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The month of January, 2009, brings a serious constitutional crisis to the American Republic, but the major news media have been completely silent about what is about to happen. Instead, the controlled news media have been feeding the American public with an overwhelming barrage of shallow, "made-up news" concerning what future wonders President-elect Obama will almost magically perform to bring our country out of the economic debacle that occurred during the administration of George W. Bush. ~ Tom Rose

Note: ** The recent inflationary bubbles in the housing market, the stock market, and the derivatives market - and their eventual bursting - has thrust our country into a nightmare re-incarnation of the 1929 crash and the ensuing depression of the 1930s. Beware! Inflationary bubbles do not "just happen." They are Planned!

Such bubbles and their seemingly "spontaneous bursting" are always planned by hidden elites who clandestinely conspire with each other to entrap unsuspecting, ordinary working people who easily become over extended in debt they cannot repay. It is at this point when speculative bubbles suddenly seem to burst, resulting in soaring unemployment and the loss of equity for the unwary. "Planned entrapment" is a good definition for the inflationary boom/bust cycle just explained.

I recently returned from delivering a series of lectures about:

1) The financial panic of 1907 (which created the necessary chaos to sell the general public on the so-called "need" for establishing the Federal Reserve System in1913. The money-creating power of the Federal Reserve Bank was then used to involve these USA unnecessarily in World War I).

2) The secret collusion between the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England in 1924 (which generated the financial bubble of the "roaring 1920's" and culminated in the 1929 crash and depression that lasted until 1939. President Roosevelt then schemed with Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, to get America into World War II. He finally ended up by seducing Japan to attack America at Pearl Harbor in 1941, thereby murdering 2,900 members of our armed services to accomplish his objective. Franklin D. Roosevelt's traitorous deed in1941 was simply a precursor of what was to occur during the administration of George W. Bush in 2001 and the "black-op" 9/11 "attack" on the Twin Towers in New York and the Pentagon that resulted in our country's unwarranted and unconstitutional invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003.

The effect of every domestic financial bubble and crash, and of every foreign war our country has engaged in throughout the whole Twentieth Century and up to the present date, has been the unrelenting growth of a centralized, tyrannically vicious, and imperialistic dictatorship in Washington, D.C., that has been financed by a combination of ever-rising taxes on citizens and unlimited fiat-money created by the Federal Reserve. This has culminated in the loss of our God-given gift and duty to stand before our Creator as free and self-responsible individuals; it has subverted our role as politically sovereign individuals who should be in charge of political office holders; in short, we have wrongly allowed our hired political servants to act contrary to constitutional law and thus to become our lawless and unruly masters.

This frightening process of allowing the insidious growth of a tyrannical state has been accomplished through an unchecked increase of lawlessness [tyranny] by our own civil servants. We citizens are certainly expected to conduct ourselves according to law, but so many of our civil servants at every level of government seem to view themselves as not at all constrained by law. Look at our local, state, and federal courts that operate on so-called "Admiralty Law" instead of Constitutional law. (You can tell by observing the gold-fringed flags in the courtroom!)

Look at the ever-increasing number of federal agencies and State and local police that employ heavily armed SWAT teams to invade people's homes when people think they are asleep in bed. Look how the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Treasury Department are collaborating even at this moment to unconstitutionally create multi-trillions of dollars of debt for American citizens by bailing out all kinds of wayward and irresponsible large banks, financial institutions, and corporations! This is a perfect example of lawlessness at work with the intention of destroying our Republic that has, until recent years, been based on constitutional law. In short, we have failed in our responsibility to make our Constitutional Republic operate as our founding fathers intended it to operate. This failure on our part has led to increasing chaos, both domestically and internationally.

Ask yourself this question: "Why has the sacrifice of thousands of young American lives and the spending of trillions of dollars of taxpayers' money, which were expended in holding up the pugnacious Israeli regime in the Middle East during the last sixty years or so, not resulted in peace and tranquility?" The clear answer is that such wasteful sacrifices of blood and money are not intended to bring peace! The long-intended, traitorous goal is to foster chaos, both domestic and internationally, as a means of destroying America's sovereignty and thereby melding us into a tyrannical New World Order. [Yes, our own political leaders have been traitors, and most Americans don't even recognize this ugly fact!]

