Holy Hell!... It's Been a Rough Week!


After several emails asking what happen to us... I crawled out of my cave to address the issue... The Crapola Report - final update on our 'whatever it is'.

Jonathan and I have been battling some kind of a vicious sinus infection. We have the whole thing... coughing, sneezing, dripping, chills, pounding headache, draining ears and absolutely no sleep because of it.

LOL!... I've used 5 rolls of toliet paper so far for my nose! I'm starting to worry I'm going to run out before I can get more!

To everyone who emailed us with your concerns, we thank you very much.

Hopefully we can get some articles up today, if not today, for sure  tomorrow.


Thank you again for your concern. We'll be back real soon!

SadInAmerica and Jonathan


Crapola Report 1

How are we doing... CRAPPY! This has to be the worst sinus infection I've ever had! This 'thing' is now well into week number 3! Jonathan is now just as sick as I am. I keep hoping the next time I wake up from my 10 minute 'snooze', this whole 'thing' will be a bad memory...

No way, only more symptoms... I can't smell anything or taste my food, my ears are draining profusely and stuffed with cotton. I can bearly hear a thing! I am soooo massively tired and cannot get any rewarding sleep no matter what I do. Everything else remains the same... CRAPPY.

The toliet paper nearly ran out (1/4 of an inch left on the roll!) when a brave soul showed up at the door with a 24 pack of Cottonelle! This was a great surprise and nose blowing resumed again without worry of running out! LOL!

We'll still plug along and post when we can. We really appreciate the emails and concern from our loyal readers. Hopefully this 'whatever it is' will wear itself out this week coming up and life will return back to some sort of 'normal'. Until then, please hang in there with us!

We'll be back again in a few days with another Crapola Report. Hopefully it will be better than this one. LOL!


Love to everyone,

SadInAmerica and Jonathan


Crapola Report 2

I'm back to give everyone another update.

Jonathan and I have been 'under the weather' since the 3rd week of January and it is now February 12th. I'm not sure 'what' we have but it is relentless as far as giving up.

I do not recall ever having so many different symptoms at the same time with a sinus infection. I think the strangest thing is the extreme exhaustion.

I do think my 'whatever' it is may be finally giving up. My ears are still draining profusely and I can't hear anything most of the time. That sucks!

My nose was running off of my face to the point of no sleep whatsoever, I can finally get 2 hours of straight sleep at a time now. That is a huge improvement compared to the 10 minute 'naps' I was able to get. (The 24 pack of Cottonelle is almost gone! I have 2 more rolls left and hope it lasts until another brave soul brings me more! LOL!)

Poor Jonathan... He is at the midway point. Somehow he managed to avoid the constant coughing and draining ears... so far anyway. All he does is sleep and blow his nose. I haven't heard much from him in almost a week... Hopefully he is on the mend too.

One strange thing about this 'whatever' we have is the fact that neither one of us had gone anywhere to get it... We hadn't been around anyone who was sick or had been sick. We have never gotten a flu shot or do the doctor thing no matter what we have going on. Hmmm... Chemtrail spraying has crossed my mind several times...

I'd like to share this story with everyone... I broke my ankle 2 years ago and did not go to the hospital. I made my own cast out of several hunting socks, an ace bandage and wraps used for horse ankles. That made a great cast.

After 2 weeks I was up and gimping around on it. I borrowed one of Jonathan's sneakers to put on my swollen foot and away I went... 10 weeks later no cast at all.

It took a little longer for the swelling and tendon soreness to go away but I think I would have had the soreness regardless. My ankle is fine now without any doctor intervention. I sure hope I don't have to go through that painful event ever again! LOL!

Thanks again to everyone for all of the kind emails and suggestions. Since we do not use perscription drugs or over the counter medicines and only use herbal remedies, I think it's possible that the lingering symptoms may well be related to a detoxing effect of some of the herbs... Detoxing is a good thing, this horrible exhaustion is likely part of it.

Jonathan and I are both frustrated that we can't get much on the website. Hopefully we can get back into the swing of things soon. There are many articles waiting to be posted but we have absolutely no energy to do much with them. We're trying.

That's the Crapola Report for now. With any luck, the next report will be the last and this 'whatever' it is will be just a bad memory. Until then thank you all for hanging in there with us.


Much love and thanks to everyone.

SadInAmerica and Jonathan


Final Crapola Report...

This will be the last report (February 17th),unless we have a major relapse! After using 27 rolls of toliet paper blowing our noses, the worst of it is hopefully over. The exhaustion is overwhelming! There just seems to be no way to get enough real sleep or rest. We'll do what we can until this 'whatever' is gone.

I still think 'whatever' we have, we got while shoveling snow... Don't shovel snow while 'they' are spraying us! I still think this sickness is from chemtrails. I wonder what the long term effect is going to be from this 'whatever'... hopefully nothing!

Thanks for hanging in there with us!

Much love to everyone,

SadInAmerica and Jonathan


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