Ancient Secret Societies - UFOs - and the New World Order - Part 2

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During World War II, many claims had been made about Nazi secret weapons. If the glowing "foo fighters" that harried allied airmen were not the products of Nazi technology, the V-2 rockets, prototypes of jet airplanes, and the discovery of particle/laser beam weaponry certainly were.


Before the smoke had barely cleared from the final resistance in Nazi Germany, Major General Hugh Knerr, Deputy Commanding General for Administration of US Strategic Forces in Europe, acknowledged that the U.S. was "alarmingly backward" in many areas of research, and he ordered the U.S. occupation force to seize both the "apparatus and the brains" that had created the advanced scientific accomplishments of the Nazi scientists or the United States would remain several years behind.

While it was agreed that the United States should scoop up as many German scientists as possible, the occupation force then had to circumvent its own law that no former member of the Nazi Party could immigrate to America. Of the 1600 scientists and their dependents who had been assembled for immediate relocation in the United States, even a superficial inquiry revealed that at least 1200 of them had been avowed Nazis. Informed of this intelligence, President Harry S. Truman decided that it was in the national interest of the United States to gain technological superiority and the scientists were allowed to waffle and declare that they had only been "nominal Nazis" and had not actively supported Nazi military efforts.

The relocation of the scientists still had to be conducted in utmost secrecy, for the war had been costly and bitter with many American lives lost. The U.S. public at large would not respond favorably if they found out that many of the scientists being given a free ride to the States had worked in laboratories that had been constructed by Nazi slave labor and death camps. The scientists and their family members who were selected by the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency had paperclips binding their scientific papers to the standard immigration forms, hence the name "Operation Paperclip."


As my wife Sherry and I stated in our Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier (Visible Ink Press, 2006), Operation Paperclip was not made public until after the first astronauts had set foot on the Moon in 1973. The eminent Dr. Hubertus Strughold, the "father of space medicine," was one of the prominent physicians who entered the United States under Operation Paperclip. In 1977, the Aeromedical Library at the USAF School of Aerospace medicine was named after Dr. Strughold.

Operation Paperclip also allowed entrance to the United States to Reinhard Gehlen, Nazi Intelligence mastermind, who helped Allen Dulles restructure the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); Klaus Barbie, the "Butcher of Lyon"; Otto von Bolschwing, infamous for Holocaust abuses; and the SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny. In 1984, Arthur Rudolph, who had been awarded NASA's Distinguished Service Award in 1969, left the United States rather than face charges for Nazi war crimes.

Long before Operation Paperclip was finally disclosed, the general public was well aware of the participation of such individuals as Dr. Wernher von Braun and Dr. Hermann Oberth, widely recognized as the "father of modern rocketry," as having been integral to the success of the United States space program.

Late in 1958, after the peculiar malfunction of the Juno II rocket, von Braun was quoted in West German newspapers as saying that the rocket had strangely gone off course, as if it had been "deflected." On January 1, 1959, he told a reporter for Newes Europa that "we feel ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed….More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with these powers and in six or nine months' time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter."

Who exactly were the far stronger "powers" on whom von Braun placed the blame for the malfunction of the Juno II?

The rocket scientist's enigmatic reference recalled an earlier comment by his mentor, Dr. Oberth, who protested the accolades for the Germans' brilliant accomplishments in pioneering rocket designs by stating: "We alone cannot take the credit for our record advancement in rocket technology. We have been helped by people from other worlds."

Just who were these mysterious people "from other worlds" who had served as the tutors that enabled Nazi scientists to create a technology unparalleled on Earth?

On February 16, 1953, the Canadian Minister for Defense Productions released information to the Canadian House of Commons that Avro-Canada, a Canadian aircraft manufacturing company, was engaged in developing plans for a "flying saucer" that would be able to fly at 1,500 miles an hour and lift up and descend vertically. Avro projected that their proposed vehicle would make all other forms of supersonic aircraft obsolete.

It was no secret that the Canadians had retrieved some of the research from the German rocket base at Peenemuende that had been directed by Walter Dornberger and Wernher von Braun in the production of the vergeltungswaffe, the V-2 rocket that had ravaged London, and this announcement seemed clear evidence that they had been successful in assembling one of the Nazi's secret craft.

As if not to be outdone by the Canadians, on February 15, 1955, the Air Technical Intelligence Center, together with the Wright Air Development Center at Wright-Patterson U.S. Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, revealed that the Air Force proposed building jet-propelled "flying saucers" under the code name of Project Silverbug.

Circular, saucer-shaped, like the classic UFOs that civilians had been sighting since at least 1947, the largest of the proposed saucers would weigh 26,000 pounds and would be powered by radically advanced jet engines that would be able to lift the craft to an altitude of 36,090 feet in about one minute and 45 seconds. The cruise speed of these remarkable vehicles would be Mach 3.48 and the operating ceiling would be able to soar to 80,600 feet. By way of comparison, today's F-15 fighter jet has a similar performance range, but it was developed more than 20 years after the proposed saucers of Project Silverbug.

