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The government of the United States is being run like a Speakeasy in the middle of Prohibition. Outside the weather is brutal and there is no street entrance to their inner sanctum. For those inside however, virtually nothing is ever-denied to them: Which is why we tend to think of them as 'insiders.' The public is responsible for funding everything that goes on in there, the drugs, the illicit sex, the unbelievable extortions and of course the crimes unending.

The public, aside from paying for all of this- has been eliminated from any participation whatsoever. In addition we are increasingly being evicted from our jobs, our homes, and now even from what used to be our country. When a member of the public has a problem-there is simply no one, anywhere, to take our case.

When the current round of crisis related bailout packages was being created, three months ago: Word of this crisis was "leaked" in a series of mellow-dramatic statements, amplified by insider-members of the congress that had been sworn to secrecy. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury along with the government were all demanding that this BAILOUT be passed by the congress immediately without question or debate.

The public thought about it and disagreed by almost 90 to one against. When respondents were questioned, the vast majority wanted this 'bill' killed outright: and the rest demanded that it be completely rewritten. The public had it right-those that failed in business needed to be allowed to fail: So that the rest of the world could get back to doing legal and profitable business! The House listened to their constituents for the only time during the entire eight years of the Bush Administration; and the first BAILOUT proposal was killed by the House.

The Decider then twisted arms in the Senate to create identical legislation, with additions. This tortured and illegal piece of legislation then passed the Senate and when it went back before the House their leaders were threatened with Martial Law, if the "package" did not pass. The House reverting to their usual submissive posture, gave the middle-finger to the public, and then caved-in. Thus that $850 Billion measure became another "Bush- law." Since then, just ninety days ago, the same cowardly congress stood-by while $8.5 Trillion more has been similarly distributed (but without legislation or strings) to persons unknown, for purposes unknown, under terms that are still unclear.

During the two year long campaign we heard a lot of TALK about how to change the country. After the selection, we heard lots more TALK about how everything would now begin to change. And yet, for the besieged public, not only has there been no help-there is still apparently nothing on the table except more promises and some stale baloney about tax-credits: We need to 'See-the-Money" because promises from these politicians cannot be redeemed in this universe, or in this life: that much at least is crystal clear.

During the run-up to this crisis Americans were heavily involved in two major wars with massive amounts of criminality by the entire government, in virtually ever phase of these $3 Trillion Wars-from which the opinions of the public were also excluded. Now we are faced with over 300,000 damaged, maimed or crippled people coming back from that experience with life-long medical and psychological problems caused both by the wars or by exposure to our use of chemicals, depleted uranium weaponry, toxic vaccinations, and any number of biological agents that were present in a saturated and privatized-environment that breed injuries and non-combat-related death or debilitation, to hundreds of thousands of our people and the so-called enemies that we invaded those countries to kill.

Here's what we did in Iraq: "Over 1 million dead, 3 million maimed for life, 3 million widows, 5 million orphans, 5 million refugees, over 150,000 detainees, homes destroyed, massive ethnic cleansing, unprecedented torture and rape in the history of mankind, summary executions and arrests, billions of dollars stolen, antiquities and oil plundered, an economy in shambles, a 70% unemployment rate, walled ghettoes, use of illegal weapons - DU, napalm, White Phosphorus, Cluster bombs, thousands of tons of bombs, robotic weapons, physical deformities, use of Iranian militias, drills, physical mutilation, desecrating religious sites, pissing on corpses, arresting and imprisoning children, sodomizing kids, raping and burning women alive, insults, humiliation and slurs of Iraqis in their own country, on their own turf...and more...and more --all under an ILLEGAL OCCUPATION, not to mention the dungeon called Guantanamo... And they are let off the hook? The Americans are worse than the Mongol's invasion, worse than the Spanish Inquisition, worse than Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy... And they are let off the hook? Just like that ~ how can that be?' Layla Anwar".

While that was going on in Iraq the Zionist-occupation was doing this to 1.5 million Palestinians inside Israeli occupied Gaza, which has become the world's largest open air prison. Gaza is under siege: food, water and fuel are all minimal to non-existent and medicine as well as medical services are non-existent. The Power station has been destroyed; there is no sewage disposal service that functions and trash is accumulating in mounds of filth that surrounds the tents that have replaced many of their bulldozed homes. All of this is part of the Zionist occupation's collective punishment for failing to submit to Israeli occupation. (1)

When the Balfour Declaration was written by Rothschild banker, Alfred Milner it contained this caveat:

"His Majesty's government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country." So much for Zionism's regard for the stipulated rights of the Palestinian peoples.

