The Check Is In the Mail (Or Not)

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On this page you will find 99 candidates (incumbent and challengers) for the House, Senate, and White House who support impeaching Cheney and (in most cases) Bush.


Pro-Impeachment Candidates for the U.S. House, Senate, and White House in 2008




Raul Grijalva, AZ-7, Democrat, incumbent, and


Mike Thompson, CA-1, Democrat, incumbent,

Carol Wolman, CA-1, Green Party, versus Mike Thompson,

Mitch Clogg, CA-1, Democrat, versus Mike Thompson,

Bill Durston, CA-3, versus Dan Lungren,

Lynn Woolsey, CA-6, Democrat, incumbent and .

Bill Callison, CA-7, Peace and Freedom Party,

Cindy Sheehan, CA-8, Independent, versus Nancy Pelosi,

Shirley Golub, CA-8, Democrat, versus Nancy Pelosi, link.

Barbara Lee, CA-9, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Eugene E. Ruyle, CA-10, Peace and Freedom Party, versus Ellen Tauscher,

Mike Moloney, CA-12, Republican, to fill Lantos' seat,

Cynthia Papermaster, CA-13, Democrat, versus Pete Stark, (Papermaster withdrew after persuading Stark to back impeaching Cheney).

Pete Stark, CA-13, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Carol Brouillet, CA-14, Green Party, versus Anna Eshoo,

Peter Myers, CA-15, Green Party,

Cynthia Papermaster, CA-16, Democrat, versus Zoe Lofgren.

Sam Farr, CA-17, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Mary Pallant, CA-24, Democrat, versus Elton Gallegly,

Diane Watson, CA-33, Democrat, incumbent .

Maxine Waters, CA-35, Democrat, incumbent .

Dan Factor, CA-36, Green Party.

Peter Matthews, CA-37, Democrat,

Christina Avalos, CA-40, versus Ed Royce,

Paul Clay, CA-45, Democrat,

Steve Young, CA-48, versus John Campbell,

Bob Filner, CA-51, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Hugh Moore, CA-53, Green Party.


Richard Duffee, CT-4, Green Party .

Harold Burbank, CT-5, Independent, versus Christopher Murphy.


Dr. Bob Bowman, FL-5, Democrat,

Alan Grayson, FL-8, Democrat, versus Ric Keller

Samm Simpson, FL-10, versus Bill Young

Stephen Blythe, FL-15, Democrat,

Tim Mahoney, FL-16, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Robert Wexler, FL-19, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Ron Klein, FL-22, Democrat, incumbent and .

Clint Curtis, FL-24, Democrat,


Hank Johnson, GA-4, Democrat, incumbent, and .


Neil Abercrombie, HI-1, Democrat, incumbent, and .


Luis Gutierrez, IL-4, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Danny Davis, IL-7, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Jan Schakowsky, IL-9, Democrat, incumbent, and .

John Laesch, IL-14,


Leonard Boswell, IA-3, Democrat, incumbent, .


Mike Michaud, ME-2, Democrat, incumbent, .

Mark Lawrence, ME, Democrat,

Ethan Strimling, ME,


Deborah A. Vollmer, MD-8, Democrat,


Robert Feuer, MA-1, Democrat, versus John Olver

Michael E. Capuano, MA-8, Democrat, incumbent, .


Carolyn Kilpatrick, MI-13, Democrat, incumbent, .


Keith Ellison, MN-5, Democrat, incumbent, and .


William Lacy Clay, MO-4, Democrat, incumbent, .

New Jersey

Dr. Mahdi Ibn-Ziyad, NJ-1, Democrat, link versus Rob Andrews.

Camille Abate, NJ-5, Democrat, versus Scott Garrett

Donald Payne, NJ-10, Democrat, incumbent, .

David Mortensen, NJ-11, Independent.

New York

Anthony Weiner, NY-9, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Edolphus Towns, NY-10, Democrat, incumbent, .

Yvette Clarke, NY-11, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Kirsten Gillibrand, NY-20, Democrat, incumbent, and .

North Carolina

John Heuer, NC-4.


Dennis Kucinich, OH-10, Democrat, incumbent, and .


Peter DeFazio, OR-4, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Mike Beilstein, OR-4, Pacific Green Party.


Robert Brady, PA-1, Democrat, incumbent, .


Danielle White, TN-1, Republican, versus David Davis.

Robert Smith, TN-1, Green Party, versus David Davis.

Steve Cohen, TN-9, Democrat, incumbent, and .


Scott Trimble, Green Party, versus Lloyd Doggett

Sheila Jackson Lee, TX-18, Democrat, incumbent, and .


Craig Hill, VT-1, Green Party, versus Peter Welch and


Andrea Miller, VA-4,

Sam Rasoul, VA-6,

Jim Moran, VA-8, Democrat, incumbent, and

Matthew Famiglietti, VA-8, link, versus Jim Moran.

Ron Fisher, VA-8, versus Jim Moran.


Cheryl Crist, versus Brian Baird

Paul Richmond versus Norm Dicks

Jim McDermott, WA-7, Democrat, incumbent, and .


Tammy Baldwin, WI-2, Democrat, incumbent, and .

Gwen Moore, WI-4, Democrat, incumbent, .




Laurie Dobson, Independent, versus Susan Collins

Herb Hoffman, Independent, versus Susan Collins.



Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer,

New Mexico

Leland Lehrman, NM, Independent, versus Pete Domenici

New York

Jack Shannon.


John Frohnmayer, Independent, versus Gordon Smith

Steve Novick, Democrat, versus Gordon Smith

Candy Neville, Democrat, versus Gordon Smith

Rhode Island

Christopher F. Young, Democrat,


Chris Lugo, Green,

PRESIDENTCynthia McKinney, Green,

Ralph Nader, Independent,

Mike Gravel, Libertarian,


See also the New Broom Coalition and Strike 08.


Please send one or more of them a campaign check, with the words "Impeach Bush and Cheney" in the memo line. But before you mail it, photocopy it and send a copy to 1) Nancy Pelosi, 2) John Conyers, and 3) Your congress member if he or she is not on board. Give small amounts, but give often and spread the message around.

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 03/29/2008 - 10:09pm.