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Why Do Federal Agencies Need 1 Billion Rounds Of Ammo and Needs it Delivered Before December 31, 2012???


I'm from the Government and Im here to help", one of the most simultaneously laughable and also frightening jokes made about the utter ineptitude and often down right vicious mindset that populates far to much of the Federal Leviathan. ~ Dan Roberts - Video

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Hurricane Sandy Victims... To Be Housed In An Abandoned Prison!!!... Was Sandy A 'Dry Run' For Future Relocating to FEMA Camps?


Officials in New York are reportedly eyeing a recently-closed prison as temporary housing for people displaced by superstorm Sandy and this week’s nor’easter.

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Six Hospitals Evacuated in NY-NJ... Shocker!... Closed Hospitals to be Converted Into... Israeli High-Tech Weapons Site!?!

Coler-Goldwater Hospital Complex

The storm that hit the U.S. East Coast Oct. 29 exposed the harm done by capitalist priorities in the crucial areas of essential health care and electric power for millions. Some 400 available industrial-scale generators sat unused while four major New York City hospitals located in flood zones and two New Jersey hospitals were forced to evacuate on an emergency basis. ~ Sara Flounders

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Obamacare... The Plagues That It Will Bring Us Come January 1st


Those who are “whooping it up” over Barack Obama and his Party’s victory won’t care about this list of taxes and other plagues that will be forced on us by Obamacare come next January. ~ Dr. Kevin Collins

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Chemtrails... The Cover-Ups and Human Experiments


The aerosol spraying of ours and many other nations’ skies continues in ‘plane’ site. The picture above of the US Northeast leading up to the so-called Frankenstorm is a perfect example. Tell me those are regular jet routes, never mind contrails. ~ Zen Gardner

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