A BRAVE NEW WORLD... Alex Huxley


This movie is all about what the elite desires and are working to achieve on Earth. It is about how there are different classes of people, elite, working sex slaves, sheep, until it gets down to slaves that go into nuclear tunnels.
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A BRAVE NEW WORLD was written by Aldous Huxley in 1931.

Everyone is created for slavery in one form or another, except for the elite. It is about overt mind control and subliminal conditioning from birth.  It is about 'being happy' with your slavery and working just to make the elite happy.

At the end of this 3 hour long movie, it implies... 'if you are a free thinker than you are an outcast, if you do not follow the hive mind then kill yourself. If you do not go along with society then you are a sad and lonely person.  If you don't take medications then there is something wrong with you'.  

Besides that, if you feel love or desire for any type familial life then you are depraved in your mind. Of course in the movie if you have sex with only one person then you are crazy and do not belong in society.  One of the points of everyone's existence is to 'consume' and buy new items constantly.  

Three characters in the movie who did not follow the hive mind and dared have any thoughts on their own were relinquished to solitude on faraway islands with one hanging himself.

This is a movie everyone should see to understand where we are being led.  In fact we are already at many of the "accepted" situations of the movie today, even though it is set in 2540 AF.  AF stands for "after Ford" in the movie they consider Ford a 'God'.

It may seem a fantasy or sci fi to many, but pay attention it is actually fore telling the overall plans the elite have for society.

We are slaves to the elite.  We are here to do their bidding and they do want a hive mind, following orders, no free thinking, everyone medicated and eugenics of created people without Love and Souls or individuality.




Aldous Huxley's brother was Julian Huxley who was a Eugenics and biologist.  Besides that he was the first director of UNESCO

(United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization: an agency of the United Nations that promotes education and communication and the arts)

 - which was formed by the Rockefellers. He worked on things that the movie was about. It is said he worked for Rockefeller's eugenics projects directly.

1958 interview Huxley did with Mike Wallace about the book. He says TV is part of the control of people and the subliminal messages.


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