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We begin dying at birth but no one every thinks about stopping it.  This well written article is like a road map of life.  Thumbs up! ~ SadInAmerica



Ages 0-9
You are told the average life span of a human. This imprints your conscious mind with a “Death Program” for (literally) the rest of your life.

Ages 10-19
This is the decade of New Beginnings. These are your teen years when you are out exploring the world, never giving much thought to the Death Program that is now running through your subconscious mind. You may have to answer a question or two about this is your science class from time to time.

Ages 20- 29
This is the decade of Duality. You learn the positive and negatives of life as you enter into adulthood. The Death Program is running but you tend to block it out of your conscious mind until you approach the end of your 20s. Then you start thinking about what you haven’t accomplished, realizing that “the rest of your life” isn’t that long!

Ages 30-39
This is the decade of Perfection of earlier learning. The Death Program speeds up. It tells you that your life is most likely half-over. You worry about your health (worry creates dis-ease) and start to notice how others are “aging” compared to you. You may help contribute to a worthy health cause—walking for cancer awareness, raising money for MS, donating blood, etc. because you realize that “some day this may be you.” Women reach the end of their child-bearing years. They are now “old.”

Ages 40-49
This is the decade of Physical Reality. Often your financial picture improves or the direction you need to go in life becomes clearer. In the meantime, the Death Program creates mid-life crises, saying that you are officially in middle age. You decide you better take better care of your health so you don’t wind up like everyone else you know. You read the health articles wherever you see them to make sure you don’t have the symptoms of some dreaded disease. These articles often promote fear, and fear creates dis-ease.

Ages 50-59
This is the decade of Self-Healing. You have now lived long enough that you consider yourself “wiser” than those with less life experience. You no longer care as much about what others think. You speak out easier for yourself. You may have more time for yourself as you settle into your career. You feel more confident and competent—until the AARP mailings and retirement brochures start rolling in, depicting little old bent over people with canes. The Death Program goes visual and you fight your response.

Ages 60-69
This is the decade to End the Series of Cycles that may be running your life. This is the opportunity to end the old—which some people manifest as the end of good health, the end of viable relationships, the end of careers, and the Death Program says you are getting closer to the end of your life—better get prepared. People reach retirement age—they are now cast aside and are “old.”

Ages 70-79
This is the decade of Completion. According to the Death Program now becoming increasingly active, what you learned as a child is about to come true. You are reaching the end of the life span of the average human. You either give in or do your best to beat the odds. Most people forget that Completion means one door closing and another opening—unless it is the door to Heaven.

Ages 80-89
This is the decade of your Oversoul. Your Oversoul is your point of origin out of the Mind of God (or your Higher Power, if you prefer that verbiage). This is the decade when you most naturally consciously connect to your power Source. Rather than stay here and utilize this powerful and natural connection, what a great time for the Death Program to kick in, telling you its time to connect in another reality.

Ages 90-99
This is the decade that Ends All Cycles since birth. If you haven’t left yet, it’s time for the “big heave-ho” to get you out the door. Otherwise, what a wealth of information and history you contain! If you are still healthy and of sound mind, what an influence you could be to the “new crop” of worker bees arriving into this reality, now ages 0-9. The Death Program is running full speed ahead now, pushing you right through Heaven’s Gate.

Ages 100 Plus
New beginnings –but the Death Program has already shown you that you do not want to live this long. You will be alone, ill, and with no one to take care of you. They do NOT want you to be a LIVING STOREHOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE that can influence generations. The Death Program is designed so that you absolutely DO NOT follow through on this path of New Beginnings—if you make it this far.


Refuse to participate in the DEATH PROGRAM!

Develop your awareness that the Death Program exists for a reason. Refuse to participate and learn to reverse the process. Ancient peoples, from Biblical Times to Atlantis and Lemuria were rumored to have lived for hundreds of year –is this a possibility for you, too?

Release your experiences as they occur up to their point of origin –your Oversoul, God-Mind, or whatever you call your Higher Power. Carrying the experiences of your past fills you up, creates weight, changes relationships, redirects career paths, affects financial pictures, distorts the mind, and recreates the beautiful body into which you were born into something else.

If you don’t empty out while you are here so you are ready for year 100, then you need to go out of the body to do this—and the Death Program wins again.

Your mind is the most effective tool you have for building yourself up or tearing yourself down. You have the tool. You already own it. It is FREE. Use it appropriately and the Death Program turns on Itself, killing IT instead of YOU!


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