A further background note on the origins of Zionism in Israel: "Brave Jewish writers like Arthur Koestler have confirmed from their research that Jewish people have no historical claim to the land of Israel. They are not the biblical Hebrews and they are certainly not 'Semites'. They don't originate from biblical Israel, but from a Sumerian people who became known as the 'Khazars in what became Southern Russia and the Caucasus Mountains. Today, their lands are largely occupied by Georgia. This is why the so-called 'Jewish nose' is not a genetic trait of Israel, but the Caucasus. Alfred M. Lilienthal, a Jewish former American State Department official, called these facts 'Israel's Achilles heel,' because it destroys Zionist's claims to the land of the biblical Hebrews." "In about AD 740, the King of Khazaria, King Bulan, adopted the religion of Judaism and the whole nation did the same. ~ What is certain, is that the Khazars, are the ancestors of at least 90 per cent of those calling themselves 'Jewish; today, (and) had no connection with the land called Israel." From David  Icke.

The Poster-boy for all of the above that happened around these two $3 Trillion Wars came directly from Snarl'n Dick Cheney, America's self-actualized Pit Bull: Our own enraged, out-of- control neo-con nightmare that modeled himself upon the visage of the now dead Ariel Sharon, the Butcher of Palestine, who dictated America's Middle-Eastern policies from the day he took over in Tel Aviv. This is the same Vice-President that admits to war-crimes while refusing to allow the public access to his official papers or emails as VP.

On October 3, 2001, I.A.P. News: "Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and "turn the US against us. "Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America." (2)

That's the history, but here's the kicker: These are the same criminals and con-artists that are currently "in-charge" of everything now being done in the absence of any formal existing government in the USA. These creatures are the same people that have steadfastly denied virtually any and all social or humanitarian services to the American public because they maintain that to do so would be to embrace either socialism or communism- and this would violate the sanctity of their Capitalist work-ethic. Yet with the whole world now watching, these puppet-Chairmen of the Boards and Directors of Power unlimited-are now taking everything in sight as part of what they say is their 'corporate right to the public's money'! How's that for a contradiction in terms.

Obama needs to shut-up and start dealing the cards before he makes yet another irrelevant speech. The Zionists in his inner-circle have already locked their jaws on what they want to happen here- and that needs to change before his cabinet is officially confirmed by congress.

Today, eight days after Obama promised he would reveal what took place between his staff and the embattled Illinois governor ­ his campaign finally "cleared themselves" of any wrongdoing in that sordid affair. However since "the truth" behind this allegation lies in the FBI wiretaps, the actions of his underlings cannot be excused by "the word" of any currently serving politician-as they have all lied far too often to ever be believed again: without massive amounts of literal evidence to back up their self-serving comments on any topic.

What needs to happen immediately is that the thugs in office need to stop talking and just "Show Us the Money." That cash needs to appear in our bank accounts-in the same way that they have handed over tens of trillions of dollars throughout their years in service to those that planned this whole damned thing.

When their buddies at the top had a problem the entire government literally turned on a dime to provide more than they needed, even before they asked: Meanwhile 43 of the 50 states are in deep trouble, and the automotive industry is still waiting-while millions of jobs have been lost and what money remains is losing value by the hour-with no response at all from the top except for the endless speeches of a political-energizer-bunny, masquerading as the next resident of the White House.

The paternalistic media-manufactured era of this government is still applauding Obama as the savior of the moment. But eight years of fraud, and bald-faced lies, and international criminality is more than enough. Now, even before Obama is sworn in, he's already neck deep in a spin-off of the Chicago-based criminal-political- machine through his own flawed choice of the Rahm the avid Zionist that is his Chief of Staff ­thanks hugely to his own poor judgment and to his need to fill the White House and the government with Zionist advisors on all sides. Just "Show Us the Money," and spare us all the additional TALK - because we're running out of time.


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(2) Sharon to Peres "We Control America."

Jim Kirwan - December 24, 2008 - source Rense

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 01/16/2009 - 1:55am.