Through neglect on our part, our biblical and constitutionally protected right to both freedom and self-responsibility has been sacrificed on the false altar of the alleged "need for national security." In fact, the first and most important responsibility of civil rulers is not to pursue and protect some fairy-tale figment of their imagination called "national security," but rather to protect, at all costs, the individual freedom of each and every citizen. A republic cannot continue to exist if this is not done. For, what vain purpose could "national security" serve to a nation of slaves?

By this time readers will recognize that this article is based on a presupposition. The presupposition is that our country is being subverted by a "sub rosa" regime which has for many, many decades been insidiously working to destroy our nation. I have slowly and agonizingly arrived at this presupposition through many years by observing the "signs of the times." All "mistakes" by our political leaders somehow always seem to end up by centralizing political power and destroying people's freedom and duty to stand as self-responsible individuals before God.

If you are offended by my presuppositional conclusion, or if you don't understand it, do take time out to review the historical trend I have pointed out.  A copy of one of my talks referred to above is available here: "Did They Know? Was it planned?"

Now let's turn to Mr. Obama:

What About Obama?

What can we say about Mr. Obama?

To anyone who has done the necessary investigation, it becomes evident that Obama is a product of the corrupt Mafia-controlled government centered in Chicago, Illinois. Obama's sudden sweep to winning the presidential race is reminiscent of the election of John F. Kennedy, who also was swept into office as a result of his father's contacts with the Mafia, whose spirited reaction at Kennedy's political victory was, "We finally have our man in the highest office in the country!" But Kennedy did not stay "captured" by the Mafia, and they colluded with other hidden special interests in his assassination.

We could also look at Obama's stated intention to be of special "help" to American Negroes (who are now wrongly called "African Americans," for political-control reasons, by hidden interests). It seems that Obama's intent is to give reparations to today's Negroes (a correct and honorable name, by the way!) for their long-dead ancestors having served as slaves. Apparently, Mr. Obama is ignorant of the historical fact that Caucasians (i.e., Whites) also served as slaves during America's early history. And an honest investigation of slavery will show that every race at one time or another has suffered under the institution of slavery. Also, Mr. Obama is no doubt unaware of the information contained in the census of 1860 which shows that only 2-percent of white Americans owned slaves at that time, but that 26-percent of free Negroes owned slaves!

So, some questions arise: How can an honest and equitable determination be made as to who owes whom 149 years after the fact? How can true equity be achieved through the forcible transfer of wealth by political edict when some Negroes today have grandparents who were "owned" by free Negroes in 1860?

Note: Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have for many years scandalously played the proverbial "slave issue" in order to capture the Negro vote. In the process, both political parties have been of clear disservice to the Negro race by inciting racial hatred for their own Party's election year gains. Negroes who have fallen for this vicious tactic have been hurt economically because they have sought the illusory promises of benefits bestowed through political power instead of pursuing the gaining of respect and accumulation of wealth through the free market. Dainties bestowed by government fiat are seldom of lasting value. Remember this good advice from the Bible:

When thou sittest to eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is before thee: . . .Be not desirous of his dainties: for they are deceitful meat. . .Eat not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats. For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee: but his heart is not with thee (Proverbs 23:1-7).

Yes, any race, any individual, or any group of people will certainly be enslaved by accepting "dainties" offered by politicians, you can be assured of that!

Not long ago I was invited to lecture on the free market and the value of accumulating gold and silver through hard work and saving by a Negro congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was a blessed experience, like having one foot in heaven, to have real fellowship with a hard-working group of like-minded believers! Part of my advice to them was to flee from all government handouts ("dainties") because true freedom can only be achieved by carefully maintaining each person's standing of freedom and individual self-responsibility before God; because any so-called "help" from the government will have strings attached that will destroy the person's freedom. The members of that church showed a high degree of ability and talent, evidence that they had already been practicing the very things I was encouraging them to do.

