Federal Reserve Launders $200 Billion Via Wall Street?...

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Perfectly Timed To Cover the Anticipated Positive Reaction To "Spitzer" Sting! ~ article by Zorro

First of all, it's not a Mortgage Crises...it's a "hedge fund" crises!  The Fed's $200 billion dollar infusion is "one gigantic leap for the average man, but one pathetically puny leap for the Hedge Fund Industry."   Bank of America, alone claims it needs $759 billion dollars!  The Federal Reserve is not part of the US Government.  It has no "reserves".  The timing of its announcement is perfectly timed to cover the undeniable "leap" in the dark hearts of Wall Streetists at the news of Spitzer's "importune liaisons". It was all a setup!!!

The timing was "impeckerable".  Was Spitzer seeking indictments for 9/11 Options Plot and Money Laundering Scheme? Just think of it as the "Fed's Chinese Money Laundry"!  Were "Spitzer's" alleged "money laundering" all faked by Wall Street?  Did Spitzer successfully infiltrate the "Chinese Money Laundry" and access a few hundred thousands to help him better "trace" the sources?

Did the Fed's "timing" indicate which is the real conspiracy?  Did the Fed accidentally tip it's hand to the "sting" as well as its' involvment in laundering the proceeds of the 9/11 Option Plot.? Is a "cash-strapped and bankrupt US Treasury and Federal Reserve system", really the primary facilitators?

Is the Federal Reserve System itself, the greatest benefactor of the plot?  Was the 9/11 Option Plot essential to keep the US government funded?  Is Rockefeller broke?  Did the US Government "facilitate" 9/11 to profit from nearly $23 trillion dollars in Put Options placed by the US Treasury through Deutsche Bank, Fossett and the Chicago Exchange?

 In other words, if you were going to launder "trillions" and "trillions", there would be no other organization on earth capable to do the "laundering" than the Federal Reserve System.  If so, that means the whole "run up of US debt to the Chinese" is just one massive cover up.

At a time when the US Treasury is "FLUSH WITH ILLEGAL CASH FROM THE PUT OPTIONS PLOT"..the Bush admin must run  up the debt to the Chinese, PRETEND the US is broke to hide the "availability" of the illegal proceeds.  Another theory is that we "run up debt" to hide the fact that the US Treasury has trillions in secret cash available! 

The cash has to be hidden, because there is no "accounting for the sources of the revenue".  The US did not "tax or earn" the funds...but it is desparate to use the "illegal proceeds" to fund the "9/11 World Wars".  If you really think about it, there's just no way the Chinese would "lend" the US the funds to operate the US Army to guard the "oil fields" in Khazakstan, which is China's "Saudi Arabia".

The debt is a massive hoax...and Spitzer was about to blow whistle.  Was the "hooker" Asian?  Is the Pope Catholic?  Is the Queen Satan?

Basically, the US Treasury has no "real' cash.  Why? Because the US is in debt.  Any cash we have to run the government is "borrowed".  Well, you could call it "cash-with negative equity value attached". But it's like using "negative paper" instead of a credit card. It is NOT "real fee and clear Cash".

So, where in the blazes is the US Treasury going to come up with $200 billion in "cash".  Today, a dollar bill is just a "debt-transfer" document...it's not a "promisory note".  The Fed stopped that years ago.  Nothing like silver or gold backs it...the US dollar is literally a "debt note". 

"I owe you "X" dollars or its value in goods or services but I can't pay you back unless China is willing to loan me the money."  Funny,  a US dollar is actually a "Reverse Note, on the Treasury of the Chinese Communists. Ask not what  the Republicans have done to their country, ask what the Chinese are doing to you!

Bush, the "Anti-Kennedy"...  So, how can "debt transfer" actually prop up or bail out a collapse created by "commercial borrowers, debtors and betting investing in residential debtors" and then "leverage it"?  How did those funds EVER "increase in value"?  What was the "value" engine?

What "drove" the hedge fund market up?....Fake Real Estate Values!  The "Mortgage Hedges ONLY paid" when the value of the "portfolio" went up.  But, the kicker is, the value of the portfolio wasn't "tied" to the performance of the invidivual "mortgagee"...it was tied to the value of the real estate.

Bid up the value of Real Estate..and  you have "profit".  Loan more than the property was really worth, to debtors who couldn't pay, and were the least likely to complain or fight back, (Latino, Inner City Blacks & Poor Whites) and you have a perfect cover. 

