Will Obama Be Sacrificed?

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 10/16/2008 - 5:08am.

The court case of Philip J Berg against Barack Obama to prove that he is an American citizen, prior to his possible assumption of the presidency, is still pending.  According to latest reports I can find, Obama has still not definitively proven himself an American citizen. ~ George Paxinos

The reason for this delay is not clear, unless indubitable proof is unobtainable.

For careful methodologists like Zbigniew Brzezinski, who seems to be Obama's prime backer, this appears an unlikely oversight, although it is so small a slip, so easy to overlook, especially if only verbal assurances had been given him when he took Obama on as protege -- apparently, according to Webster Griffin Tarpley in his book "Obama, The Postmodern Coup", as long ago as 1983! -- that it might have just slipped through the tight mesh of "best-laid plans of mice and men".

Certainly nobody would invest a quarter-century's worth of time, effort and money to deliberately torpedo his own candidate at the last minute, no matter what sort of disruption to the electoral process it might cause, because unless he had a stake in another candidate who would replace his own, he would assuredly thereby lose control of the steering wheel to one he was not backing.

Should Obama be able to prove his nationality before the election, all is well and his way seems clear in this probably worst-case US election in history, for whichever way it goes, war, likely global nuclear war, seems assured.

Should he not be able to do so ­ or his backers find themselves unable to obtain proof that might satisfy a court of law ­ there are several scenarios that might play themselves out...

1. The Democratic Party does a quick shuffle, Joe Biden steps down in favour of Hillary Clinton, and she goes on to an easily-assured victory...

2. It is too late to change candidates, because ballot papers are already printed, so, in the little time left, electronic balloting becomes mandatory and the party owning the largest stake in the machines wins...

3. The public chaos resulting from the removal of a prime candidate prior to the election causes the vote to be postponed indefinitely, and perhaps martial law to be introduced... or

4. An Obama, devoid of absolute proof of his nationality, is killed to become a sacrificial offering to political expediency before proving his citizenship, stirring up great and malevolent public sentiment against the incumbents who, to the public, will appear to have deliberately removed the only candidate they, in their ignorance of his true backers and the imense implications of his already-stated intent to escalate the war in Afghanistan and even if necessary invade Pakistan, can see only as a martyr.

That would certainly cause chaos enough to introduce martial law, but it might also effect a tremendous swing of uncontrollable public emotion toward the perceived underdog and bring in Biden or Clinton in landslide victories.

Certainly, waiting until a court might prove Obama a non-citizen would be catastrophic for public trust in the Democratic Party, Obama would be reduced to the status of a common criminal facing trial for campaign monies wittingly accrued and the Republicans -- whichever candidate might be left ­ would sail in unhindered.

If YOU had been backing your own well-groomed racehorse for the big sweepstakes, and had at the last minute found out that he was ineligible after you had put lots of trust and money into his candidacy, what would YOU do? -- cut your losses? -- the knacker's yard, the glue factory?

George Paxinos - October 15, 2008 - source Rense

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 10/16/2008 - 5:08am.