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Understanding Cancer and How it Develops


Despite decades of research, with billions of dollars spent each year, the war on cancer has been a dismal failure. Most people equate cancer with death, or at least, an excruciating journey back to health filled with physical debilitation and pain. However, just like any disease process, the first step to conquering it is to understand what it is, and how it develops. ~ Derek Henry

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Dr. Jim Garrow... "Obama Knows Which 103 U.S. Malls Are On The 'Attack' List"


Dr. Jim Garrow joins the JJ McCartney show at the 3 minute mark of the new video below and drops more bombshells about Barack Obama’s connections to Islamic terrorists including the fact that, according to Garrow, Obama KNOWS which US shopping malls are on ‘a list’ to be attacked. ~ MUST Hear Audio

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Is This Stuff Real?... Is Nancy Ruth Owens Obama's Half Sister?... Says She Forged Obama's Birth Certificate!

Nancy Ruth Owens-obamas-half-sister-forger

Of course 'Stanley' wasn’t born twenty-five years or so after Obama. HOWEVER, the 'Stanley' NAME and fake identity most certainly was. My name is Nancy Ruth Owens and I am Obama’s half-sister. ~ Nancy Ruth Owens - Video

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A Chilling Never Before Seen Video Footage of 9/11


Listen closely to what is being said by the 9/11 witnesses, they speak of explosions and bombs. The truck driver warns the people to 'go home they're blowing up the buildings'. ~ Videos

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All Wars Are Bankers' Wars - FULL Version

money-All Wars Are Bankers Wars

Why do we engage in wars around the world? The real answer may surprise you. It has nothing to do with humanitarian aid, spreading democracy or saving the children. All wars start as a false flag event... for the love of depopulation, total control and the final goal... world dominance. ~ Documentary

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