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You're an idiot! This 'man'Anonymous (not verified)19 weeks 5 days agoWho Is Michael LaVaughn Robinson???
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About Queens messageLes (not verified)1 year 42 weeks ago“Enjoy Your Final Christmas”... The Queen’s 2015 Christmas Message
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FBI corruptionTodd A. Slee (not verified)1 year 42 weeks agoRetired FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Told Patriot Groups That Obama’s Feds Have Set Up 30,000 Guillotines!
"Anti Muslim rhetoric", Alsochillacious (not verified)1 year 43 weeks agoLorreta Lynch Threatens Dave Hodges and Other Powerful Radio Hosts for Revealing Truth About the Refugee-Resettlement Program
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How much you wanna bet ourFLAGOFWAR (not verified)1 year 45 weeks agoRED ALERT!... Extremely High Levels Of Radium Found In Pennsylvania Stream Near Drinking Water Supply!
Executive orders are NOTWithout Prejudice (not verified)1 year 45 weeks agoFederal Govt. Wants to Take Away the Right to Grow Your Own Food
Look up the Act of 1871!!!inthenameofFreedom (not verified)1 year 45 weeks agoProof... The USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations
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Obama used US tax dollarsShootFirst (not verified)1 year 47 weeks agoThe Global Agenda... Agenda 21 + Codex + Fema Camps + 80% Depopulation = New World Order
Obama is attempting todidyouhear (not verified)1 year 47 weeks agoRED ALERT!... Obama Caught Smuggling in Refugees on UPS Planes at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Airport!!!
Simple, Sign it ( WithoutjustsayNO (not verified)1 year 47 weeks agoALERT... DO NOT Sign This 'REFUSAL TO VACCINATE FORM'!
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