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Under Obama's New Homeland Security Council ... County Sheriff’s Will Be Stripped of Authority


President Barack Obama has announced a federal partnership among government agencies, law enforcement and the private sector to improve coordination of homeland security challenges.

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High Profile Rats Jumping Ship... Leaving Mafia Boss Obama Behind


Just days after mafia boss Barack Obama was re-elected to his throne, several of his key foot soldiers appear to be jumping ship from his Administration. Obama will be hard pressed to fill these positions with such obedient thugs. Eric Blair

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Looking Inside Government Bunkers... 'They' Are Prepping Like There Is 'No Tomorrow'... Why?...


Once thought of as merely ‘conspiracy theory’, underground government bunkers have been proven to be absolute fact. Why wouldn’t our government have underground shelters set up for themselves? In case of an apocalyptic emergency such as a nuclear blast in Washington DC or an extra-terrestrial event such as a comet impact or the arrival of our second sun? ~ Photos - Audio - Video

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4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Eastern Kentucky


A light earthquake occurred at 11:08:14 AM (CST) on Saturday, November 10, 2012 The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) repoted that the earthquake centered in Kentucky also rattled Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee Residents in those states also reported feeling the tremor. ~ Map

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Coffins Delivered To New Madrid Seismic Zone... US Military ‘Frantically Preparing’ For Catastrophic Quake!!!... John Moore Show


According to John Moore, the US Military is frantically preparing for a catastrophic earthquake in the New Madrid seismic zone. Included in this preparation is the training of soldiers to rebuild infrastructure as well as the transfer of thousands of ’3-person’ coffins to the area. ~ Audio

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