For some UFO researchers, this rare disclosure from the Air Force seemed proof that the German occult Vril Society really had made contact with extraterrestrials who had given the Nazis their technological advantage at the onset of World War II. Others spoke of the Nazi discovery of a downed UFO and the intense work of the German scientists and engineers to reverse-engineer the alien spacecraft.

While the source for the technological know-how that allowed the U.S. Air Force to announce plans for such an astounding aerial vehicle will remain controversial, a June 1955 issue of Look magazine carried an article disclosing the information that Avro-Canada, Ltd, had been developing a saucer-shaped craft since 1953 but that all the research efforts had come to naught. According to the article, the "Avro" project had been abandoned because of the estimated $75-million development costs.

After such dramatic advance promotional efforts on the part of Avro-Canada, the physical results were finally disappointingly represented in 1958 in the Avrocar (Avro Car). Instead of a radical new jet engine that soared into the skies, the circular platform of the Avrocar was lifted a short distance into the air by many small conventional jets. An analysis of the initial test flights concluded that the vehicle was underpowered and unstable. The ambitious plans to create a flying saucer were abandoned, and the vehicles themselves were relegated to displays at the Smithsonian and Wright Patterson.

Conspiracy theorists, however, maintain that the feeble demonstration of the Avrocar was an exercise in public disinformation. A friend of mine who was employed during this period as an engineer in Canada's de Havilland aircraft production told me that they did indeed create a "flying saucer," but they couldn't master the trick of keeping it in the air for very long periods. According to my friend, the Canadians did abandon their hopes of building an aeronautic super craft.

A large number of UFO researchers remain convinced that the U.S. Air Force continued to develop the saucer-shaped superships at Area 51 in Nevada and that many of the huge "motherships" sighted in the skies recently have been our very own flying saucers built on the alien-inspired craft first constructed by the Vril Society.

>In 1919, Karl Haushofer founded the Vril Society in Berlin. The term "Vril" was derived from The Coming Race (1871), a novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton about a race of supermen living within the Earth's interior. The Vril Force, a form of energy so powerful that the ancient ones had outlawed its use as a potential weapon, was derived from the Black Sun, a large ball of "Prima Materia" that provided light and radiation to the inhabitants of the inner Earth. Vril had been known among the alchemists and magicians as the Chi, the Odic force, the Orgone, the Astral Light, and the ancient force possessed transformative powers to create supermen of ordinary mortals.

The Vril Societies maintained that the Germanic/Nordic/ Teutonic people were of Aryan origin and that Christianity had destroyed the power of the Teutonic civilization. The end of World War I had left Germany with its people poor and its morale low. The Vril might well be the means of the nation's restoration as a major world power. Those who learned control of the Vril would become master of themselves, those around them, and the world itself. Such members of the Lodge as Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring, Dr. Theodor Morell, Hitler's personal physician, and other top Nazi leaders, became obsessed with preparing German youth to become a Master Race. They wanted desperately to prove themselves worthy of the super humans that lived beneath the surface of the planet.

It was while the society--now renamed Vril Gesellschaft--was meeting at an old hunting lodge near Berchtesgarden, that they received remarkable news. Maria Orsic (Orsitch), a medium who led the Vrilerinnen, a group of beautiful young women psychics in the society, began to receive messages from Aryan aliens on Alpha Tauri in the Aldeberan star system. Maria and a sister medium named Sigrun, learned that a half billion years ago, the Aryans, also known as the Elohim or Elder Race, began to colonize our solar system. On Earth, the Aryans were identified as the Sumerians until they elected to carve out an empire for themselves in the hollow of the planet.

Maria, Sigrun, and the other members of the Vrilerinnen, Traute, Gudrun, and Heike, began to receive transmissions that dictated diagrams and blueprints of advanced flying machines, complete with the mathematics and physics to go with them. The mediums, contrary to popular feminine custom of the day to wear bobbed or short hair, wore their hair long to serve as better receptive antennas for the alien messages.

By 1921, some say that a working model of what would one day be called a "flying saucer" had been built. Working in underground bases with the alien intelligences, the Nazis mastered antigravity space flight, established space stations, accomplished time travel, and developed their spacecraft to warp speeds.

In 1922, members of Thule and Vril claim to have built the Jenseitsflugmaschine, the Other World Flight Machine, based on the psychic messages received from the Aldebaran aliens. W. O. Schulmann of the Technical University of Munich was in charge of the project until it was halted in 1924, and the craft was stored in Messerschmitt's Augsburg. In 1937, after Hitler came into power, he authorized the construction of the Rund flugzeug, the round, or disk-shaped vehicle, for military use and for spaceflight. A few years later, the Fuhrer officially abolished all secret societies, but sources indicate that the Vril continued its work unabated.

