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Why Police Lie Under Oath


THOUSANDS of people plead guilty to crimes every year in the United States because they know that the odds of a jury’s believing their word over a police officer’s are slim to none. ~ Michelle Alexander

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An Inquisitive Couple Visits Newtown, Connecticut Finding...


Sandy Hook School is now enclosed with barbed wire fencing as well as 'No Trespass' and 'Surveillance' signage. ~ Many photos - related articles

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WARNING!... U.S. Government Moving Ahead to Dispose of Radioactive Waste By Putting It In Our SILVERWARE!!!


Having failed in the ‘80s and ‘90s to free the nuclear bomb factories and national laboratories of millions of tons of their radioactively contaminated scrap and nickel, the DOE is trying again. Its latest proposal is moving ahead without even an Environmental Impact Statement.

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Pennsylvania... Will the Jerry Sandusky Penn State Pedophile Case Bring Down Governor Tom Corbett?


Why did it take Republican Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett—formerly the state’s attorney general—almost three years before he launched an investigation into convicted pedophile and child abuser Jerry Sandusky after the first accuser had come forward? ~ Richard Metzer

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