The Reality of Aluminum Poisoning

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Aluminum is present in our food, water supply, and soil, most people suffer from some degree of aluminum toxicity. After years of accumulated exposure and storage in body tissues, this poison can have results ranging from brain degeneration to skeletal deformities.

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Symptoms of Aluminum Toxicity...

*  It is particularly poisonous to the nervous system with a range of symptoms that can include disturbed sleep, nervousness, emotional instability, memory loss, headaches, and impaired intellect.

*  It can stop the body's ability to digest and make use of calcium, phosphorus and fluoride. This prevents bone growth and reduces bone density. Aluminum can also cause conditions which actually force calcium out of the bones. Either of these situations can bring on weakness and deformation in the bone structure with crippling effects.

*  Toxicity can also result in aching muscles, speech problems, anemia, digestive problems, lowered liver function, colic and impaired kidney function.

Coming in Contact With Aluminum...

*  Over the counter medications can be one of the largest sources of aluminum:

* Frequent users of buffered aspirin, such as people with arthritis, could possibly take up to 700 mg of this metal each day. But since aluminum contributes to bone damage, the aspirin actually enhances arthritis.

* Digestive aides such as diarrhea and hemorrhoid medicines can also contain aluminum. A typical dose of aluminum-containing antacids can contain as much as 200 mg. and an entire day's use can supply 800-5000 mg. of aluminum.

*  Aluminum is also often added to hygiene aids such as antiperspirants and douches.

*  Food that has been cooked or stored in aluminum pots and aluminum foil is another source. Estimates say that as much as 4 milligrams of aluminum can be transferred to each serving of an acidic food such as tomatoes or citrus fruits that has been heated or stored with aluminum.

*  Stainless steel cookware can be a source as well as it is made by bonding the stainless steel with layers of aluminum. My testing and experience shows that after stainless steel cookware has been used for a short period of time, aluminum traces begin to enter the food.

*  There are six aluminum salts that have been approved as food additives in the United States. The salts most commonly used are sodium aluminum phosphates. They are added to cake mixes, frozen dough, pancake mixes, self-rising flours, processed cheese and cheese foods and beer (in aluminum cans). Just one slice of individually wrapped processed cheese can contain up to 50 mg of aluminum. It is thought that the cheeseburger may contain one of the highest aluminum contents of any food. Baked goods have approximately 5-15 mg per serving.

*  An average sized pickle contains 5 to 10 mg if it has been treated in an alum solution which is commonly done. Alum is a form of aluminum sulfate that is used in the pickling solution to firm up the cucumbers.

Detox, Detox, Detox!

While the first step in ridding your body of this poison is to avoid aluminum intake as much as possible. The next is to provide your body with nutritional support to give it the strength it needs to detoxify this metal. There are several supplements that can assist in this process. They are Core Level C, Core Level Health Reserve and Core Level Liver.

Symptoms of Aluminum Detoxification...

When aluminum comes out of its stored locations in your body it can act as an irritant. For example it has a tendency to irritate nerve endings which can irritate muscles. Therefore, when someone is detoxifying aluminum, there can be discomfort involved. And, since the kidneys are the organs that handle this detoxification, there may be pain in the back, over the kidneys, also.

Because aluminum tends to concentrate itself in the brain, the detoxification process can be accompanied by mental confusion.

It can also cause flu-like symptoms with fever, chills and mucous discharge. The detoxification will run its course and the symptoms will go away. Because any nasal discharge will be toxic, spit it out, don't swallowing it.

These symptoms are normal and should not be confused with illness.  As your body rids itself of the poison, the symptoms will go away.  Don't stop the detox program.

How to Reduce Aluminum Exposure...

*  In your home, you should replace aluminum or metal cookware with one of several options: Enamel coated steel cookware is a safe option. For frying, old-fashioned cast iron works best, but please avoid the non stick surfaces. Corning ware and Visions cookware are also safe but again please use without the non stick surfaces as they are toxic.

*  Do not cook with aluminum foil, and minimize its use for food storage. Never use it to wrap acidic foods (oranges, lemons, tomatoes, etc.) or cooked food that is still hot.

*  Use bamboo steamers instead of metal vegetable steamers.

*  As nearly all cooked restaurant food has aluminum in it, here are a couple options regarding that.

* Reduce your cooked choices of food while dining in a restaurant as raw food has no contact with their cooking utensils. Order salads and cole slaw and juice!

* If you do eat cooked restaurant food, take 3-6 Core Level C's with the meal. This will help your body move out some of the aluminum before it stores in your body.

