An amazing amount of confusion has arisen with the message from the Ron Paul website announcing that he was concentrating on his Congressional race, particularly the part that he was NOT dropping out of the Presidential race.


It seems he would have been better not saying anything at all and let others deduce that he was pulling back. While I will not presume to speak for him there are a few other things that should be noted.

1. Should McCain go critical and blow up spontaneously then Paul is very much back in the race. McCain is not stable and anything can happen. Kansas wanted anyone but him.

2. The Republican machinery and voting machines are rigged against Ron Paul and any direct campaign will not get the nomination, even were Ron Paul to get 60% of the votes.

3. It has been the strategy of the BushClinton family and Rove to have a third party candidate to go against Hillary and McCain since 2006. This is why Rove lost the Senate and House to the Dems- so Hillary would have a rubber stamp Congress. Hillary has so many negatives she can never get over 40% of any 2 way race. So just as for Billary Hillary will require a third party Perot like idiot to get her elected. Against the wishes of Rove, Ron Paul is refusing to fall for this- besides he has already been there done that and knows it would only waste his time, energy, and money.

That leaves Bloomberg to run. As soon as Ron Paul convinces everyone that he will not go as a third party candidate, Bloomberg will announce his own third party and have to part with some of his billions. Ouch, that's gotta hurt a bastard like that.

While chanting plattitudes will not help any of the Ron Paul faithful feel any better about the situation, patience can be a virtue here. The economy will explode before the election in the fall. People might be desparate enough to change their minds about things as they see this happen. That has been the real driving force for the campaign anyway and the real reason the NWO has feared his message becoming public. The real next Ron Paul money bomb is the (planned) near total collapse of the US economy. It is coming sooner than you may think.


by ipia - February 11, 2008 - posted at

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 02/11/2008 - 2:34am.


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