**That 'Stimulus' Check?... Are You STILL Waiting?**

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 So far, 1.8 million rebate checks have been intercepted by Treasury Department computers showing that individuals owe money to federal or state governments.

I have to say, "I smelled a rat in the woodpile" when Bush was 'overwhelmingly' in favor of 'handing out money'... For the most part, I thought it was a scam from the start... Why would the government just 'hand out' money? Granted, many folks did receive this 'not-so-free' money... There are many, many, many more STILL waiting. As I see it, the people who need money the most and are in a state of 'designed' destitute, they will not see this money... Why? You're about to find out... ~ SadInAmerica - TALKING BACK 

About $2 billion in economic stimulus rebate checks are being confiscated to pay overdue bills for child support, student loans and back taxes, the government says.

So far, 1.8 million rebate checks have been intercepted by Treasury Department computers showing that individuals owe money to federal or state governments.

The biggest beneficiaries: parents who are owed child support.

The Internal Revenue Service has mailed 77 million checks worth $64 billion — a little more than half the expected total. 

"It's a nice bonus for the children and families in need," says Mike Adams, head of child support at the Tennessee Department of Human Services. His state has received $8.5 million of $20 million expected for unpaid child support.

The large take for unpaid debts is the result of an increasingly sophisticated debt-collection program started in 2001.

Today, most states and federal agencies send weekly lists of delinquent Americans to the Treasury Department. Before a rebate is mailed, it's run through a list that contains the names and Social Security numbers of people who owe money.

"We've had a few complaints but not many," says Dean Balamaci, director of debt collections at the Treasury Department. "We're proud that we're sending money back to families who need it."

So far, nearly $1 billion has been collected. Where it has gone:

** 55% for child support.

** 39% for federal debts such as student loans or farm loans.

** 6% for unpaid state taxes.

Taxpayers denied their rebate get letters explaining why they got a reduced payment or none at all.

The diverted money is sent directly to the family or government agency to which it was owed.

A few states, however, are losing out on millions of dollars available through the program.

Michigan doesn't get its delinquent state taxes collected, Balamaci says. The reason: It hires private contractors to collect back taxes.

Also, Mississippi hasn't joined yet, and California doesn't submit the names of income tax debtors.

So while Maryland has collected $6 million from rebate checks for unpaid state income taxes, California has received nothing.

Dennis Cauchon - U.S.A. Today - June 26, 2008 - source www.usatoday.com/money/perfi/taxes/2008-06-24-deadbeats -

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When 'something' appears 'too good to be true', 9 out of 10 times, it is.  The American people who truely needed this money, will not get it. It's by 'design'. There were record numbers of people who lost their jobs, are homeless with children and were 'lured' into the 'system' when they filed their tax return. 

The rich are getting richer and are doing so by 'bleeding out' the middle class and poor. There will be two classes of society, the filthy rich masters and dirt poor slaves. I believe the higher food prices and fuel were 'timed' just right... as were the 'designed' flooding, fires, foreclosures, spike in utilities, and record crop of 'ethanol corn'.

The 'dumbed down' American people are STILL screaming and want to know what the government is going to do about this... Well, if they think the government 'isn't doing enough', just wait a while, there's more planned! When will the people wake up? When will they realize the government is NOT their friend, is NOT going to 'fix' anything and really doesn't give a damn? These bitchin', screaming people are the ones who will drag down the rest of us. Folks, we're literally 'on our own'...

Well, that's my 2 cents worth. Thanks for reading!

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 11:19am.


Anonymous (not verified) | Tue, 07/01/2008 - 12:11am

are you kidding everyone knows that both oil supply is limited and that oil companies are getting rich off our dependancy of oil. Lets take america back and damand of the people by the people for the people not of the wealthy for the wealthy by the sweat of my balls. I want an america that protects human rights. I want protected from scams. i want a president who does not get rich while i get poor. I want a nation I can be proud of not scared. I want those who know better to help others not take advantage of. I think we are free to die in poverty and not free to live in harmony. I need agovernment to organize my country for good or nothing. we donot need to honor a president for being elected. we need a president who is honorable enough to stand against parties and division in the system. we all want the same things only we have been driven to claim ownership of our piece of happiness like if we share there wont be enough to go around. I believe the only tragedy is greed those who try to store things that do not last like money it is worthless if it is not ever spentt. money get things nothing else. I want people walking across towns and cities feeling safe and welcome.