Are you aware that President Roosevelt attempted to capture the Negro vote in the late 1930's? He had made a survey of still-living ex-slaves with the intent of stirring up racial hatred for his own political benefit. But his nasty plan did not prove worth the powder to blow it up! Why? Because so many ex-slaves in the survey made such warm statements of true love for their previous slave-owners. Yes! This is absolutely true. Many true and honorable relationships of mutual love and respect existed between slaves and slave owners in America. Let the people of today - people of all races - regard each other with mutual respect. It will be impossible to do this if politicians continue their attempts to incite racial hatred in America by resurrecting past wrongs that are centuries old!

Another thing we could ask concerning Mr. Obama is, Who provided the multi-millions it took to win the election (if, indeed, it was an honest election)? Is there any such thing as an honest election anymore, with computer-controlled balloting? In spite of Obama openly castigating international bankers during his campaign, it appears that international bankers did indeed richly provide his campaign effort with funds. What price in turn will be required by them from a seated President?

In the election year of 2000 (George W. Bush vs Al Gore), I was invited to deliver an election-day sermon at a church. I pointed out that neither candidate showed much knowledge about the difference between a republic and a democracy (both candidates erroneously and constantly referred to our country as a democracy instead of a republic). And neither showed the maturity of thought that people should expect from a presidential candidate. My conclusion was that America would be in dire trouble if either was elected to office. Sadly, my conclusion proved to be accurate. I am forced to come to the same conclusion concerning President-elect Obama.

But all of the above statements about Obama must be put aside because, seemingly, he is headed toward the White House! Or is he? Why would I raise such a disturbing question?

I raise it because, according to a number of trustworthy investigators, Mr. Obama does not meet the Constitutional requirement of being a "natural born citizen!" A natural born person must have been born in one of these United States of America or in one of its territories. But, according to legal records, Mr. Obama's mother gave birth to him in Kenya, which at that time was a territory of Great Britain. She then flew to Hawaii and registered him there. The so-called "birth certificate" that Obama has provided (in response to many demands for him to prove the origin of his birth, and the many lawsuits that have been filed claiming that he fails to meet the natural born constitutional requirement) is nothing but a certification of live birth issued by Hawaii. At the time of Obama's birth, such certification was the standard document provided by Hawaii to parents of children born outside of Hawaii. So, it is no proof at all that Obama meets the constitutional requirement to be seated as President. This is not a race issue; it is clearly a constitutional issue which must be met by documentary proof! Without such proof, Mr. Obama would be an imposter. Of course, documents can be forged, so great care is called for.

**A number of lawsuits concerning Obama's eligibility have been side railed for one alleged reason or another, but Philip J. Berg, a Pennsylvania Democrat, filed a lawsuit in early December opposing Obama's claim of presidential eligibility. His injunction request was at first rejected by two different U.S. Supreme Court justices, before it came to Justice Antonin Scalia on December 18. Now the injunction suit has been updated to be heard at a Court conference scheduled for January 16, 2009. So time is running out!

**Allan Keyes, a Negro and former presidential candidate, heads a list of people in California who filed a suit which asks the Secretary of State of California to refuse to allow California's 55 Electoral College votes to be cast in the 2008 presidential election until Obama verifies his eligibility to hold the office of President. These and other claims of Obama's ineligibility can be found on World Net Daily.

Now, what is my point in bringing all this to your attention? It is simply this: America is controlled by a traitorous, behind-the-scenes elite that has for many decades been intent in destroying the sovereignty of our American Republic. Yes, this is a shocking statement. But it should be obvious to anyone willing to invest the time and effort to do even a small bit of research on the internet, as well as to "read between the lines" of the mainline "news" broadcasts (which is really not news at all, but actually cleverly posed propaganda designed to lead unthinking Americans by the nose into the elite's long-planned New World Order).