Some maintain that rather than receiving a late night visitor dressed as a quiet, mannerly, and respectable burgher as had the alchemist Helvetius, Hitler's encounter with a Vril master from the inner Earth was far more dramatic. According to Hermann Rauschning, governor of Danzig, Hitler was shaken by the visit and declared that the "new man" was already living among them and that he was "intrepid and cruel." The Fuhrer admitted that he was afraid of him.

Research sources are vague as to the eventual fate of Maria Orsic. Some say that Maria, Sigrun, Traute, Gudrun, and Heike were transported by the Jenseitsflugmaschine, the Other World Flight Machine, to live eternally with their extraterrestrial guides on another planet. Another source has Maria escaping to Acapulco where Admiral Canaris had established a submarine base in 1945. Others maintain that all five of the lovely mediums went with Vril members by submarine to establish a secret base in Antarctica in 1943. Those who know of Admiral Richard Byrd's claim of finding a "new world" in Antarctica are also those who remind us that the Americans, Canadians, British, and Russians did not snatch up all the German scientists. Some point out that as many as 130 scientists who were working on the secret Vril projects disappeared immediately at the war's end. Simultaneously, a number of German Freight U-boats capable of transporting 850 metric tons each vanished from official inventory. And, at the same time, several airliners capable of flying very long distances seemingly disappeared from Tempelhof Air Base. Shortly after these aircraft and submarines had mysteriously vanished, officials noted that tens of millions of marks in gold bullion and precious stones were missing from the Reichsbank.

A most intriguing question that may always remain unanswered is whether or not the Vril Society divided its membership after contact was established with the Aldebarans and sent some of its alien-inspired scientists to the United States.

In 1969, when I was living in Chicago, I received a telephone call from Ray, an executive in a large advertising agency who asked me to appear as a consultant at a meeting of an executive from a major airline, some investment counselors, and a group of people who claimed to be a secret group of German scientists who had been working with extraterrestrials--or non-Terrans, as they preferred. The scientists claimed that they were now willing to share a number of inventions that the larger Earth society could use: A powder that transformed common tap water into smokeless, nonpollutant, no-knock fuel, and a liquid that would totally fireproof any surface upon which it had been sprayed. The advertising executive wanted me to advise him and his friends just who the hell these "people" were.

For the first meeting I asked my friend Glenn, a former detective, to accompany me. We met in a private home not far from O'Hare Airfield. There were three principals:

Ray, the advertising executive whom I had met before, was a former jet pilot who had chased UFO's in Korea and had been on their trail ever since. Bill, an executive with a major airline, who was dedicated to solving the UFO enigma and able to travel anywhere at a moment's notice to investigate any UFO report firsthand.

The member of the secret society who had been chosen to negotiate for the fuel base and the fireproofing solution.

In addition to these individuals, I was never really introduced to any of the others who, apparently, were the investment counselors, and a number of stoic, silent men and women who were apparently members of the secret society of German scientists and their non-Terran allies.

One of the alleged non-Terrans, a tall redheaded woman with very strange, staring eyes, was extremely hostile to me, complaining that in one of my books I had said that some UFO's may not have the most friendly of intentions. She retreated after a time to a corner of the room with the other members of the silent non-Terran/German scientist group.

Did the fuel work?

Yes, Ray said. He had used it in his lawnmower all summer with good results. An attorney used it in his Lincoln Continental for several months, and he had been told by mechanics that the motor was in excellent condition.

A jarful was mixed and handed around the room. There seemed to be little odor. Glenn dipped in a finger and touched it to his tongue. Little taste--maybe a bit like kerosene. We poured a bit out and touched a match to it. Instantly it poofed into smokeless flame.

Did the fireproofer work?

We were informed that a demonstration had been arranged at a nearby airfield. A mixture of oil and gasoline consuming an old fuselage had been extinguished within seconds with but one squirt from a fire extinguisher filled with the substance.

Ray felt he could get backers to raise the money the group was asking for the formulas.

In subsequent late-night meetings with the negotiator for the group, we learned that he had been trained by the German scientists who worked closely with the non-Terrans. He was a rarity among the group in that he was not of German descent, but was an Italian-American.

According to his account, at the end of World War I, Dr. Rhinelander (as we shall call him) was a member of a secret society in Germany that had been contacted by a group of non-Terrans and told that he would be given the plans and assistance to build marvelous aerial craft that would run on a propulsion system totally unknown to the earth science of the day. If he wished to receive this information, he must form a group of scientific disciples and immigrate to a certain coal-mining community in the Midwest, U.S.A.

