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pictured above, Fredirch Nietzchse, Edward Kennedy, William Ayers, Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, Karl Marx, Vladamir Lenin, Jeremiah Wright

In reviewing the volumes which have been composed and shared concerning Barack Hussein Obama, I have been inspired to write more than anyone, reveal more than anyone, provide more material that is Pulitzer and Nobel worthy and in noting all of that, I conclude that Barack Obama is like a bad tooth, the more one chews on it, the more you want it gone and you would will to God someone would just pull it out Novocaine or not. ~ Lame Cherry

The danger of Barack Obama is not in his Marxism, his bi sexuality, his terrorist friends, his being a 10 year old boy attempting to usurp the United States Constitution to have his finger on nuclear buttons, but the real danger is Barack Obama is the most detestable of creatures in he has no idea who God is, has searched for Him in philosophy, cemented his answers in theology and mixed it all into a comfortable secular package which reads as: "I think therefore I am not going to think as the world is flat, but if I imagine it is round then it will work I think".

The above pictured individuals are the people Barack Obama chose as his mentors and influences.
Nietzchse of "God is dead" fame is like all European minds in taking Greek traditional philosophy, voiding it of their morals and God, and, instead coming up with, "There is no Truth" in their bastardizing the Socratic method questioning to find moral answers.
Nietzchse finds no morals and is who Obama was moulded by.

Teddy Kennedy, is not so much an influence, but a means to an end for Barack Obama. He tried on the Teddy skin to adorn himself with the look of a Kennedy for his royal Camelot to con the white folks into thinking free at last is born and the black folks that the messiah will reside around the round table at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's own Uncle Frank mentor. We know Uncle Frank loved psychologically beating up on Obama's Grandfather humiliating his intelligence. We know he broke this child down to isolate him making him completely alone in the world. We know Uncle Frank was a sexual predator on white married women, on children if the offer presented itself and his idea of sex was degrading both sexes in being urinated on, rape fantasy, bondage and creating a religion out of sexing white women.
We know Uncle Frank wrote as much on sexual predation in his autobiographies as he did in his hatred of things Christian and American.

William Ayers was Obama's Chicago mentor who is an intelligence asset of the globalists. He used three controls in his "Manson Family" recruitment of intellectual domination, narcotics and sex to keep and gain control of victims.
Ayers would have a black room mate savagely rape a Jewish girl and attempt to have his brother do the same and Ayers would have his girlfriend later build a bomb which blew herself up while he was off being a revolutionary, or a person of change we can believe in.
Ayers is the white face of Frank Marshall Davis.

Saul Alinsky would write the book Obama would study in Rules for Radicals, or a Community Organizers Revolutionary training manual to con people into your revolution by first asking them what they wanted and then convincing them you want that too, so your means justifies lying to them in the ends.

Karl Marx needs not that great of introduction, except he was funded by the Rothschild banking cartel to come up with a new secular convert manifesto which would allow the elitists of Europe a "religion" in which to manage people very cheaply, gain control of governments to rape those nations of their resources while keeping all the poor poor and the globalists forever in "elected" power.

Vladamir Lenin, the great initiator of the Rothschild governmental system which took the Russian mobs, united them under a revolution of change so instead of serfs they were termed comrades and instead of butchered royalty they had Lenin and Stalin to exploit them for their worship as the masses starved.

Jeremiah Wright, the final cog in this society of bastardized religions which preached South American Marxism in the form that isolated blacks much like the Jews have been isolated into being programed that the entire world is against them, where only the black savior of a black liberation war over other races will deem them the master race.

In noting the above:

I detest philosophers and I loathe theologians. A philosopher is a bastardized religious secularism too cowardly to deal with God and theologians are cowards hiding in religion bastardized to secularism dealing not with God, but their own failings.

In noting the above, this is what the Obama of the company he keeps means.

It might surprise people that Vladamir Lenin in his early life actually thought about becoming a Christian Pastor. It might shock people that numbers of the most horrific people on the planet have a common form in mixing a religious foundation with a secular philosophy.

Have conversion on the road to Damascus, and God produces St. Paul, thee most brilliant Spiritual Theological mind ever produced whose entire concern is a Kingdom of God which benefits millions of people as it frees them from their base personality to aspire to grow to become the complete people they were intended to be in Divine Plan.
Apostles of this become George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt as American Secularists they are under God's morality working within a system of self governance of stability in a Republican form of government of majority rule, but the rights of the minority preserved.

Have a conversion in prison like Malcolm X who is another Obama philosopher fitting the above who influenced Barack and you find Elijah Muhammed of Black Islam is corrupt and Elijah shoots you dead as there is only one leader and the rest are socialist followers.

Have a conversion in Saudi Arabia and an aspiring young boy named Osama moulded in the virtue of Saladin is transformed into a revolutionary attempting to overthrow the Middle East.

