NAU Supporter John McCain Also Supports Asian Union Plan

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NWO John McCain will take away our sovereignty and give our country away in a heartbeat!  He's part of the BIG PLAN... why wouldn't he be jumping up and down over an Asian Union?  Here's an interesting interview with John McCain, Michael Fullilove and Michael Rowland...

Presenter: Michael Rowland

Speakers: Michael Fullilove, The Lowy Instuitute; John McCain, Republican Presidential Nominee; Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister

MICHAEL ROWLAND: John McCain has always had a soft spot for Australia.

He's a Vietnam veteran and his naval officer father spent a lot of time in Perth during World War Two.

So when asked a question about Australia during a Boston media conference overnight, the Republican nominee didn't hold back.

JOHN MCCAIN: I am appreciative of the leadership role that Australia has played in the region. They have even sent troops to various parts of the region when there has been political and civil unrest.

I believe that the relationship between Australia and China is a developing one.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: Senator McCain was specifically asked for his views on Kevin Rudd's ambitious plan for an Asia-Pacific community.

The body would be a forum for discussion on security and political matters as well as a vehicle for introducing free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Senator McCain agrees there needs to be stronger regional ties.

JOHN MCCAIN: I believe that the more and closer that the countries in the region work together, free and open trade and more agreements with the United States of America, I am greatly in support of.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: Michael Fullilove of the Lowy Institute, who's now in Washington as a visiting fellow with the Brookings Institution, believes there'll be broad US support for Mr Rudd's idea.

MICHAEL FULLILOVE: There is interest in Washington in Mr Rudd's idea for an Asia-Pacific community although I don't think there is a complete understanding here about exactly what Mr Rudd proposes. What would be its remit, its membership and its organisational structure, but I think the default position in Washington is they agree that Asia needs stronger regional institutions and they know that Australia can be trusted to develop institutions that include the United States.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: How important is it that the US is on board for this concept to work?

MICHAEL FULLILOVE: Oh, it is critically important for our interests. I mean, it is a core national interest of ours that any regional institution that develops include the United States because the US presence in the region keeps a lid on interstate friction that otherwise could be very dangerous, so it is very important for us that the US is involved.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: Kevin Rudd will also be pleased with the free character reference he's received from John McCain:

JOHN MCCAIN: Prime Minister Rudd is a very talented individual and I had the pleasure of meeting with him in Washington.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: Mr Rudd believes Australia will be well served regardless of who wins the race for the White House.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 06/13/2008 - 1:54pm.