DNC Says "McCain Maybe Breaks Laws 'Daily' " - As Lawsuit is Filed

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The Democratic National Committee is keeping up its offensive against John McCain and his campaign finance record, releasing a memo Monday accusing the GOP candidate of potentially breaking the law daily in his attempts to free himself of public financing obligations.

The DNC released a memo Monday outlining several of McCain's potential law violations. The arguments also serve as the backbone of a DNC lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission saying the agency is too weak to enforce the law.

The Republican National Committee has called the lawsuit "total nonsense" from "trial-lawyer Democrats."

McCain "has repeatedly tried to buck campaign finance laws for his own political gain," the DNC charges, citing reports that his campaign secured a loan in part by "pledging to enter the public financing system if his bid for the presidency faltered." McCain has since tried to withdraw from the public financing system but has been stymied by the FEC.

"After all this, the candidate decided to ignore spending limits in the primary and by continuing to spend millions of dollars in contributions from donors, lobbyists, and the special interests," the memo says. "[H]e may be breaking the law on a daily basis.

"Why does John McCain think the law applies to everyone except himself?"

The DNC also cites reports that McCain has violated public spending limits in the primary, spending $58.4 million instead of the allotted $54 million. His campaign applied to enter the public financing when his campaign was struggling, but after winning New Hampshire his campaign tried to withdraw from the public funds limits. The FEC has told him to hold off because the six-member board could not rule on his request because it had four vacancies.

The DNC's lawsuit asks a judge to determine whether McCain violated the law because the FEC is unable to act.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 04/15/2008 - 4:44pm.