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Pennsylvania... Voting Machine Changes Vote for Obama to Romney


Making the online rounds is a video from a Pennsylvania voter who tried to vote for Obama but saw the voting machine register for Romney instead -  even after the guy, a software developer, went into "troubleshoot mode." He turned to hapless election vounteers who responded that "everything will be OK." ~ Video

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ObamaCare... Mandatory Microchips for Humans Only Months Away!


When President Obama realized the importance and significance of the micro biochip, especially with the development of Nano Technology, he embarked on the development of the biochip into becoming a medical laboratory right inside the human body. ~ Video

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The Total Surveillance State... TSA Plans to Track and Trace Your Every Move... Everywhere You Go


As the lame-duck session of the 112th Congress begins, millions of Americans are looking to the elected members of the 113th Congress to fix a host of problems ailing the country. The economy and job creation aside, one of the most pressing issues is reining in out-of-control federal bureaucracies. ~ JD Heyes

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10 Dire Consequences of Obama's Re-Selection


What does an Obama re-selection mean for the next four years in America? Now that he's in his second and last term, of course, Obama no longer needs to restrain his actions according to popularity. He can simply unleash any desirable executive order and rule by decree, bypassing Congress as he has frequently promised to do. ~ Mike Adams

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