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Currently, compliance with the complicated and destructive regulations of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is voluntary but can be enforced by trade sanctions imposed on the World Trade Organization. ~ TALKING BACK

In July, 2005, these regulations will become mandatory for all WTO members and that includes the United States. And once it gets here, it will be illegal to buy, sell, recommend or use any but 28 ultra-low dose nutrients, natural supplements, herbs, enzymes or other natural treatments whether you are a licensed health professional or not. The only legal health option left will be the pharmaceutical one. CODEX ALIMENTARIUS regulations have been approved in the EU, Canada and Australia. The United States is next unless we act decisively.

These regulations are passed quietly and without effective public notice but have grave and devastating impact on health freedom. Here in the United States, the "HARMonization" laws which will enact CODEX ALIMENTARIUS have been defeated by Congress several times, each time by a smaller margin. Given the composition of the current Congress, it is virtually certain that it will be passed unless we make sure that does not happen.

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is the result of a complex relationship between the United Nations (which established the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission in 1962), the World Trade Organization (which was authorized to enforce CODEX ALIMENTARIUS through trade sanctions), the World Health Organization (which subscribes to the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS regulations despite the fact that they directly and explicitly conflict with their own findings and policies such as the FAO/WHO official publication, "Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases", the Food and Agriculture Organization, our FDA and our USDA working in concert with industry representatives of (and other unofficially representing the interests of) the pesticide, chemical, pharmaceutical and dairy industries. Consumers, health scientists, physicians and other practicing natural medicine and other health-focused voices have been totally absent from official CODEX ALIMENTARIUS deliberations. A few observers have been present at official deliberations but they have not been permitted to speak in the sessions. Of course, the real work of such a complex regulatory structure takes place outside of those official sessions. And none of the health advocates have had access to those meetings, agreements and sessions. Yet they will take away our health freedoms if we allow ourselves to be "HARMonized"

NUTRIENTS AND SUPPLEMENTS: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS sets maximum allowable dosages of permitted substances and forbids all others (and all dosages higher than that found in foods). In Europe, the standard for implementation of CODEX ALIMENTARIUS is being set by the European Supplements Directive which specifies that only a total of 28 supplements are allowed at ultra low, sub-clinical doses.

ALL OTHER NUTRITIONAL MATERIALS WILL BECOME ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES on August 1, 2005. There are some impractical options for a few nutrients to become permissible as prescription drugs but the cost and stipulations are so difficult that it is unlikely any nutrients will pass this set of hurdles. Virutally every nutrient at any effective dose will be banned in Europe. We can expect exactly the same results here in the US. Heroin is an illegal substance: that is the model. Your doctor cannot write you a prescription for heroin. You cannot buy, sell, make, distribute or use heroine. Vitamin C, for example, at any dosage higher than 200 mg per day will be illegal. A gram of Vitamin C will be an illegal substance! The dose of Co Q 10 which has been shown to resolve breast cancer in some patients (400 mg per day) will be illegal because Co Q 10 will be totally illegal at any dose following the European Supplements Directive model. Only 28 nutrients will be allowed, but the maximum upper limits have been set so low that they have little or no clinical impact in keeping us healthy and none at all in returning us to a state of health if we are ill. And those which are available will be exorbitantly priced.

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS specifies that supplements and nutrients may not be used to prevent, treat or cure any disorder. And yet more than 80% of Americans supplements for exactly these purposes. Nutritional and environmental physicians, naturopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors and a host of other licensed health professionals employ hundreds of natural minerals, supplements and herbs precisely for because they are effective in preventing, treating and curing many diseases. These natural health options will become illegal if the US is "HARMonized" with the World Trade Organization because compliance with CODEX ALIMENTARIUS will no longer be voluntary (as it is now). Health food stores are major sources of these essential substances. They will no longer be able to provide them. Most health food stores and privately owned nutrient manufacturers will, we believe, no longer be in business after CODEX ALIMENTARIUS takes effect.

Since most people on the planet do not use pharmaceutical drugs (either because they cannot afford them or because they prefer their traditional medical treatments), most of humanity will be left without legal treatment options. Even if pharmaceutical treatments were to be made aviailalbe world-wide, however, there is a substantial body of opinion that holds that, especially for chronic diseases, pharmaceutical medicine's risks are not worth the small benefit gained in the treatment of chronic, degenerative diseases. The Natural Solutions Foundation believe that those who chose natural options must have that right.

