FEMA - Shipping Mobile Homes To Iowa

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Bill Vogle, a top FEMA official in Iowa, said the agency is preparing to ship mobile homes to Iowa for flood victims who are out of housing.

He didn't say how many total will be used or when they will arrive. There will be 100 mobile homes first coming.

"We have started the process to bring these mobile units to Iowa," Vogle said.

The units' air quality has been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the housing is free of formaldehyde that plagued FEMA units used after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Iowa state officials also will inspect the homes before they are used, Vogle said.

The housing will be shipped in from Hope, Ark., and Cumberland, My.

Cedar Rapids officially asked for hundreds of housing units. FEMA noted that 70 of Iowa's 99 counties have been declared presidential disaster areas and the units will be used statewide.

Vogle said FEMA has allocated $87 million in assistance to 11,000 households, and 24,000 households have registered for aid.

The agency also has approved $4.8 million for 11 public-building projects. "We have just begun," Vogle said.

"The days ahead will be challenging for Iowa," Vogle said. "We are committed to staying here as long as it takes.

June 26, 2008 - source Des Moines Register


Problem - 'designed' floods

Reaction - mass homelessness

Solution - build 11 new public housing 'camps'

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 06/28/2008 - 9:24am.