McCain Is The Foot Soldier in New World Order!

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 If this article doesn't scare the shit out of you, you absolutely have not been paying attention!  Please read it again!  Get this article out to friends and family who are McCain supporters!  Your future is riding on their vote too!  Folks, it's not too late...  Whether you like Ron Paul or not, give him your vote, he is our only hope of stopping the New World Order machine and to stop McCain. ~ SadInAmerica

Since the stinging defeat of the McCain-Kennedy comprehensive amnesty bill, Senator McCain has begrudgingly paid lip service on the campaign trail to Americans concerned about illegal immigration. Chanting his new mantra that he "gets it and we must secure the borders first", he has avoided discussing his plans for amnesty. His dubious promises on border security have clearly been intended to manipulate conservative voters, the same voters he treats with obvious disdain and condescension. Mocking Ronald Reagan's conservatism, McCain has even declared himself a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution, a reference surely prompting our fortieth president to turn over in his grave!

McCain's World Affairs speech must rightfully be considered his "coming out" speech in which he unflinchingly revealed his true globalist nature and his mission as a "foot soldier in the New World Order". Thanks to his arrogance, which likely propelled him to openly disclose his One World vision, we have been given a chance to reconsider McCain as the Republican nominee and possible President of the United States. We can only hope that his words will be his undoing.

McCain boldly declared, "We have to strengthen our global alliances as the core of a new global compact -- a League of Democracies and we must also lead by creating the new international institutions necessary to advance the peace and freedoms we cherish". [1] The obvious question is... haven't we had enough of the massively corrupt United Nations and other international institutions trampling on U.S. sovereignty, interfering in American policy, and draining the life-blood from our country? What has the U.N. accomplished in its 60-year existence other than the largest theft in world history with the oil-for-food program and turning its back on the Darfur, Rwandan and other genocides? With moral leadership, why can't the U.S. be an upstanding citizen of our world without becoming ensnared in new international treaties that would forever alter the guardian of our republic, the Constitution?

Even more frightening is what McCain has in store for America right here at home! As president, McCain will be in a position to fulfill his directives for dissolving America's sovereignty. "With globalization, our hemisphere has grown closer, more integrated, and more interdependent Americans north and south share a common geography and a common destiny. The countries of Latin America are the natural partners of the United States, and our northern neighbor Canada.  Relations with our southern neighbors must be governed by mutual respect, not by an imperial impulse or by anti-American demagoguery. The promise of North, Central, and South American life is too great for that. I believe the Americas can and must be the model for a new 21st century relationship between North and South. Ours can be the first completely democratic hemisphere, where trade is free across all borders, where the rule of law and the power of free markets advance the security and prosperity of all. [1]

Common destiny? Are we to accept Senator McCain's 21st century utopian desire to join the U.S. with our neighbor to the south, Mexico, one of the most corrupt, crime-ridden and lawless nations on the planet? [2,3] While we may share a common border, we absolutely do not share a common culture, nor do we share a common destiny.

Make no mistake. If granted the power of the presidency, McCain will strive to dismantle the sovereignty of the United States of America! This unashamed and unabashed defender of NAFTA [4] will follow in the footsteps of previous administrations to further the integration of the U.S., Canada and Mexico under the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) into a homogenized North American hemisphere, complete with a North American Parliament and court system. This plan is being openly promoted by many such as former U.S. Congressman David Bonior [5-7], former Mexican President Vicente Fox [8], academics [9-12], and numerous think-tanks [9, 13, 14].

The end results will be the wiping out of national borders and our self-determination, and ultimately the subordination of our precious Constitution, the guarantor of our liberties, to a North American superstate similar to the European Union (EU). Ask the Brits or French how they like being voiceless citizens of the EU, ruled by unelected bureaucrats, their national heritage and history drowned out by a sea of third world immigrants, and having the "Reform Treaty", [15] a.k.a., the "EU Constitution", shoved down their collective throats without national referenda . Will we allow the same to happen here under a President McCain?

More than a million American heroes have lost their lives to keep America free. They surely did not die for a North American Union!

In McCain's 25-year tenure in the United States House and Senate, he has shown little or no respect for the Constitutional rights and freedoms of Americans. Instead, he has teamed up with America-hating globalists like George Soros (Obama's money man and advisor!) to squash our first amendment right to free speech via McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform [16], and attempted to destroy our second amendment rights through the McCain-Lieberman Gun Show Control bill [17]. Neither has McCain shown any commitment to preserve American sovereignty or to protect American taxpayers. Instead, he continues to be a proponent of amnesty for illegal aliens, going so far as to enlist to his campaign Juan Hernandez, former Mexican government cabinet member and amnesty and open borders advocate, for the purpose of carrying McCain's message to the Hispanic population as his Hispanic Outreach Director [18]. While trumpeting fiscal conservatism and earmark reform, McCain has remained mute on the budget-busting price tag for amnesty, projected to be at least $2.6 trillion for entitlement, health care and other programs required to support 12 million illegal aliens (true count is 36 million!)[19]. Can you say endless tax increases? Meanwhile, border security has been barely a blip on the radar screen of this self-appointed national security expert, despite repeated Mexican military incursions onto U.S. soil, virtually unchecked human trafficking and drug smuggling, and escalating violence and kidnappings of his own Arizona constituents along our border with Mexico.

Since the SPP was launched in 2005 by President Bush, President Fox of Mexico and Prime Minister Martin of Canada [20], McCain, together with Senators on both sides of the aisle, has sponsored multiple pieces of amnesty and border legislation [21]. Had these bills passed, a little-known provision would have initiated "binational health care infrastructure and health insurance" with Mexico. A second provision would have mandated the securing of Mexico's southern border, not ours, thus implementing a "common North American security perimeter", a critical goal outlined in the Council on Foreign Relations task force report, Building a North American Community [9]. Following the failure of this provision to be made law, the Merida Initiative, a $1.4 billion aid package to Mexico rumored to include the securing of Mexico's southern border, was announced by President Bush but has not received Congressional approval to date [22].

In this presidential race, there is no "lesser of the evils". We are being presented with a triple threat and each choice is equally dangerous. Yet, Congressional gridlock seems more probable with a Democrat as President, while Republicans in Congress would likely roll over for John McCain. Regardless, a McCain Presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for our country. With no hope for the top of the ticket, Americans must carefully choose Senators and Congressmen who will have the courage to stop the next President from advancing a dangerous agenda.

Knowing McCain's dark history, his desire for power, and his vision for the destruction of America he so boldly revealed, will patriotic Americans make this devout "foot soldier in the New World Order" the next Commander-In-Chief? If McCain swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States in his oath of office with his hand upon the Bible, will his words be nothing more than bald-faced lies?



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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 04/19/2008 - 4:40pm.