Landscapers, Poolmen, and Interior Designers are Being Trained By CIA!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 08/17/2008 - 4:47pm.

The US military recently accused Iran of training "death squads" whose primary goal is carrying out assassinations.  The information is being made public to supposedly "pressure" Iranian leadership into halting these operations.

So if Iranian assassins are called "death squads" what are similarly trained operatives from the CIA or Army called?

Perhaps the euphemisms that Pentagon officials use are: customer service representatives, safety patrol officers, personal assistants, and make-over specialists.

While the actions of both sides are essentially premeditated murder, the CIA and Army special forces should also come clean about their decades old operations involving the execution of foreign nationals.  Come clean on operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Vietnam, and even Iran itself.

Contemporaneously, after deafening calls to reinstate the official sanctioning of assassinations, the legacy of director Richard Helms continues unabated,as the Pentagon continues to fund and operate the notorious School of the Americas at Fort Bragg which has trained hundreds of foreign nationals with assassination tactics.

Furthermore, despite being banned in the 1970s — after revelations disclosed by the Church and Pike committees — with the assistance of Israeli Defense Forces, the US Army has been actively training "hunter-killer" squads in Iraq under a program called Operation Gray Fox.

And the latest act of bellicosity: this hypocritical condemnation comes a month after an exposé showed that last year, Congress appropriated $400 million for the CIA to conduct clandestine operations in Iran.

While the exact nature of the operations are undisclosed, it is difficult to fathom that the funds are financing more plumbers, carpenters, and electricians in a covert attempt to build new homes and infrastructure for local residents.

Tim Swanson - August 15, 2008 - source AntiWar

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sun, 08/17/2008 - 4:47pm.