?

Ron Ewart - January 26, 2009 - source FederalObservor

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 01/27/2009 - 3:16pm.