*  Check the labels of all food, medicinal and hygienic products you buy, avoiding those that have aluminum content.

*  Minimize your intake of cheese, particularly processed cheeses.

*  Minimize your intake of any baked goods that are not homemade without aluminum additives.

Monitoring Aluminum Levels...

Your body can tolerate low levels of aluminum, you must be sure that the level stays low and does not build up. This requires care and continued monitoring. There are tests such as hair/urine/blood analysis that can be done to help you monitor the aluminum levels in your system.


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 4:47pm.


Anonymous (not verified) | Sat, 01/31/2009 - 6:31pm

hmm a gimmick...

Back in ye olden times, food was gotten straight out of the earth, or animals were hunted. It wasn't kept in metal cans. And it wasn't heated up in "ovens" which bombard it with radioactive radiation. And it wasn't treated with "preservatives", which kill anything alive that gets near them.

Some "progress", eh?

Anonymous (not verified) | Mon, 08/03/2009 - 1:05pm

Uhhh ovens don't produce radioactive radiation. They make heat just like a fire which people have always used. Plutonium produces radioactive radiation and I don't know anyone that's tried cooking with it.

Anonymous (not verified) | Fri, 08/14/2009 - 10:07pm

yeah they do

Anonymous (not verified) | Mon, 07/27/2009 - 9:49pm

I am writing a paper about the dangers of vaccinations. Aluminum is one of the ingredients used to stabilize a vaccine.

Go to and search for aluminum poisoning. You will find this site has copied word for word from another website! Didn't the author learn to give credit for who really wrote something?

Jonathan | Fri, 12/03/2010 - 12:44am

It was not THIS site which copied verbatim the works of any other author, it was copied from I also find it to be strange that they did not give credit to the author of this article.

If you can, leave a comment with a link to properly credit the author.

We will leave this article here as it is very informative. I will update it as I can.

Thank you,

Andre (not verified) | Tue, 09/30/2008 - 2:38pm

I was diagnosed with FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) in 2003. It was in remission from 2004 until recently, when by chance, the same week it came back, my wife noticed small metal particles baked into the loaf of mass-produced sliced bread I was using for sandwiches. The baking company came by and picked up some samples and was to send them off for analysis. Miraculously, they "lost" the samples. Luckily, we kept one (and we also have very clear pictures of the chips that were in the bread crust that they know about). We are now waiting for their insurance company to authorize testing at a facility of MY choosing, since I don't trust them with chain of custody on my last sample. I am guessing that the chips were aluminum chinks chipped off another pan during cleaning. Do you think that ingesting small aluminum chunks, especially in light of me having FSGS, could have resulted in a relapse of the kidney disorder?

Jonathan | Wed, 10/01/2008 - 12:04pm

Based on research suggesting that aluminum causes renal failure, anemia, skeletal diseases, encephalopathy (meaning disease of the brain - brain is the director of many functions and communication of organs) - "However, in some cases, the encephalopathy may cause permanent structural changes and irreversible damage to the brain. Some encephalopathies can be fatal.", as well as many other neurological and physical ailments including Alzheimer's disease. May it be noted that the metals should be CHELATED from the body in order to remove consequent symptoms caused by the presense of such toxins. Disclaimer: We at are not doctors and therefor cannot provide any medical advice. The informations found in this article and any other articles on Know The Lies are easily found via searching the internet. ANYONE can research on their OWN accord these informations considering the high availability of informations that are present on the World Wide Web. Therefor, we will not assume any responsibility for ANY person's actions based on information(s) present on We will not be held liable for the actions of others performed in consequence to materials FOUND ON THE INTERNET. You can research it yourself and ultimately it is upto YOU to determine whether it is suitable to your situation or not.

Anonymous (not verified) | Fri, 08/29/2008 - 7:26pm

Is is possible to get aluminum poisoning from aluminum foil? I accidentally ingested some, with tomatoes, several days ago. What are my chances of getting aluminum poisoning?

kazza (not verified) | Sun, 12/19/2010 - 1:23am

want to know more about aluminum poisoning in general

Anonymous (not verified) | Sat, 08/23/2008 - 7:32am

This is a gimmick to get your money.

Anonymous (not verified) | Sun, 07/06/2008 - 2:21pm

I have a vaccine damage caused by aluminum hydroxide from a tetanus vaccination I received 5 years ago. It has been causing pain in my muscles and joints. After years I finally found a doctor who confirmed what I expected for years. Right now I am detoxifying my body with the help of a homeopath and hoping to get some relief. Vaccination is the game of making money with our fears. Big business for the pharmaceutical industry. Get informed before getting vaccinated.