The Lies Just Keep Coming... Clinton's Debt Much Larger Than Reported

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Hillary Clinton's campaign debt at the end of March was bigger than it appeared because she didn't list the $5 million she loaned herself, a campaign finance watchdog group reported. ~ Talking Back...

"The Clinton campaign itemizes its debts to vendors, totaling $10.3 million by the end of last month, but since January, when Clinton infused her campaign with $5 million, the campaign hasn't been adding in that loan when reporting its overall debt to the Federal Election Commission," the Center for Responsive Politics said.

"An FEC representative tells us Clinton's debt to herself, even if she won't be paying it back, should be lumped in with the campaign's debts to others on the first page of the monthly filings, not just listed deeper within her disclosure forms -- that's how the other big self-funder in 2008, Mitt Romney, reported the $42 million he lent himself."

Including the loan would put her debt as of March 30 at $15.3 million, the nonpartisan group said.

Since winning the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, Clinton's campaign says it has raised $10 million and counting online.

Foon Rhee - deputy national political editor - April 24, 2008 - posted at


Talking Back

If this woman can't get her story straight now and is deceiving the citizen donors and American people... folks we're in big ass trouble if she gets in the Whitehouse!

Apparently lying has become a way of life... the sad part of it all, is the fact that the Clinton, Obama and McCain supporters really 'don't mind'. The money just keeps rolling in and the lies get bigger. I just don't understand, these folks are supporting everyone's demise!

This election is so fraudulent and corrupted by the elite, it ought to be cancelled! Why the hell should the American people be forced to choose the better of the corrupted candidates and still end up with 8 more years of Bush? We're being forced to choose from three of the biggest criminals in our life time to make us as miserable as possible and NO ONE f#ckin' notices! This is the nightmare that will be left behind for our kids... what about the kids?

I must say, the brainwashing tactics of Bush Sr, Bill Clinton and Junior have been very effective. All we have to do is look at the faces of the Clinton, Obama and McCain followers at rallies and speaches, these folks are in a trance! It's absolutely astounding... in my home state alone, 2.7 MILLION voters chose to give up what has made our country the greatest country in the world for over 200 years. After our country is gone, there will be no going back to get it, no going back to fix the mistakes... John McCain now calls the American citizens, 'commoners'... we are being reduced to nothing, useless eaters in his eyes but yet the American people swoon all over him and will continue to do so even as they send their kids off to another war in another country. (Sighing...)

How did the American people lose their way?...

This coming Fourth of July may very well be our country's LAST birthday...


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Fri, 04/25/2008 - 12:13pm.