The ONLY way a "banker" or "Mortage Lender" would provide "too much" money for loans and refinancing was if there were no "controls" on the lending...and the "UNDERWRITER"...was either asleep or looking for places to launder $23,000,000,000,000.00 in cash from illegal transactions. As a result, there was no need for "forms" to fill out or "income" or ability to repay.  The "land" itself was all that was needed to "underwrite the loan"..and the "land" was going up at a phenomenal rate.

Back to reality and the point. The Federal Reserve "timed" it's announcement of the $200 billion in additional funds.  Of course, the decision had to be "on the table" for days and weeks. Then "Wall Street"  took a tumble in order to "force" the Fed's Hand or... is there something "Deeper" involved?

If "Spitzer" is a "good guy"...and the FBI knew the "sting" was coming, did the FBI coordinate the "Sting" with the "Fed's" announcement of the "Bailout"?  In the first place, it's not really a "Bailout".. even Bank of America said they need $789 Billion to keep the doors open.

Is the FBI part of the 9/11 Put Options scandal?  Of course they are.  In fact, the ONLY people the FBI ever arrested and convicted of complicity in the  9/11 Put Option conspiracy were two FBI agents in Southern New York.  The same two who "outed" the conspiracy in the first place...and whose investigations were getting close to pay dirt.  Who did they report to...wasn't it "Spitzer" and "Giuliani" and "Fitzgerald".

Making $200 billion dollars available to the entire Hedge industry is little more than a "drip" in the "honey bucket".  It couldn't begin to justify a "deswoon" of Wall Street.  Still, I'm puzzled and troubled by the "timing".  Not just of the Wall Street Upside..but the 10 slide before that.

Look at it this way, if Spitzer is a "good guy" who was about to out the Wall Street conspiracy, his arrest would send the Street into Paroxysms of Buying Joy and Glee.  (Cramer, are you listening!)  Cramer (aka "Sad Money") knew, 10 days ago, that Wall Street was going to puke and was telling everyone to "buy". 

That was the timing of exactly when the Fed was considering the Bail Out as well as the FBI "sting" investigation of  Spitzer.  If Spitzer was in fact, the world's greatest "Sheriff" of "Naughty-Sham".. every one knew that Wall Street would explode...if he was arrested and resigned, with his "tale of Put Options" tucked between her legs.

My point is, that if Spitzer was set up to get him out of the way, Wall Street would have "surged" big time.  Wall Street could never afford to appear to be "happy" that the Gov was going to jail...it would look like they were behind the "spike".

To "cover" the "Wall Street Spike" or "de-swoon", the Federal Reserve came up with a plan to simultaneously announce what amounts to be a pathetic attempt to stick a skinny finger in the "US Hemmorage".  The Wall Street media Whores, get to report the "Up-dick" in buys is caused by the Federal Reserve and the whole "Anti-Spitzer" environment just vanishes...  That means the Fed and Wall street are in league. If they are in league, it would make perfect sense that the Federal Reserve is itself laundering billions and perhaps trillions of dollars thorugh the "fantasy cover" of a FAKE Hedge Fund and FAKE Mortgage Crises.

In the final analyses, only the Greatest Followers and Yes Men are allowed to become Governors of New York...not Great Leaders.  Wall Street, the Great Assassins of American Values and Middle Class economic independence. 

Wall Street, controlled by international consortiums whose agenda is to "suck the life blood" of America and control her "money machines".


Love Potion #9 - "International" Money Laundering - 9/11 Put Options So... The Question Now is Who Were #1- 8?

My biggest bitch about Spitzer and Giuliani are their refusal to indict ANYONE for 9/11.  They also were "on duty" when Ali Mohammed warned them that 9/11 was the date and the WTC were the targets.  Ultimately, the decision to cover up 9/11 came from much higher sources.  Did Spitzer cover up the 9/11 Put Options/Deutsche Bank/Wall Street/Rockefeller connection? Was he a "Wall Street Money Mule"? Spitzer is a "small stance" man. 

Don't you think it's odd that a "Wide Stance Man" like Senator Larry Craig looking for "Free-Ball" love in a toilet stall and is still in the Senate and advertising for "Narrow Stance" male pages?  Now, the Governor of New York has "sex" with an expensive "Call Girl" and he's to be impeached in 24 hours.  Why?

Because NO ONE on Wall Street can afford a trial of Spitzer.  The entire 9/11 Put Options conspiracy will explode.  If he "IS" a "Good Guy"...zorro's advice is "FIGHT LIKE THE GATES OF HELL!" .  So here's the bottom line...Bush was to be a "uniter"; Spitzer was to cure corruption...and "Obama" is the White Horse of Change? 