Note how carefully the news media works to keep unthinking Americans in the dark about what is really going on in our country by continually focusing on trivial made-up "news," sports, the coming in of the new year, and tiring depictions of the new "president-elect." The controlled news media (controlled by the same Babylonian Talmudic forces that have been manipulating most of our Presidents and their cabinets since 1912) know exactly what is happening, but they are constantly creating tactical diversions to keep the mass of Americans in the dark, lest we rebel and recapture control of our country, thereby ending the elite's grandiose goal of leading America into their plan for a world-wide fascistic state.

The seating of an imposter-president must be part o f the elite's plan, or else they would be calling the public's attention to the impending Constitutional crisis that is looming before us. Think of how the controlled news media would be vociferously clamoring against either Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin if one of them (both Christians and also strict constitutionalists) had won the election and was a President-elect facing the same lawsuits that Obama faces! The American people would be so inundated and overwhelmed by the biased and controlled press that they would be unable to sleep at night!

As I was writing this article I came across a piece written by a fine patriotic lady by the Name of Devvy Kidd. Devvy informs readers that, almost a year before Obama decided to run for the office of President, a member of his staff called for eliminating the natural-born citizen requirement, calling it "stupid," "outdated," and that "it discriminates."

Does this early attempt to discredit a very important safeguard that our forefathers inserted in the Constitution indicate that Obama and his elite controllers knew that his birth record would show that he is an imposter candidate? If so, what is their purpose? Is it to actually to seat an unqualified puppet in the office of President? This has long been a goal of the hidden elite. If successful, the elite would sit and laugh! And accomplishing their undermining goal would set a dangerous precedent for the future. Think in terms of California's incumbent, foreign-born Governor who hungers for the office of President!

Or is the goal of Obama's backers simply to generate internal civil strife that is likely to lead to chaos! If so, this would open the door for imposing martial law, which has long been a goal of the traitorous Clinton and Bush administrations.

In 2005 Republican congressional leaders met with George W. Bush to discuss renewal of the USA Patriot Act, which conservatives claim is unconstitutional. Bush's violent reply is on record, "Stop throwing the Constitution in my face! It's just a G ??? D ????? Piece of paper!" Such a lawless view of the Constitution, which is the law of our land, by a President or by any other high-placed official, can do nothing but lead to civil chaos in our country!

I keep telling people that "The name of the game is chaos, both domestically and internationally." Why Chaos? Because chaos creates uncertainty and fear among the populace, and chaos disposes the unthinking masses to willing surrender their constitutional protections of freedom in the vain hope of achieving elusive security.

Remember: Our founding fathers were wise men. They well knew the danger of putting men who might hold foreign ideologies into positions of political power (because of having been raised in a foreign country with a foreign culture). Such foreign influences can easily be seen in some of Obama's statements.

The founders of our nation were also students of the Bible, which gives this instruction to the Old Testament Israelites, who are our spiritual ancestors: ". . . thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother." Deuteronomy 17:15. Americans today will ignore these guideposts at their own peril (and to the peril of their children).

**Yes, dear patriot friends, it's high time that we recapture the reins of our government and throw out the traitorous, foreign-minded elites who have insidiously gained control of our great "land of free and home of the brave!" Now is the time to make your voice heard: Start by contacting every political office holder at your local and county level and push them to take needed action as "intermediate magistrates" (See: Tom Rose, Reclaiming The American Dream, Then move up to the State level, and then on to the federal level. Sadly, most of the office holders at the federal level are already "bought and paid for," but they will bow to overwhelming pressure from the pubic.

Join me in recapturing the Spirit of Liberty that made America great. Insist that this important issue be properly handled by forcing Obama to prove, without doubt, his eligibility to hold the office of President. If he can, fine! But beware of the possibility of counterfeit records and deviating tactics. Insist that we return to constitutional government, and unseat any and all office holders who show themselves not to be a strict constitutionalist! Let's keep America for true lovers of liberty! Your children and grandchildren will thank and honor you for doing so! God bless America!

 Tom Rose - January 7, 2008 - source EtherZone

Tom Rose is retired professor of Economics at Grove City College, PA.  He is author of eight books and hundreds of articles on free-market economics. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.  Website at:

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