Debate Polls Vandalized - Oct. 9th Debate

Submitted by Jonathan on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 2:57am.
GOP debate - 4:00pm - 6:00pm EST 10/9/07

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I've seen this happen many times before with all the debates that included Ron Paul this year. That means, all of the GOP debates are being intentionally botched by a higher power. The news networks that we have offered to us are all mainstream and are very biased. And, to prove it, I've decided to cover this very important issue. You see, it was shortly after the end of the debate, about 7:00pm (EST) that I was told by a good friend that CNBC had pulled the poll results off their site. Ron Paul averaged way above all the other candidates. The polls showed that Ron Paul had an avg. of 80% approval for all who had voted in the poll. All other candidates had less than 5.7% approval rating.

Here is a screen shot as proof: * Note: If you look closely at the last 6 characters of the link shown in the photograph, it also provides proof of the date as per CNBC's needs for their archives. Here is the link so you may check for yourself: (before you vote, the link looks like this) And, just so there is no confusion... this is what it looks like after you vote: The message you receive now is: Page Not Found Our web servers cannot find the page or file you asked for. The link you followed may be broken or expired. Click your browser's Back button to return to the previous page.


I finally found the two screen shots I took of what the page looked like when they (CNBC) took down the poll results for the 9th's debate.

Also, Allen Wastler (Managing Editor for, is caught pushing lies to Ron Paul fans:
I soon will be publishing an article proving that this is only an excuse that the top players in this game of lies have pushed Allen Wastler to feed to the viewers of and that, ultimately, Ron Paul (Republican candidate) really DOES have a significant amount of support. They only play these games so that the other citizens that plan to throw their votes away on McCain, Romney, Obama and Clinton won't see how Ron Paul is gaining in popularity by the thousands per week.
Don't worry folks... we're gonna beat this thing.

ps. Check back in a day or two for a new article regarding Allen Wastler and CNBC's excuses for keeping this good man, Dr. Ron Paul, down.

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Here is another screen shot from October 9th's poll results conducted by CNBC: Courtesy of And here, a poll conducted by : This is a screen shot of Real Clear Politics' averages of the Oct. 9th GOP debate... they don't mention Dr. Paul at all.

Here are two videos to further illustrate KnowTheLies' acknowledgement of what's REALLY going on in the polls (Oct. 9th debate):

Ron Paul in Post CNBC Viewer Email

"I was shocked at how little attention Dr. Ron Paul received during the debate.... Dr. Paul is the only person on that stage that has a flawless record voting against taxes, against government spending, for free trade and against entangling foreign alliances that repeatedly bog down our economy." - Harris in Malibu, CA


Ron Paul Landslide Victory Censored by CNBC

"GOP Thugs Running Iowa GOP Hid the Ballots in Diebold Computers for the Iowa Straw Poll(They claimed Ron Paul only got 9% in their secret count!) HA! HA! HA!" "Ron Paul WINS (CNBC online poll) with 75% of the vote. Each computer could only vote once."

With the following screen shots of the GOP debate poll results held on May 15th of 2007, I will further illustrate the demeanor of this article. * Note: All screen shots are of polls that were conducted either online and/or via text message (SMS) and are of older debates. These first four screen shots are of MSNBC's online polling system. I cannot follow a time frame for these screen shots. Please note that these four screen shots are progressive. Also, notice the voting system and how it is possible to give an endless combination of votes pro and against all involved candidates. You may increase or decrease a candidate's rating by moving the slider to the right or the left. You can even remain neutral for any of the candidates you so choose not to leave any rating for. Notice how Ron Paul is always in the positive and the others are in the negative.

Ex. 1 (MSNBC)
Ron Paul = 65% Giuliani = 16% All others = 19% Total votes = 5,647

Ex. 2 (MSNBC)
Ron Paul = 63% Giuliani = 16% All others = 21% Total votes = 7,856

Ex. 3 (MSNBC)
Ron Paul = 46% Giuliani = 24% All others = 30% Total votes = 23,005

Ex. 4 (MSNBC)
Ron Paul = 48% (16,638.72 votes) Giuliani = 23% (7,972.72 votes) All others = 29% (10,052.56 votes)
All others inc. Giuliani = 52% (18,025.28 votes) Total votes for all candidates = 34,664 (100%)

Ex. 5 (ABC)
Ron Paul = 86.9% (18,379.35 votes) Giuliani = 1.1% (232.65 votes)
All others = 12% (2,538 votes) All others inc. Giuliani = 13.1 (2,770.65 votes)
Total votes for all candidates = 21,150 (100%)

Statistics of both examples 4 and 5 totalled are as follows:
Grand total of all votes cast = 55,814
Grand total of votes for Ron Paul = 62.74% (35,018.07 votes)
Grand total of votes for Giuliani = 14.701275% (8,205.47 votes)
Grand total of votes for all other candidates = 22.558067% (12,590.56 votes)
-------------------------------^ including Giuliani = 37.259343% (20,795.93 votes)

Here, we have a screen shot of FOX News website on the 15th of May after the polls were dying down for the night. Ex. 6 (FOX) Notice in the bottom right hand corner... no mention of Dr. Ron Paul. Remember, this depicts "averages" of the debates casted votes. - The averages are done by RCP ( If you would have gone to at the time of writing this article, you would not find ONE mention of Ron Paul on the front page. I haven't dug around on their site much as it is all screened and filtered anyway and is of little interest to me. I've seen their poll results before, and let me tell you... they are very very biased. So... we've seen how FOX feeds it's viewers with politics that are taken from In that same screen shot, you'll see other affiliates that are probably some part of this global takeover. Bloomberg is one of them but I didn't stick around to see the others. There is a big ring of liars that support each other on these news networks... Just a forewarning. * Examples 7 and 8 are added for additional coverage for this story. These screen shots are of the May 15th debate. Ex. 7 (NBC) Ex. 8 (NBC)
CONCLUSION: RON PAUL HAS CLEARLY BEEN AND WILL BE THE WINNER. The biz is, they just can't stop censoring a real winner.

A new power of corruption and lies is before us. Take a stand and make a difference before it's too late.


Submitted by Jonathan on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 2:57am.