Clearly, Spitzer was #9 (registered under George Fox-oops...doesn't Zorro mean Fox!...yuck!)  Did George Fox, his number 1 contributor turn him in?   I think we'll find that the George Fox is a "straw man" for an international "government" or "commercial consortiuim" who controls Spitzer.

My first guess is that the international consortium is a large investor in Deutche Bank, and a large investor in the bin Laden Contruction company and the Bush Family and the company that placed the charges in the WTC.  We should all keep in mind that Rockfeller and his wife (Ms. Percy of PBS) are major patners with the Bush's in the "bin Laden Group construction company.

We know that the primary architect and engineer on the WTC's were also employees of the bin Laden Group.  It also seems certain that at least "one employee or contractor" for the bin Laden Group signed the "punch list" for the detonation system in both WTC 1 & 2.

It seems that Spitzer was "Client #9...that puts him 9th on the list.   What about #1 through #8 ?  Here's my guess.  Giuliani #8, you kind of wonder about Justice Scalai, #7?; Senator Rockefeller, #6..with "special favors"...young boys, at $5,000 per hour. 

Before we go further on the list which would include George Herbert Walker Bush at #5, you should realize that the transfer of "money" to the "female" contact in George Fox's apartment was NOT a payment to a common whore.  No, this one is a very UNCOMMON whore.

It appears that the "money" is actually an insurance policy or a kickback to assure that a "3rd party" can't accuse Spitzer of being a traitor or of spying on the US.  When push comes to shove, high ranking government officials in the US prefer a "quicky exit" to conceal the "true nature" of the underlying transaction.

Putting it simply, she wasn't a prostitute and Spitzer wasn't a "john" which is precisely why he's not being charged.  (As we all know, the Southern District of New York NEVER indicts anyone for important crimes). It would appear that the "prosititution" aspect is simply a cover.

Oh, sure.  The "Ring" is being taken down to keep them from talking. In fact, the faster they are "convicted" or plead guilty, the better for the government.  Why?  Because "Felons" credibility is destroyed in Federal and State Courts. 

So, if she wasn't a prostitute...what was she?  Well, I like to compare an "international prostitute" with a "drug mule". A drug mule's ONLY job is to carry "illegal contraband" across international borders.  An "international" whore has only one job....to carry "illegal data and information" across international borders".

Did Spitzer say something he shouldn't in the "Throes of Political Exultation About The Arms Encircling Him"?  Is Spitzer a weapon of Wall Street or Wall Street patsy.  Is he the "protector" of Wall Street. What's Spitzer's connection with the $23 Trillion  9/11 Put Options and Fossett's disappearance?  Murder On "V"th Avenue? Gotbaum?

Ironically, the word "Shariff" is actually an arabic word.  But, there's no reason to go there, now.  Who's the International Connection.  If I told you...we'd all be dead tomorrow! (America, I mean)  Let's just call it the "Sarin-Nerve Gas Of International Intrigues".

So,  if Spitzer is "Client #9" who was #1 or #2.  Name a "Wall Street" Investor? Who is international? Who is involved with the bin Laden Family and the 9/11 Put Options?  Is "King Abduallah"...LOVE POTION # 1?

What about Warren Buffett.  Poor Warren, he  hasn't had a "woman" in 25 years since his wife left  him and moved to San Francisco.  He certainly hasn't had access to females since she was "murdered by hospitalization" in Colorado... 04-07.

Then again, I'm not sure that Warren gets hot for women. Spitzer has to resign.  Warren lies "boys"?  No, I'm sorry.  Spitzer will NEVER be charged.  It will completely disclose the entire 9/11 conspiracy.  So, did the "conspirators" bring him down, to protect themselves.

Why is everyone so desparate to get rid of him?  Why aren't the "Democrats" fighting?  Spitzer built his  career in "enabling" corruption. So, Spitzer helping cover up the 9/11 Put Options?

"Several unusual movements of money" are now being investigated by IRS.  Laundering money into "Shell Companies" and in "the Caymans",  he was already being investigated.

Fitzgerald is next...then the list will be complete. Of course, if they just "Out Ali Mohammed" this will all probably go away.  I  understand  he's now in the Iraqi Cabinet.  In fact, he's the "General Of Al Qaida" and the insurgents.

Article by Zorro - March 11, 2008 - posted at http://memes.org

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 03/19/2008 - 10:01am.