Americans Must See This... We Paid for It

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If you BLINDLY think that Israel is defending itself by such crimes, then you shouldn't have a problem looking at the photos...  graphic photos!


8 Year Old Aya Al-Najjar

This is what remained from the 8 years old Palestinian girl, Aya Al-Najjar, after being hit by an "Israeli" missile which "mistaken" its target during an air strike on a house in southern Gaza Strip.

Aya Al-Najjar's body was stuffed into a plastic bag!


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Eight-year-old Palestinian girl killed by an Israeli rocket 

The body of 8-year-old Aya al-Najjar was mutilated on Thursday afternoon by a rocket fired from an Israeli airplane while she was playing in the garden outside her house in the village of Khuza'a in the southern Gaza Strip.

The little girl had just finished her school exams and went home eager to play as she had no more revision to do.

She asked her mother if it was ok for her to play in the garden and the mother agreed.

An apache helicopter hovered over the place, Aya looked at it and carried on playing. Neither her nor her mother expected to be the target of a rocket fired from the apache.

It seems, however, that Zionist hate for everything Palestinian has no limits as Aya was hit directly with the rocket causing her young body to be shredded into little pieces.

Aya was not the first Palestinian child to be targeted by the IOF and will not be the last; Muhammad al-Dora, Iman al-Hams and Iman Hijjo are but three names, of Palestinian children killed by the IOF, in a list of about 1000 Palestinian children killed by the IOF since the start of the Aqsa intifada out of a total of 5000 Palestinians killed during the same period.

Earlier, Palestinian resistance fighters fired a home made missile at an Israeli colony in retaliation to an IOF incursion into the Gaza Strip during which the troops bulldozed tracts of land and uprooted trees.

The attack resulted in the death of one Israeli settler and the wounding of three others, according to Israeli sources.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 06/07/2008 - 12:57pm.