Have a conversion in an Egyptian prison and an intellectual Dr. Zawahiri takes his Muslim Brotherhood from Wahhabist fascism into the realm of Marxist Islam, turns bin Laden against a superpower as proxy of Russian Bolshevism and you have international terrorism.

Have a conversion in Iran under a Marxist Khomeini and a young revolutionary is born named Larijani who is heir apparent to the Persian Islamcommunist Caliph, but adds in Immanuel Kant where "all" are now born with the German philosophy like Nitzchse, but this bastardized religion has an absolute which is installing a world Isalamocommunist state, that is their duty and when in their duty these Persians must have other Muslims butchered in Iraq, vaporized in Damascus to murdering millions by nuclear terrorism in New York, London, Tel Aviv and Paris, it is all "moral", because when one has an absolute, does their duty, it makes it all moral.

Do you understand now how dangerous the convert to Obamanism is to not only America, but the entire world?

If not, then let the explanation reveal the true character of events.

The last book which Barack Obama stated he read was an account of Abraham Lincoln by Marxist "historian" Doris Kearns Goodwin.
Goodwin featured on PBS and other programs is a known plagiarist in her Kennedy book literally having 1/3rd of "her book" stolen from another author just like another chosen Obama associate in Joe Biden committing intellectual theft.

Reviews on Goodwin's book on Lincoln were typically good, but as in all reviewers they missed her key ingredients which impressionable 46 year olds at the time would cling to in their juvenile minds sodden with the above fornicators of thought who Obama has coupled with.

Goodwin's focus was on Lincoln needing to arise above the group he had chosen, almost as a messiah, and this is the Lincoln which Goodwin provided for Barack Obama:

Lincoln was not a saint in Goodwin's analogy. He was a liar who used political maneuvering to advance his cause and when criticized would be intolerant of others.

Deloris Kearns Goodwin's typical leftist ramblings has taken a gifted gentleman in a human leader and turned him into a messiah who was according to her, lying to get what he wanted and was smearing people.

Now who does that sound like, but a man who announced in Springfield, Illinois all his messianic visions and has since gone on a rampage of defaming, slandering and smearing Sarah Palin and numerous others, including the sodomite Lawrence Sinclair making him a political prisoner.

One could say, it is a good thing that the last book Obama read was not Moby Dick or he would be chasing the great white whale around the ocean with a harpoon, the only problem is that Moby Dick is one of Obama's past favorite reads and he has been running around like Capt. Ahab with a harpoon attempting to spear the white United States of America as his obsession of what is the example of all that is wrong with the world.
Why on this ocean do you think Barack Obama's main plans involve stealing money from Americans and giving it to poor dictators around the world and stealing money from corporations who employ working people and giving that money to non working people?

America is his Moby Dick just like this Frankenstein's monster of assembled intellect was breathed to life by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

There are vast influences and mixes in this. Obama chooses Christian Realism of Reinhold Niebuhr, who just so happens to be another philosopher who was the "christian" link joining the converted old Jewish communists to a new conservatism to President George Bush in just wars being the first strike doctrine of the United States.
Niebuhr embraced Marxist thought in the American capitalist system would pass away and as the world is an evil place and God's Kingdom is not here, America must send out armies to destroy evil.
Niebuhr is one of Obama's favorite philosophers in his confession to the New York Times.

Doris Kearns Goodwin implanted that as Lincoln, Obama can convert his enemies to serve him and Niebuhr mixed in the impression that Obama can be for and against war all at the same time as he decides what is a just war.

Ali Larijani in his hybrid Islamocommunism which is being injected into a billion Muslims of being Islam, fascism, secularism, philosophy is the only person on the world stage who is creating his own hybrid revolution like Barack Obama.

Except for a smattering of forms of Christianity which have been bastardized now too in Obama's, "Onward black christian soldiers marching off to war," Larijani mirrors Obama on German philosophers, Marxism, Islam, allying oneself to political dynasty, intellectualism, intelligence asset surrounded by some really nasty psyops experts in using sex, narcotics and domination.....and they both love the nuclear bomb as an ultimate solution to problems.

This conversation is about what is a good decision for America and Barack Obama by this flitting about and taking bits of programming from different thought processes not being adept enough to keep them separated makes him a very bad decision for any nation.

Separately potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulphur are wonderful for preserving food, cooking food and medicines.
Together though they make gun powder and explode at the slightest spark.

Barack Obama is exactly this way in combining philosophy, religion and government which are wonderful alone as it exercises the mind, gives people a moral compass and in self government produces a peaceful nation.
Combine them though and the world finds an absolute in Barack Obama to there is no good or evil, but only his judgment to create the world in his own duty, taking from those who have earned and giving to those who will not work, under the mandate of the duty of the messiah that his will be done in a changed government moral by his dictates but immoral as it is, not by the people, of the people or for the people........

But by Barack Obama, about Barack Obama and only for who Barack Obama deems as his people.

Lame Cherry - September 10, 2008 - source LameCherry

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 09/12/2008 - 3:43pm.