Noah... The Journey Begins

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documentary-NOAH-the JourNey BeGins

'Noah'... This documentary takes a hard look, not just at the ancient beliefs, practices, demons, spirits, fallen angels, 'aliens' and dark gods going all the way back to their source -- the Tower of Babel itself... ~ Documentary

Greater still, a sobering walk through some of our current "poor-man sciences" and  "textbook mythologies" (such as 1859 Darwin-ism and Evolution-ism... often debated as "Creation vs. Evolution-ism), to the growing finds of SOFT TISSUE and Dino DNA in dinosaurs... all the way to the controversial Dinosaur Ica Stones... to the Neanderthal (Human) long-lifespans, to the evidence of a Global Flood (Noah's Flood / Noah's Deluge) all across the surface of the whole planet Earth itself.

The documentary "Noah" covers the ancient serpent worship on alters of blood by those creatures with elongated skulls that some call "Nephilim, Annunaki, the Races of Giants, etc... Children of the Fallen Angels... from the realms of hell and the underworld... to the throne of God Himself, and cross of Jesus Christ... and the boat that saved mankind... from writings on stone all across the globe.

Noah is a true journey from the cells to the stars... to the rage of waters from Noah's Flood... the Epic of Gilgamesh... pages of Revelation... and the dimensions of the unseen... and that which lies between. ~ Source




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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 08/13/2014 - 5:29am.