HERBS: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS stipulates which conditions may be treated using herbs. Only minor, self-limited conditions may be treated by herbal means. Treating any other conditions with herbal remedies will constitute a crime. Some complex oriental herbal formulas may be permitted but most will be lost. Ayurvedic, Tibetan, tribal and other traditional medicines which use herbs and natural substances will be forbidden world-wide.

TOXINS: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS sets permissible upper limits for pesticide residues, toxic chemicals in the environment, hormones in food and other environmental contaminants which are many times higher than levels advocated by chemical and pesticide industry lobbying groups. Current toxic levels are already responsible for most of the cancers, heart disease, autism, chronic degenerative conditions and organ failures which are killing people at increasing rates around the globe. Making permissible toxic levels higher will accelerate this destructive world-wide trend. The Natural Solutions Foundation believes that health freedom extends to the freedom to live in a non-toxic world and have clean, safe and wholesome foods to sustain us in that world.

IRRADIATION OF FOOD: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS makes irradiation of food legal and mandatory under circumstances now hotly contested by food safety advocates. Allegedly designed to "protect us from food borne illness", the irradiation of food is by no means agreed to be a safe procedure (by non-industry scientists) since there is considerable scientific evidence that protein structures are modified in unhealthy ways by introducing ionizing radiation into food before it is consumed.

GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS makes the un-labeled use of GMOs legal in all foods under all circumstances although there is significant opposition to the widespread use of GMOs at this time. Farmers in Iraq, for example, must purchase their seeds from Monsanto and are forbidden from retaining seed crops under the new Iraqi constitution. Similar laws exist in other less exotic places. Many GMOs have been genetically engineered so that seeds WILL NOT GERMINATE without the use of specific pesticides (such as Roundup by Monsanto). In fact, mounting scientific evidence makes it clear that birth defects, chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, severe allergies and a host of other conditions may be either enhanced or caused by increased pesticide exposure (which these crops will require). GMOs themselves are far from scientifically established as safe for either the planet or its people by objective, non-industry scientists. Genetic drift through the spread of GMO genetic material is recognized as a major threat to the biological integrity of the entire earth.

NO HEALTH REPRESENTATION: CODEX ALIMENTARIUS has been formulated (and is being expanded) by the CODEX ALLIMENTARIUS Commission which meets without the effective presence or participation of significant consumer or health advocates, supplement manufactures, natural health professionals or other non-pharmaceutically oriented group. The representatives from the United States to the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS Commission meetings have well-documented, very unwholesome conflicts of interest with the very industries that stand to profit and benefit from the wholesale implementation of the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS 'standards'.

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Codex Alimentarius has to be the biggest assault on humanity.  Many phases have already been implemented and no one notices... this is how 'standardization' of tomatoes took place this past week and... no one noticed.  The dumbed down people see it as a 'good thing' and the 'government cares enough' to fix the tomato 'problem'.  Let's get real, this is NOT what is happening!  The blame for the recent outbreak of salmonella has been shifted from the now 'standardized' tomatoes to jalapeno peppers and cilantro.  Once again, the 'dumbed down' will be satisfied that the government is 'looking out for them' and the problem is being 'fixed'.

We are facing a frightening future, not to mention the fact that children born after 1990 have no clue about their food, water, vaccines or anything else.  It's by design.  We are falling ever closer to the 'failing to thrive' era.  Our 'failure to thrive' is going un-noticed.  We are being slowly 'starved' to death from lack of nutrition.  This too is by design... irradiated food, pasturized milk and juice, viruses sprayed on our meat, chemicals sprayed on fruit and vegetables, now we're being forced 'without our consent' to eat genetically modified foods.  This is NOT good!  This is a MASSIVE money making scam for Big Pharma, Bio-Agriculture, Insurance Companies on down the line to the undertakers and graveyard diggers!  The government hates us!  There is nothing they do without 'taking' something in return!

I struggle daily to find a way to reach people, to wake them up... we're on 'borrowed time'.  I always hope important articles get forwarded to our reader's families and friends... that the articles are discussed... that anything questionable is being researched... If we are to get through this nightmare, we can't ignore it, hope it goes away, wait for someone else to fight for us or bitch that the government isn't 'taking care' of the problem.  Oh yeah, that's the point, the government is 'taking care' of the problem... This is how we got where we're at!

If voters are hoping for 'things to be different' after the 2008 election, they are fooling themselves!  I've reached this conclussion, only a third party win can save us and our country... Regardless of a Democratic or Republican president, the New World Order plan will move forward and so will Codex Alimentarius.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 07/10/2008 - 12:11pm.