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Ron Paul Argues For Secession


Ron Paul’s argument for secession originally came out in 2009, in light of today’s events including citizens from 15 states (now 20 states) bringing forth this issue, I thought it was a good time to revisit it.
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Divided States Of America ... 20 States Petition To Secede


To date, citizens of 18 states have petitioned the White House for consideration of a peaceful withdrawal from the United States. That’s right, thousands of Americans have already signed petitions at asking President Obama to allow them to peacefully secede from the union.
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ALERT! ... Old General Motors Plant Site Being Converted to an Active FEMA Camp... Right Now!


As you are reading this... a massive FEMA camp “tent city” is being erected north of Woodbridge, NJ. Military guards are present and reports of black helicopters circulate throughout the town. ~ Shepard Ambellas

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