Dr. Rhinelander agreed, and as soon as possible, the Germans immigrated to the designated area. It was important to be near these nearly played-out mines, Dr. Rhinelander was told, because the fuel he would need for the crafts would be made from a by-product of coal.

Dr. Rhinelander and his fellow scientists established themselves in the community, beginning their day when the last whistle sounded in the mines. While the other miners trudged for the bars, home, supper, and bed, the scientists entered their laboratories and set about to fulfill the time schedule that had been set for them by their mysterious benefactors. Eventually, through the apparently unlimited funds provided by the non-Terrans, Dr. Rhinelander was able to buy up old mines to convert into spacious laboratories and to employ large numbers of the indigenous community.

Those who wished to work for Dr. Rhinelander had first to pass a rigorous physical examination and a tortuous, maddening psychological examination. If one were accepted, he was given a special diet and was required to submit to a regular testing of his blood, "to see if it stayed right."

When the first craft was completed about 1924, Dr. Rhinelander had such confidence in his brilliant daughter's abilities as a pilot that he permitted her to captain the maiden flight of the aerial craft that had been designed according to their tutors' specifications.

Although the takeoff was accomplished without incident, the craft was no sooner free of the Earth's atmosphere when a similar but larger vehicle appeared and literally "caught" the ship piloted by Ms. Rhinelander within its metallic structure.

The alarmed and confused German scientists were then informed that another group of non-Terrans had objected to the intervention of Dr. Rhinelander's benefactors. They were not eager for Homo sapiens to have the secrets of interstellar travel. In fact, they would seek to delay humankind's leap to other worlds as long as possible.

In spite of this interference by a hostile extraterrestrial group, Dr. Rhinelander became determined to master space travel and to negotiate for the return of his daughter. Two more vehicles were lost to the opposing factor of non-Terrans before the Germans perfected a means of avoiding capture. Dr. Rhinelander's daughter and the other crew members were never returned, although the Terrans were assured that these people were being well cared for on another world.

Dr. Rhinelander had finally accomplished space travel in the 1930's, but it seemed to matter little. He grieved over the loss of his daughter and became diverted from his work.

Concurrently, the unlimited financial funding that they had enjoyed seemed to be curtailed. Chaos began to permeate their once splendid structure of efficient order.

At the time of Dr. Rhinelander's death, the group was approaching poverty, and now the scientists wished to sell the formulas to the non-pollutant fuel and the fireproofer. Even though they remained in close contact with the non-Terrans in their underwater bases, the scientists had little inclination to attempt more than an occasional foray into the night skies with their two surviving craft.

I went along on a midnight meeting in some seedy bar where we were to rendezvous once again with the negotiator. It rained so hard that night that it must have kept even UFO's out of the sky, because the man did not show to deliver the formulas.

Although the negotiator failed to keep his appointments, it was not long before Ray found himself confronted by attractive young women who claimed that they had gone to school on a base on the Moon that had been established by German scientists in the 1930s. Ray telephoned me and appealed for help. He said that the women could answer any technological question that he, a former Air Force jet pilot, could throw at them without hesitation.

Excitedly, he told me that he had taken one of the Moon Maids for dinner a couple of nights before in an attempt to ply her with alcoholic beverages to loosen her tongue. She had put away enough drinks to topple a horse without slurring a syllable, without contradicting any previously disclosed aspect of her story, and without once excusing herself to go to the ladies' room.

I turned down the opportunity to come along for the next "for sure" transfer, and I was hardly surprised when Ray told me that our mysterious salesman had not shown on that occasion, either.

Were the strange group of German scientists and alleged aliens that we met that night in Chicago really a splinter group of the Vril Society who had made their spacecraft work in hidden bases in the United States? Or were they clever frauds who tried to exploit the romance of secret societies and extraterrestrial mentors into just another scam? If they were merely scammers, however, why did they never take the money that was offered to them several times and run? From my point of view at the time, it seemed that the group that had met with us had somehow violated the code of their larger society and had been ordered to break off contact with those outsiders who wished to buy their formulas.

Ray kept in touch for quite some time, and he proved to possess a rare degree of determination. He told me of a number of midnight meetings, which the other parties never kept. On occasion, he was "tailed" by three dark men in dark automobiles, who proved to be unshakable.

But he never managed to track down those magical formulas, and he never received another telephone call from the mysterious secret society.

As a footnote, although outlawed in Germany, Vril has recently resurfaced in Italy where it is known as Causa Nostra (Our Cause). Membership is restricted to women only, and the principles are said to be those established by Maria Orsic, the original Vril Chefin, and the Vril Gesellschaft of Sigrun, Traute, Gudrun, and Heike. Maybe this time, their extraterrestrial contacts will reveal themselves to the world at large. Or maybe they've been walking among us for years now.

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